Nolah vs Leesa Mattress – Direct Comparison

    double sided mattress

    Here I’m doing a direct comparison of the Leesa mattress and the Nolah mattress.

    These are both 10-inch all foam mattresses and rather than focus on all that marketing stuff and all the hubbub that they have in all their commercials and ads, I’m gonna get past that and I’m gonna talk about the major reasons why you should get Leesa over Nolah and Nolah over Leesa.

    There is a lot to consider when getting a new mattress. When I’m doing my full reviews, I consider many factors.

    But when we’re talking about Nolah and Leesa specifically, it really comes down to four big things for Nolah and three big things for Leesa. These are going to be the major differentiating factors and really the reasons you gonna get one bed over the other.

    I think a lot of people out there that are more open-minded, this article should be all that you need to make your decision between Nolah and Leesa.

    So let’s start with Nolah.

    Nolah Overview

    Nolah signature mattress

    I’m gonna run through these major points briefly and then in more detail later.

    Number one is the fact that it is a softer mattress. If you rate them in terms of softness/firmness, Nolah is gonna be a softer mattress. If you want a plush foam bed, Nolah is the way to go.

    The second thing is Nolah has a proprietary foam but it feels a little bit more like memory foam than what you’ll experience with Leesa. If you like memory foam or if you’re open to memory foam, you might appreciate the feel of Nolah. There’s no stuck in the mud feeling, it’s not super difficult to switch positions, but it does have more of a taste of memory foam.

    The third thing is Nolah gets the edge on price after discounts. Usually mattress companies set the prices a little high, whether it’s Leesa or some huge brand like Tempur-pedic. They almost always set prices a little high and then pretty much always offer discount. After a discount you can get Nolah just a little cheaper than Leesa. I really don’t think it’s gonna move the needle for people out there, but if you’re super price conscious, Nolah typically is gonna be the more affordable mattress.

    The fourth thing for Nolah is that they donate a portion of the money when you purchase a mattress to a nonprofit called the Defenders of Wildlife. You are indirectly helping out a bunch of animals that are in need.

    Leesa Overview


    Now let’s get over to Leesa because there are a few big things for Leesa as well.

    The first thing has to do with firmness. I talked about Nolah being softer. Leesa is therefore a little bit firmer. It’s not a firm bed, it’s about a medium on the firmness scale and just slightly firmer than is Nolah.

    The second thing is that while Nolah has a little bit more of a memory foam feel, Leesa has more of a neutral feel to it. If you can picture just a soft foam, that’s Leesa.

    The third thing is that Leesa donates one bed for every 10 beds that they sell, so they got a pretty strong commitment to being socially responsible.

    That’s just a general quick overview.



    Now let’s cover the policy stuff because there’s a lot of people out there that are confused about buying a bed online. They ask why would they do it. That’s where Nolah, Leesa and a lot of these other brands have got things right.

    What these two companies will do is they will ship their mattresses completely for free to you. They’ll show up in a box, you just rip off all the materials. Unboxing them is a lot of fun.

    They also give you a trial period. Leesa gives you a hundred nights that’s pretty standard and Nolah gives you a hundred and twenty nights to test out the mattress. In either case you have at least three months to try out the mattress to see if it’s for you.

    This is your opportunity to break in the mattress, let your body adjust to the mattress, allow the mattress to soften up and to just figure out whether or not this is the mattress for you for the next seven or more years.

    In the case that you don’t like them, this is the cool part, you can get all of your money back and there is no catch. If you’re inside that trial period, you just call them up and get your money back. Somebody will come to your house, pick it up at no extra charge to you. That’s what they call risk free.

    If you keep Leesa, it comes with a 10 year warranty. That’s really standard. If you keep Nolah, it comes with a 15 year warranty. That is about five years longer than what you’ll see from most brands. (Update: it’s now lifetime warranty for Nolah)

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    Nolah in Detail

    double sided mattress


    Let’s dig deeper into the four differentiating factors for Nolah.

    As I mentioned before, it is the softer of the two beds. It is best for strict side sleepers. Nolah is a soft plush foam bed. If you’re really concerned about shoulder pain or hip pain and you’re okay with a 10 inch foam mattress, I think Nolah is gonna be a really
    good pick.

    A lot of people email me and they say I want a super soft bed. Nolah is in that category. It’s about a medium soft, maybe creeping up to the the lower end of a medium.

    Keep in mind that softness/firmness is subjective based on your weight. The heavier you are, the softer bed feels. The more petite that you are, a bed will feel firmer. Regardless, though, everybody will experience Nolah to be the softer of the two beds.

    Again, best for strict side sleepers.

    The second thing is the feel of the bed. It feels more like memory foam. They’re using a proprietary foam. It’s called the Nolah AirFoam and it’s probably just a slightly updated version or tweaked version of memory foam. It remembers your shape, it contours nicely to your body. It sort of cradles your shoulder, cradles your hips, because that’s where the protrusions of your body are when you lay on your side.

    It really does a good job of just contouring to the shape of your body. I happen to like the feel of it. It’s not a dense memory foam, you’re not gonna feel stuck in a mattress, it’s just softer.

    I think anybody out there that is either open to memory foam or absolutely loves memory foam will like the feel of Nolah. If you hate memory foam, it’ll probably have too much of a distinct feel to you.

    The third thing is price. Before discount both of them are about a thousand dollars for a queen-size bed, give or take just a little, they always update pricing. And when you apply a discount, usually it takes them down to about $850, somewhere in that range. Typically Nolah will be about 50 dollars cheaper than Leesa. If you want the more affordable bed, usually Nolah ends up winning by just a hair.

    The last thing is, as I mentioned before, they end up donating a portion of the purchase price of a mattress to the Defenders of Wildlife. You can actually select the animal that you want to support.You can do polar bears, eagles, even wolves, all sorts of other animals. Maybe twenty-five plus different animals. If you’re really into the outdoors, you’re an animal lover, that maybe the reason to end up getting Nolah mattress.

    Leesa in Detail


    Now let’s talk about why you would get Leesa over Nolah, because I think some people will definitely do that.

    The first thing is that firmness. It’s about a medium on that firmness scale. All beds will soften over time, so it’s a better idea probably to start with a slightly too firm bed and let it soften up, then to start too soft and have it be increasingly soft over time. Just keep that in mind.

    Leesa is about a medium. I think it’s gonna be great for all sleeper types: back, stomach, side and combination. If you tend to rotate positions in the middle of night, it’s super effortless.

    The foam on top is responsive, yet very pressure relieving. It contours to the shape of your body, really comfortable. If you actually pull back the cover, you can see that it’s almost like a marshmallow, it’s just soft and fluffy and airy.

    It also does a good job of circulating airflow and it’s also pretty supportive and really durable and resilient.

    I would say get Leesa if you sleep on your back or your stomach. You can also do your side, no problem or if you rotate positions quite a bit during the night.

    The second thing is just the feel of it. Like I said, this has more of a neutral, kind of general soft foam feel. If you don’t like memory foam, even though Leesa uses memory foam as its second layer, it doesn’t feel at all like memory foam.

    Super comfortable, soft, conforms to your body, none of that stuck in the mud feeling, really easy to switch positions on it. I think a lot of people will appreciate just how neutral it is, just so accommodating that I think the vast majority of people will be comfortable on the Leesa mattress.

    That third thing is 1 for 10 program and they basically donate a lot of beds. To date, they’ve donated almost 40,000 beds to charity.

    In either case both companies are pretty socially responsible.

    One last thing I do want to bring up is that if you’re over 250 lbs., in that range or heavier, I wouldn’t really recommend a 10-inch all foam bed, which is both of these two mattresses.

    Nolah makes a Signature 12-inch mattress, which is going to be a little bit more ideal and you can actually flip that bed. Leesa makes the Sapira mattress, which incorporates coils and I think that would be a good option for heavier individuals. So if you’re in that weight class, check these beds.


    All this comes down to really two things in my opinion, because price is about the same, social responsibility is about the same.

    It really comes down to slightly softer with Nolah, slightly more of a memory foam feel. Leesa a little bit firmer, but not firm and it has that neutral feel.

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