Nolah Bamboo Waterproof Mattress Protector Review

    bamboo fibre mattress protector

    Here I review Nolah Bamboo Mattress Protector.

    Right of the bat I need to tell you that I’m very impressed with it.

    Nolah Bamboo Mattress Protector

    I always recommend protecting your mattress investment with a mattress protector, but in order for you to get the full benefit of your mattress, you need to find a mattress protector that will sleep comfortably and won’t take away from the comfort of your mattress.

    The Nolah Bamboo waterproof mattress protector hits all of my must-haves in a mattress protector.

    I have a few pet peeves when it comes to mattress protectors and I’ve been testing lots of them.

    The first one being comfort, but also noise.

    A lot of the mattress protectors are made of that cheap plastic material that after a few nights of sleep disintegrates from the top layer. That will creak and just make weird noises as you’re moving around in bed. It will also have a very plasticky feel to it.

    Nolah Bamboo mattress protector is the opposite of that. As I move it is very silent, there’s really nothing to be hearing.

    This mattress protector is made of natural bamboo fibers and so it does not have that cringy feel.

    It’s very soft, it doesn’t make noise when you move and toss around at night, which is a huge plus and because of its softness and how thick and and how it works with your mattress, you actually get the full benefit of your mattress.

    It doesn’t take away from the comfort and the plushness of your mattress, you’ll be feeling the foams, you’ll be feeling the latex, if you’re sleeping on latex.

    This is a great mattress protector that will really let you rip all of the benefits of your mattress.

    bamboo fibre mattress protector

    Since it’s made of bamboo you’re getting the cooling effect. Bamboo is a great material for hot sleepers.

    I’m happy to report that Nolah bamboo mattress protector does not sleep hot.

    A lot of the time because of that plastic and that waterproof material that is being used in the mattress protectors, you’ll find that your heat gets trapped, which is the worst feeling. So not only it makes noise, it’s uncomfortable, you don’t feel your mattress, but it also gets hot.

    The fibers used here are from natural bamboo, so it will wick away moisture. You’re not going to get moisture from sweat or from spills trapped inside the mattress protector. The moisture will be able to come off of your body and raise back up in the air.

    It is highly breathable which allows you to have a comfortable and cool night of sleep.

    The second property that I very much enjoy and the reason why I recommend bamboo a lot is its antibacterial properties. Great for people that have allergies, but also fantastic just because it doesn’t trap the bacteria, it doesn’t trap the mites.

    So you’ll be sleeping on a cleaner surface, which will make your breathing easier, you’re lot less likely to wake up with rashes or any sort of skin problems, especially if you’re dealing with skin diseases. You’ll be sleeping in the mites-free environment.

    The last thing that bamboo does is sleep very soft. If you have experience with mattress protectors, you know that a lot of them will feel grainy, they’ll feel very thin.

    This is the thickest mattress protector I’ve ever tested and you really feel the difference. And because it’s bamboo, it’s extremely soft.

    bamboo hypoallergenic mattress protector

    Bamboo is just going to be on a different level than cotton or even organic cotton. It’s day and night difference.

    If you enjoy really soft bedding, bamboo is always going to be your best bet.

    Again, bamboo sleeps cool, it’s antibacterial and it sleeps very soft and comfortable. This product from Nolah is also allowing you to get the full benefits of your mattress, making it a very well-rounded mattress protector.

    Now I want to tell you a little bit more about the bamboo and the sustainable things going on with the material.

    Nola is using natural bamboo fibers in its bamboo mattress protector. It is Forest Stewardship Council and Oeko-Tex certified.

    The forest Stewardship Council certification ensures that is collected in a sustainable manner from sustainable farms.

    The Oeko-Tex certification ensures that it’s free from harmful chemicals, so you can feel good about sleeping on this mattress protector every night. Since it’s free of harmful chemicals, you also get no chemicals released into the air.

    This is just going to be the safest material you can sleep on!

    Of course it’s 100% waterproof. It will protect your mattress from sweat, from spills, from any sort of leaks.

    Bamboo Waterproof Mattress Protector

    You can literally pour a glass of water on top of this mattress protector, nothing’s gonna come out, protecting your mattress investment.

    You will find it to have a 10-year waterproof warranty. That’s pretty much unheard of. You are protecting your mattress for at least 10 years with this mattress protector.

    I found it to not slip and come off of the mattress. It has deep pockets that will fit up to 15 inch thick mattresses.

    One of the things that you hate to see happen is while tossing on your mattress, the mattress protector is snapping under your sheet. Now you have to redo the entire bed and fix the mattress protector, put the bed sheets back on.

    This is not happening with this item. Once you have the bed sheets on, it’s very much tight to the mattress. It’s got elastics on all four sides that keep it in place.

    The Nolah bamboo mattress protector is machine washable. You can put it in your washing machine and wash it as you would your sheets.

    It is natural bamboo so it’s not going to shrink. I haven’t had any issues in the the washing process.

    It just makes it very convenient to throw it in the washer every once in a while and just make sure that you sleep on the cleanest surface possible.

    Overall a fantastic product and one of my favorite.

    Nolah just seems to be hitting the top of my list when it comes to mattresses and bedding. I have a very strong passion for that brand. They just make beautiful products and they keep them at a price point that makes sense for the customer.

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