Nest Bedding Quail Mattress Review


    In this article I’ve got a review of the Quail mattress by Nest Bedding.

    This mattress used to be called Love and Sleep but Nest as a brand did a little bit of a redesign and a renaming, so we’ve got the new Quail mattress.

    I’m going to tell you all about it in this article, I’m going to talk about the policies, what this bed will come with if you decide to order it.

    Then I’m going to talk about the construction, so what this thing is made of and I’m going to touch on feel and firmness.

    I’ll talk about some things for couples, I’ll tell you about the price and then at the end I’m going to have a final verdict for you so you can decide if the new Quail mattress is something you want to go with.



    If you order this mattress online, it’s gonna come with the following policies, starting with completely free shipping.

    This is a bed in a box mattress that will show up to your house in about a four foot tall box. You basically drag it inside, rip off all the packaging and let the thing expand.

    This is an all foam mattress, so you may want to wait maybe a day or two to let it get to its true firmness.

    But once the bed is in your possession, you get 365 nights to try it out in the comfort of your own home. This is basically your chance to decide if you want to keep the bed or send it back.

    If you do decide to send it back, you can get completely free returns within that trial period, but if you like this thing, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

    Mattress With Strong Edge Support


    Now let’s get into the construction.

    This bed is made in the USA. So if you like to support American made products, that’s something cool for you to know.

    but when you look behind the cover, you’ll notice that there is a five-inch layer of support foam on bottom.

    Then you have a two inch layer of transition foam and then the main comfort layer is three inches of responsive memory foam.

    I do want to note that I tested the Quail dubbed a medium firmness. They make a medium and a firm. If you decide to go with the firm one, there won’t be a transition layer. But I’m mainly going to focus on this medium version.

    responsive foam mattress

    Feel & Firmness

    This construction adds up to give the bed a firm neutral foam feel. It does use a pretty decent amount of memory foam, but I didn’t really see it to have a memory foam feel.

    You’re not really going to sink into this bed, you’re kind of going to sleep on top of it. That adds to give it that firm neutral foam feel.

    In terms of firmness, this is a little firmer than the previously named Love and Sleep mattress.

    I would say the Quail is around a medium firm, maybe a teeny bit firmer in fact.

    So it’s gonna work for all sleeper types, but it might be a better option for back and stomach sleepers since it is on that firmer end of the spectrum.

    Since this bed is an all-foam mattress, I would probably recommend it for medium to petite sized body types. If you’re an extra large person, above the 200 or 250 pound range, you might want to go for a bed that has pocketed coils.

    Nest Bedding does make a couple of different options with pocketed coils. But if you’re a medium or petite size person, you’re probably going to be fine on the Quail mattress.

    If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, you’ll be fine on this medium, but if you want something even firmer, maybe check out their firm model of this bed.

    But overall this medium is around a medium firm and it’ll probably work for a lot of people out there.


    Let’s talk about a couple things that couples might want to consider if you happen to be sharing the Quail mattress.

    The first thing I want to talk about is edge support. Since this bed is an all foam mattress, it isn’t the absolute best I’ve ever seen in terms of edge support.

    But in terms of other all foam beds, it performs pretty darn well in that category. You’re definitely not going to be falling off the edges of this mattress, if you like to sleep closer to them.

    In terms of motion isolation, this has to do with how well the bed transfers cross mattress movement.

    This bed also performs pretty darn well because it uses that memory foam on top. It’s going to deaden motion pretty nicely.

    So if your partner likes to get up in the middle of the night or something like that, you won’t wake up through it, most likely.

    The last thing that I lump into the couple section is temperature regulation. This is basically how hot or cold the bed is going to sleep.

    This isn’t an active cooling bed and they don’t really market it to be one. I think it’ll sleep neutral for most people out there.

    The main thing with temperature regulation to keep in mind is how hot are you going to keep your room ,where do you live, do you have some nice breathable sheets, those all play way more of a factor than the bed.



    Now it’s time to talk about the price, how much are you going to be spending if you do want to get the Quail mattress.

    I do want to say beforehand that mattress brands like to tinker with their prices and sometimes they’ll move it up, sometimes they’ll move them down, but at the time of me doing this review, a queen size Quail goes for around a thousand dollars before any discounts.

    With a discount you can save around $100 and then you’ll probably be paying around the $900 mark.


    That’s basically all you need to know about the new Quail mattress. I know it’s not really a new bed but it’s got a new name, so I thought you should know about it.

    You probably want a final verdict, who is this bed best for and who should ultimately go with this thing.

    If you’re looking for a pretty simple all-foam mattress that’s available in two different firmness options, with a firm neutral foam feel, and some really generous policies, I couldn’t see you going wrong with the Quail mattress.

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