Nolah Natural Mattress Review (With Organic Wool)


    Here I’m talking about the Nolah Natural mattress.

    I’ve tested tons and tons of mattresses out there, but this one is really unique.

    If you want to see if it’s the right one for you, I’ll go over its firmness, feel and special features.

    Nolah sells a wide variety of different mattresses, including their flagship Nolah Original and the extra luxurious Nolah Evolution.

    Here I’m looking specifically at the Nolah Natural.



    It is 11 inches tall and around it has an organic cotton cover. It feels super soft, very breathable and it should make your mattress last a long time.

    Underneath the cover you’ll find a thin layer of all natural wool. Wool is a great material because it actually helps regulate body temperature and it acts as a natural fire barrier.

    But underneath that you get to the real star of the show, which is their talalay latex foam.

    Talalay latex is much more responsive than traditional memory foam, so you’re not going to sink into it as much, which also means that you’re not going to trap body heat as easily. If you’re a hot sleeper this is a great way to go.

    Underneath that you’ve got their eight inch coil system. This does several things.

    It gives your mattress a nice bit of responsiveness and bounce. Also they’re super durable, so it should make your mattress last a long time.

    But the most unique thing about these coils is that they are zoned for extra lumbar support. What this means is that they will feel firmer in some areas, softer in others to really make sure that you’re maintaining that neutral alignment throughout the night.

    And finally at the very bottom of this mattress you have another layer of all-natural wool and organic cotton. These things will really help extend the life of your mattress.

    I expect it to last at least 10 years if not longer, because after all it is backed by a lifetime warranty.

    Firmness and Feel


    I always pay close attention to firmness and feel.

    First let’s talk about the Nolah Natural’s firmness level.

    On the firmness scale, this comes in at a six out of ten. For reference a six and a half out of ten is considered medium firm. So this is a little bit softer than the industry standard.

    When it comes to its feel, thanks to its construction with the springs and the responsive latex, it feels pretty bouncy.

    It’s really easy to move around on top of this bed and whenever you apply pressure it just immediately snaps back into place.

    Really great pick if you’re looking for something especially bouncy.

    Sleeping Positions


    Another important thing to consider is sleeping positions.

    When I’m resting on my back on the Nolah Natural I can really tell that there is nice zoned support in this.

    Even though it’s a tad softer overall than the industry standard, it still gives that support that you really need under your lumbar area.

    When I move to my side, I also feel really comfortable. This latex foam at the top really helps absorb pressure especially along my shoulders and my hips.

    Even though it does have that zoned support, it’s not going to be a good fit for stomach sleepers.

    Because stomach sleepers generally need a super firm mattress, this one just isn’t going to fit the bill. You could start feeling a little bit of lower back pain over time, because chances are your hips might sink deeper into this top comfort layer.

    Motion Transfer

    If you share a bed with a partner, you definitely want to think about your bed’s motion isolation.

    What this means is that if you’re resting on one side of the bed and your partner gets in on the other, are you going to feel their movements as they shift around during the night.

    One way that we test this is with a glass of water. As I press into the layers around it, I can see, even though I’m just barely pressing into it, there’s a little bit of a disturbance within the glass.

    This is pretty typical for inner spring mattresses. They’re especially bouncy and this one in particular doesn’t isolate motion super, super well.

    But another really good way to test this is in real life. I went on one side of the bed, my wife got in on the other. As she shifted sleeping positions, I did feel a little bit of that movement on my side of the bed.

    Again this is a pretty typical thing with these sorts of mattresses. It’s just something to take in consideration, especially if you are a light sleeper.

    Edge Support

    Another thing you’ll want to think about, especially if you share a bed with a partner, is edge support.

    What this means is that if you’re sitting or lying near the side of the bed, will you feel supported or will you feel like you might roll off.

    As I sit on the side, there’s a little bit of a collapse beneath me. But overall I still feel pretty stable and secure. That’s thanks to these strong coils at the bottom.

    I can even bend down to tie my shoe and not feel like I’m gonna roll off at all. Lying down on this mattress it’s a pretty similar thing. I can feel a little bit of a give right underneath me, but overall I’m not gonna feel like I’m in danger of rolling off of this bed.



    Now I’ll go into some of the pros and cons of the Nolah Natural mattress, starting with the good stuff.

    First of all, the Nolah Natural mattress is fantastic if you are looking for an eco-friendly bed.

    Second of all the it works super well for side sleepers. You’ll get that pressure relief that you need along your shoulders and your hips.

    And last but not least, the Nolah Natural mattress works really well if you frequently suffer from back pain.

    Because this one has zoned support, it does a great job of keeping your back in the correct alignment, which can help get rid of those pesky aches and pains.


    Of course I can’t talk about the pros without also touching on some of the stuff that maybe isn’t so great about this mattress.

    First of all, this isn’t going to be a great pick for people who prefer a slow moving memory foam feel. This contains inner springs and responsive latex, so it’s going to be a little bit bouncier.

    Also this mattress is not a great pick for stomach sleepers. It’s a little bit on the softer end, so if this is your preferred sleeping position, you’re just not going to get the support that you really need.

    Finally the Nolah Natural mattress may not be the best choice if you share a bed with a partner and you’re especially concerned with motion isolation. Because this has springs and it’s a little bit bouncier, you might feel your partner toss and turn a little bit if they’re restless in the night.


    If you’re in the market for a new mattress, chances are you’re looking at lots of different options.

    Let’s see how the Nolah Natural compares to another eco-friendly mattress, the Avocado.

    These are both hybrid beds, so they have inner springs and plush foam at the top. One main difference though is that the Avocado gives you the option to add a pillow top. So if you want a little bit of plushness, you can do that there.

    Also these mattresses vary slightly whenever it comes to their firmness level. The Noalh comes in at a 6 out of ten, which is a little bit softer than the industry standard. Ahe avocado on the other hand comes right in at that six and a half medium firm industry standard feel.

    Also when it comes to price, the Avocado does cost a little more.

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    Believe it or not, the Nolah Natural is a bed in a box mattress. It’ll arrive on your doorstep compressed inside a cardboard box.

    How do you unbox it?

    You’re definitely going to want to get a friend to help you. These are super heavy boxes. You don’t want to pull a muscle.

    Once you find some help, bring the box into your bedroom and cut open the top. Pull out the rolled up mattress and place it onto your bed frame or foundation.

    Then gently cut through the layers of plastic. Be careful not to damage your brand new bed. Unroll the mattress, give it about 48 hours to off gas and expand and then you’ll be ready for a great night’s sleep.


    I’ll go over some additional information about the Nolah Natural mattress.

    They do offer free shipping and free returns. They also have a 120 night sleep trial period, so you get plenty of time to test it out from the comfort of your own home.

    Also they have a lifetime warranty and different bedding accessories are available.



    I’m going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Nolah Natural mattress.

    Are Nolah mattresses toxic?

    Of course not. You think I would test out a poisonous mattress. In all seriousness, this is an eco-friendly mattress and in fact all of Nolah mattresses are well made and made with high quality materials.

    With some of them you might notice a slight smell at first whenever you unbox them, but that’s totally normal and will fade after 48 hours.

    Can you flip a Nolah mattress?

    No, you cannot flip the Nolah Natural mattress. This one is designed with inner springs at the bottom and foam on top, so if you flipped it, it just wouldn’t feel quite right.

    How much do Nolah mattresses cost?

    The Nolah Natural mattress costs pretty comparable to many other eco-friendly beds out there, if not even just a little bit less than some of their competitors.

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