Nest Easy Breather Pillows Review


    If you’re on the market for new pillow that combines organic materials with a luxury feel, then look no further than these two pillows from Nest.

    Here I’ll be talking about the Easy Breather Memory Foam Pillow and the Easy Breather Natural Latex Pillow.

    In this review I’ll go over everything you need to know about them, including their firmness, their feel, what kind of materials they’re constructed out of and my personal experience with them.

    Are these pillows the perfect nest for your head? Let’s dive into their construction.



    Nest is a company that is all about incorporating natural materials into their products and these two pillows are no different.

    These pillows are designed to be nice and cooling but they’ve got some different materials that make up their construction.

    So let’s dive into that, starting with their covers.

    For the Easy Breather we’ve got a nice cooling fiber blend with polyester and spandex. For the Easy Breather Natural we’ve got a cover that’s made of a blend of cotton polyester and spandex as well.

    Both of these covers are going to be nice breathable and cooling, so if you’re a hot sleeper you should really appreciate these covers.

    Let’s talk about the fill of these pillows.

    For the Easy Breather this is full of something called virgin foam and this is just a nice eco-friendly memory foam material.

    For the Easy Breather Natural, this pillow is filled with polyester fibers and shredded latex. So if you have a latex allergy, that’s important to consider when looking at this pillow.

    In terms of their sizes and weights, these pillows come in a few different size options.

    They have their standard option, but they do have a queen size, a king size and they’ve got a unique u-shaped pillow for side sleepers.

    In terms of their weight there’s only about half pound difference between these two pillows. With the Easy Breather being about four pounds and Easy Breather Natural being about four and a half pounds.

    Now let’s talk about these pillows loft.

    If you don’t know what a pillow’s loft is, it is is how thick a pillow is.

    In terms of the Easy Breather when I unboxed it and it had some time to gas up, it is quite a tall pillow.

    With the Easy Breather Natural, this one’s a little bit flatter, a little bit shorter.

    But the good news is with these two pillows if they are too tall you can take some of that fill. Or if they’re too flat you can add some of that fill back in.

    Firmness and Feel

    Now let’s talk about the firmness level and the feel of these two pillows.

    Starting with our Easy Breather. This pillow, even though it’s full of nice squishy memory foam, I would say this is about a medium in firmness.

    And for the Easy Breather Natural, since it’s full of latex, I would say it’s more durable and a little bit firmer, so I’d say it’s medium firm in terms of the feel.

    If you love that classic slow moving memory foam feel, then the Easy Breather is going to be a good pick for you. When I press my hand into it, the pillow is going to take a second to spring back.

    The Easy Breather Natural has a bit of a firmer feel. The latex doesn’t sink quite as much as the memory foam, so I can press my hand into it and it’s going to be really nice and responsive.

    Shredded Memory Foam Pillow With Bamboo Cover

    Sleeping Positions

    Let’s talk about the different sleeping positions on these pillows

    Because when you’re buying a new pillow, you need to keep in consideration your sleeping position. You want to make sure you have a proper neutral alignment.

    For side sleepers you want to make sure that your ear and your shoulder are nice and aligned. For back sleepers you want to make sure that your chest and your chin and your sternum are nice and aligned.

    Keeping that proper neutral alignment should be pretty easy with these pillows because of the fact that you can take out or add in some fill.

    Because of that reason I’m going to recommend these pillows for all three sleeping positions. For back and stomach sleepers, if it’s too tall, just take some of the fill out. For side sleepers, if these pillows are too flat, add some of that fill in.


    My Experience

    Let’s talk about the most important part of this review, my experience with these two pillows.

    They do a nice job of what they say they’re going to do. They are nice and soft and they are nice and cool to sleep on.

    I would rate the Easy Breather over the Easy Breather Natural in terms of cooling just because I really like the cover that’s cool to touch. It’s made of cooling fibers as opposed to the cotton cover that the Easy Breather Natural has.

    But one thing to note is that the Easy Breather does have memory foam and the memory foam inside it could trap heat. That’s something to consider because the Easy Breather Natural has a more shredded open filling that’s going to maximize airflow and make this pillow nice and cool to sleep on to.

    I also just prefer the memory foam feel that the Easy Breather has over the Natural’s latex feeling.

    Ss a side sleeper I really love this pillow because Nest recommends that side sleepers try these pillows as is, meaning I don’t have to take out any fill to adjust that loft, meaning I’m still going to get good neutral alignment while I sleep.

    Here’s the point in the article where I normally do a pros and cons list, but because we’ve got two different pillows to talk about, let’s just see which pillow is gonna be better suited for who.

    Who Should Get The Easy Breather?

    I’m gonna recommend this pillow for hot sleepers because it’s got a nice and cool to touch cover.

    I’m also gonna say this is a good pick for people who just love that classic slow moving memory foam feel, even in their pillows.

    I’m also going to recommend this for side sleepers because it’s nice and tall, it’s got a good loft, it’s going to be good for neutral alignment while sleeping on your side.

    Who Should Get The Easy Breather Natural?

    I’m gonna say this is gonna be a good pillow for people who love that all cotton feel since this has a mostly cotton cover.

    I’m also gonna recommend it for back sleepers and stomach sleepers because this is a bit flatter than the Easy Breather. Even if it is too tall, you can take some of that fill out.

    Nest has said that the latex inside this is going to be a good down alternative. So if you’re looking for a down alternative pillow, this is going to be a good option for you.


    Now let’s talk about some additional information and the policies Nest has for these two pillows.

    Nest does offer 30 night sleep trails for both of these pillows to really give you a chance to test them out.

    But if you don’t end up liking them you can send them back for free and get a full refund so long as you do it within that 30 night sleep trial.

    Nest also does offer two year warranty for both of these pillows.

    If you’re a little worried about spending a lot of money all at once, don’t worry, Nest has you covered because you can finance these purchases with 0% APR.

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