Organic Merino Wool Bedding – Pillow, Comforter, Mattress Topper

    merino wool mattress topper

    Here you will find 100% organic merino wool bedding – pillow, comforter and mattress topper – by Sleep & Beyond, one of the top 3 best wool bedding brands in North America.

    This company is has been perfecting its products since 1992.

    They raise their own Merino sheep in the mountainous lands of Kyrgyz Republic, which produce superfine organic wool for myMerino bedding collection.

    organic merino wool bedding

    Their products are free of any chemicals and carry the most stringent certifications (GOTS, OEKO TEX, WOOLMARK, FAIR TRADE).

    myMerino Pillow

    merino wool pillow

    It provides year-round comfort, support and health. It helps maintain body temperature, as it quickly wicks away moisture. No moisture, no dust mites.

    The hypoallergenic pillow prevents overheating, which means less tossing and turning during the night.

    Medium fill. Encased in certified organic cotton percale, 270TC.

    Comes with 5 year manufacturer warranty.

    sheep organic wool pillow


    • Standard with 1.5 lbs. of merino wool.
    • Queen with 2.5 lbs. of merino wool.

    myMerino Topper

    merino wool mattress topper

    It provides the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Because of its soft and supple, spring-shaped Merino wool fibers, this mattress topper provides excellent pressure point relief.

    100% organic merino wool fibers serve as a superior body temperature regulator. These fibers quickly wick away moisture.

    The topper is 1.5” thick and is encased in organic cotton percale, 270TC.

    3rd party certified to industry’s leading organic certifications.

    Includes 5 year manufacturer warranty.

    best organic wool mattress topper


    • Twin with 4.5 lbs. of merino wool
    • Full with 6 lbs. of merino wool
    • Queen with 7 lbs. of merino wool
    • King with 9 lbs. of merino wool
    • Cal King with 9 lbs. of merino wool

    myMerino Comforter

    merino wool comforter

    This unique comforter engulfs you in relaxation and pleasure, helping you fall asleep more quickly.

    It has been scientifically proven to slow your pulse rate, indicating deeper relaxation.

    Regulates body temperature by ensuring that the body reaches and maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature for a longer period of time.

    The myMerino Comforter’s wool fiber’s breathability ensures a dry, soothing sleep environment, resulting in less tossing and turning.

    Encased in certified organic cotton sateen fabric, 400TC. Comes with 5 year warranty.

    best organic wool comforter


    • Crib with 1.5 lbs. of merino wool
    • Twin with 4 lbs. of merino wool
    • Full/Queen with 4.5 lbs. of merino wool
    • King with 5.5 lbs. of merino wool

    Review of Sleep & Beyond Products

    Here I am reviewing something pretty incredible.

    Let’s just say it’s gonna help you sleep at night.

    Sleeping is pretty important, we all do it and we all need it. Anything that improves your sleep at night is super important.

    Here I’m gonna be talking about Sleep and Beyond.

    It is originally a Kyrgyzstan family founded brand. They produce some of the best merino wool bedding this world has ever seen.

    These amazing bedding products are sold right here in the United States.

    Sleep and Beyond takes bedding and comfort and sleep really seriously.

    They produce organic natural fiber bedding and they are the top three best wool bedding brands in the USA.

    They won lots of awards, so obviously we’re dealing with the best.

    I could go on and on about how awesome this company is, but let’s just get straight into it.

    This is called myDual Side Pillow.

    mydual side pillow

    This is perfect for anybody suffering with sleep apnea. You know the CPAP mask that you have to wear if you suffer from sleep apnea. This pillow is created specifically to aid wearing that mask.

    As you’re sleeping and you have the mask on, you’re going to feel far more comfortable with the mask on. A lot of pillows don’t offer that kind of comfort.

    It’s also great because it is adjustable. That means you could put your hand in it, they’ve got little wool balls and you can reposition them.

    The pillow case itself is wool, it’s completely hypoallergenic. It’s nice and thick. It’s machine washable, which is fantastic.

    And what I really like about myDual side pillow is that it is great for side sleepers.

    It’s really puffy. As I said, you can adjust its firmness. Inside are these wonderful wool pieces that you can take out as much as you want or put a little more in to make it even firmer.

    myDual side pillow perfectly contours to the shape of your body and your neck. It creates a perfect spine alignment, which is so important for your health. It’s not only good comfort, but it’s good for your health as well.

    What I really love about this brand is that of every purchase, they give 5% to charity.

    It comes with a five-year warranty and that for me is just wonderful.

    Then we have myWoolly Side Pillow.

    mywoolly side pillow

    This is almost like the previous one and it shares many of the same benefits. This one is fantastic if you sleep on your side but also if you sleep on your back.

    Something really important about these pillows is that they eliminate overheating and night sweats. That’s something that you often get with other synthetic and foam pillows.

    Before I continue with some of the other amazing products that they have, I just want to encourage you to go visit their website and look at all the amazing charity work that they do. I’m really always moved by brands that care for our environment and try to give back to the community.

    Then we have the myWoolly pillow.

    myWoolly Pillow

    This would be your typical pillow that is a little bit larger than your typical pillow. This one feels slightly softer, but then again, it’s completely adjustable, it’s hypoallergenic. It has all these same benefits as the other pillows that I’ve spoken about.

    This is the cotton pillowcase. The woolly puffs inside the myWoolly pillow can also be moved around and adjusted to suit your comfort level. Obviously you want to give yourself a good amount of support and that’ll give you more comfort during the night.

    People have been known to say that this almost feels a little bit like a massage during the night. It eases tension and stress through the night, so that they wake up in the morning super refreshed.

    Doesn’t that sound amazing?

    I know what your next question is gonna be. It’s gonna be how much does this cost?

    All three pillows that I’ve been showing you cost $129.

    That’s a really good price if you think about it. You’re not buying a pillow every single month, it’s something that lasts you quite a long time. And these pillows clearly have health benefits.

    The next Sleep and Beyond product I want to share with you is the myComforter.


    It comes in all sizes: twin, full, queen, king and other sizes as well.

    The wonderful thing about a wool comforter is that it makes you feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I don’t quite know how that works but sheep do know. Because think about it. They’re always warm in the winter and in the snow. And in the summer they’re not sweating and going crazy, even with the wool on.

    It’s just another great positive thing about using wool and wool products.

    All Sleep and Beyond products are really great for people with allergies that are looking for alternatives to polyester and other synthetic fibers.

    Wool is healthy! Best Organic Wool Filled Bedding.

    Next I want to share something pretty cool.

    It’s called myDual Pad.

    myDual Pad

    This is great and it’s called dual because it is reversible. We have the wool and cotton quilted side and this is great for your summer months, your warmer months. And then on other side we have the fleece. This is great for your winter months.

    It has elastics that you will attach around the mattress and that just keeps it in place. The great thing about this is that it’s actually one inch thick and that creates a certain amount of spring and support and comfort as you are lying on top of it.

    The myDual pad is machine washable so it is easy to maintain and so it should last you quite a long time.

    This just looks wonderful on top of a mattress, it does give that nice warm cozy feeling that sometimes you want to see in your interior decorating.

    This also sells for $129.

    Next we have the Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet.

    Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet

    What I really like about this is that it has a third party certification. As they said, organic cotton feels good on your skin, but great on your conscience.

    This is 300 thread count sateen cotton, but feels so soft and feels so good on your skin. This is super good quality.

    You’re asking yourself, okay, what is organic cotton, because isn’t it all organic?

    No organic cotton means that the seeds have not been genetically modified, so they are grown completely natural.

    This cotton is completely hypoallergenic and pre-shrunk for additional comfort. It just feels so good. And you’re looking $at 39 for the pair. Really great value for money.

    I’m sure that you are as impressed as I was with all the Sleep and Beyond products.

    They are so luxurious, so comfortable, yet they are organic, sustainable production. They they give 5% of every product to charity. I mean this is like the perfect brand.

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