All Nest Bedding Mattresses Reviews


    In this article I’m going to have a big review of the beds from Nest Bedding.

    They’ve actually undergone a bit of a redesign of many of the mattresses in their lineup and I’m going over all of them here.

    I will talk about how these beds are a little bit different than their old models and just have a brief overview of all of them.


    Let’s get into the review by quickly running through the policies you’re going to be getting with these beds. This is stuff like shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties.

    If you decide to get one of these mattresses, you’re going to start with free bed in a box shipping.

    The unboxing process is generally pretty quick and easy to do, although I usually recommend having someone to help you out because it speeds things up and makes things easier.

    Once the bed arrives at your door, you get an entire year. You get a 365 night trial period to decide if you actually like the bed, give your body time to adjust to it and decide if you want to keep it.

    If you decide that you don’t want to keep it within that trial period, you can get free returns with all of these and a full refund.

    But if you wind up keeping the beds, which most people end up doing, you’re looking at a lifetime warranty with all the beds.

    Let’s start getting into the beds themselves now and we’re going to be starting with their most popular mattress model-

    Sparrow Signature Hybrid


    This is the new version of their old Alexander Signature hybrid.

    Even though on Nest’s website they call this a memory foam hybrid, it doesn’t really feel like a traditional memory foam bed.

    The memory foam used in it is pretty thin and it’s in that nice quilted cover. And then you have a more responsive neutral foam underneath.

    Overall on this mattress you get more of a soft pillow top feel that a lot of sleepers out there are going to find to be very comfortable. It’s nice and light and fluffy.

    It also comes in three different firmness options. You have the medium, the plush and the firm. That medium model is actually a bit softer than a medium. This can be really nice option for side sleepers and combination sleepers.

    That plush model is going to be quite soft, that’s going to be around a medium soft. That’s going to be a really nice option for strict side sleepers looking for max pressure relief.

    That firm model is going to be around a medium firm, which is probably the best option for back and stomach sleepers.

    On this bed specifically you do have the option, if you get a king size, to get it in a split king, which means you can have the plush firmness on one side and the firm on the other side.

    This is a very nice option for couples who don’t share the same firmness preference. Instead of getting two twin XLs, you can get it in one king size mattress.

    The Sparrow hybrid is also one of the beds from Nest that comes with their lifetime renewal exchange policy.

    If you unzip the cover, you can expose that comfort foam and Nest will send you out a new layer of that comfort foam, which can extend the life of your mattress as it gets older.

    This only applies to that comfort layer that you can easily remove. It doesn’t protect the other components of the mattress, like the springs.

    It is a pretty nice policy that I haven’t really seen with any other mattress brand.

    After discount the Sparrow hybrid is going to run you about $1350 after discount, which is more expensive than some other mattresses, but it is competitive with other nice pillow top hybrid beds.

    Quail Mattress


    Let’s move over to the Quail mattress, which is replacing their Love and Sleep mattress.

    This bed is an all foam bed, so it’s not going to be as nice of an option for heavier folks as the Sparrow hybrid or the other hybrid beds from Nest are.

    It is a pretty solid no-frills all-foam mattress option. It’s made with three layers of foam.

    You have dense support foam at the bottom, then you are gonna have a thin layer of transition foam and then you’re gonna have a layer of responsive Energex foam as its primary comfort layer.

    This bed uses no memory foam whatsoever and you’re gonna be getting more of a firm neutral foam feel on the Quail mattress.

    It does come in two different firmness levels a medium and a firm. In my test, I did find that medium model to be quite firm on its own, somewhere around a medium firm, so it’s going to be a better option for back and stomach sleepers.

    If you want a very firm mattress, I would recommend going with that firm bed. Although I think the medium is gonna be firm enough for most people. Although it’s probably not a great option for side sleepers looking for pressure relief

    Price-wise, this bed is right in line with other all-foam mattress options. After discount, you’re looking at about $900 for a queen size, which makes it pretty affordable.

    Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress

    Robin Mattress


    Let’s move over to the Robin mattress.

    You probably noticed that they rebranded to all have bird names because it’s Nest Bedding, so it makes sense.

    This is their flippable mattress which replaces the Nest Flip mattress.

    This bed comes with a firm side and a medium side. That medium side is indeed a flat medium, so it should be pretty accommodating for all sleepers. However that firm side, I didn’t find to be all that firm.

    I did test the old Nest Flip model and I found the firm side on that bed to be a bit firmer than the new Robin.

    I’d have it somewhere between a medium and medium firm, not quite a full medium firm. It is a better option for back and stomach sleepers. If you’re looking for something firm from Nest, you probably want to go with the Quail.

    Like the Sparrow hybrid on Nest’s website, they do say the Robin uses memory foam. It does have a little bit of memory foam within its construction, but you’re going to be getting more of a neutral foam feel on either side of the bed.

    Price wise it is actually priced the same as the Quail mattress, so about $900 after discount for a queen, which does make it one of the more affordable flippable options that I’ve seen.

    Owl & Finch Mattress


    Let’s move over to their two latex mattresses.

    I think it makes sense to talk about them together because they are very similar. That’s the Owl and the Finch.

    The Owl mattress is their latex hybrid, so it uses coils and then the Finch mattress looks very much the same, only it’s a bit thinner and instead of using coils, it uses more latex foam for support.

    You’re going to be getting a latex foam feel on both beds. It’s going to be really bouncy responsive and you wind up laying more on top of the latex foam as opposed to in it.

    On these two beds specifically, it feels very similar to that pillow top feel on the Sparrow, only you’re not going to nestle into it quite as much and it’s going to be very easy to rotate between sleeping positions.

    When it comes to firmness, the Owl mattress comes in three different options, a medium, a plush and a firm.

    That medium model is indeed a true medium and then that firm model medium firm, the plush medium soft.

    Finch mattress only comes in two, a medium and a firm. The medium is a medium, the firm is going to be around a medium firm.


    The Owl and the Finch are very similar, but they are quite a bit different on price.

    The Owl hybrid is about $1800 for a queen, while the Finch is $2100.

    I honestly don’t see a reason why you would go with the Finch instead of the Owl. I think the Owl is just gonna be a more supportive mattress and the edge support on the Owl is going to be significantly better as well.

    The only reason I could see going with the Finch is if you don’t want coils in your mattress and you want something made entirely of latex aside from the cover.

    Nest Organic Beds


    Those five mattresses from Nest are the ones that they have updated. I do have two more beds from Nest I want to briefly mention.

    There are actually two additional beds from Nests that they haven’t updated. Those are two certified organic latex options.

    You have the certified organic latex hybrid and then the certified organic all latex. These two beds are much more expensive than the five beds I talked about before.

    They’re more for people seeking out a full natural organic, all the certifications and stuff.

    Unless you have a huge budget though, I don’t see a lot of people gravitating toward these two options.

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