Nectar Adjustable Base Review


    If you’re looking for an adjustable base that’s also a great value you’ve come to the right place.

    Here I’m talking about the Nectar adjustable bed frame. I’m gonna take a look at its construction, my experience with it, who it’s a good fit for and who it’s not a good fit for.

    Let’s get started.

    As the name suggests this adjustable base comes from Nectar. It produces some very high quality sleep products. They have three mattresses: the Nectar, the Nectar Premiere and the Nectar Premier Copper.

    If you’re taking a look at one of these mattresses, you also want to consider this adjustable base. It has some great extra features and it’s also very affordable.

    How does it all work? Let’s find out.


    Setup & Unboxing

    Setting up the Nectar adjustable base is very easy.

    First off you have your box, you open that up and you take out the folded up adjustable base. It’s folded in two. Pull it out, unfold it. You’re gonna lay it upside down.

    Then you screw in the legs on both sides and in the middle as well. You flip it over and you plug it in.

    Make sure to cut all the zip ties off as well. And you’re good to go. Super easy to set up this adjustable base.

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    How to Use

    Now let’s talk about actually using the Nectar adjustable bed frame.

    In terms of design, you have a standard design. You have a metal frame, six legs on the bottom with the two motors working the head and the foot sections of the adjustable base.

    Around it you have some nice fabric, a little bit of foam underneath that as well. At the base you’re going to have a wire frame to keep the mattress from sliding off when you’re using the adjustable base.

    What is it actually like using this?

    Let’s talk about that right now.

    It’s all going to work with your remote.

    You have your normal settings of head and foot. You can put your head up a little bit and put it back down and you can do your foot up and then foot down. What’s cool too is you have a head and foot together button.

    You’ve also got some quick presets. So if you want to watch TV, you hit TV button and it’s gonna bring the head up to a good level but also your legs.

    If you’re your partner snores, you also have an anti-snore function. Super easy to use. Hit that button, just brings the head section up a little bit, just a little bit of an incline.

    What’s great too is you have a memory function with this adjustable base and a lot of adjustable bases do have some sort of memory function.

    This has three memory options.

    Let’s say one way you like is the head up and the foot up. That’s how you like it. You hold the memory button down for five seconds. Go back to flat and hit memory and it brings it back to that exact setting.

    You can do that with three different settings.

    I can’t forget about the massage function of this adjustable base.

    To show how that works, we have a couple buttons. We have the head button. Hit it once for low, then medium, once more for high and then hit it again to go off. Same for the foot section, low, medium and high.

    You also have a timer option to set. There are 5 minute, 10 minute, 20 minute and 30 minute option. You also have different types of modes for the massage. You can do a pulse and wave is going to be working its way up and down and through the adjustable base.

    Last but not least, if you get lost at night, you’re trying to go to the bathroom, you have a little flashlight at the end of the remote control. It definitely helps you out to get around during the night.


    My Experience

    Let’s talk about my experience using the Nectar adjustable bed frame.

    First off, let’s talk about compatibility.

    You can use any type of mattress that can be used in adjustable base with this adjustable base, but being a Nectar product I wanted to try it out with a Nectar mattress. So I used the Nectar Premier Copper. The most advanced, thickest mattress.

    It’s very compatible with this adjustable base, works very well, doesn’t bunch up too much, very comfortable, a very good match.

    Looking at the different features with this adjustable base though, first off, the head motion. When it’s all the way up, it’s good for watching TV. You also have your TV option, if you just want to watch TV. It actually puts the legs up a little bit as well.

    It also has a great anti-snore function. I personally snore and it works very well. It just inclines the head portion of the adjustable base a little bit. It should help fight that snoring.

    But I’m personally a big fan of that TV setting, so I can be in my bedroom, watch whatever I want to watch.

    Looking at the foot settings, very comfortable, raises it but not too far.

    You also have your zero gravity setting and that is one of the better zero gravity functions I’ve tried on adjustable bases. I definitely felt a little bit of that weightless feeling, not too much pressure on my back.

    Of course I want to speak about the massage functions as well.

    With some adjustable bases it’s pretty simple. It’s basically on and off, but with this adjustable base you have a lot of different functions.

    You can actually have a wave function, a pulse function. You can do a timer as well if you want to fall asleep and have it turn off once you’re asleep. It’s awesome. I love the massage function with this adjustable base.

    Let’s take a look also at wall hugging.

    Wall hugging basically means when you’re lying down on the adjustable base and let’s say you raise the head portion of that adjustable base, are you moving away from the wall or is it sticking against the wall.

    With some bases, the entire base moves towards the wall as it’s going up. The Nectar does not do this. If you’re wanting to reach over to your side table to grab a glass of water, you are moving away from that side table. So not the best in that respect.


    Let’s talk about the pros. Who I think the Nectar might be a good fit for.

    First off, it’s a great option if you want something on the affordable end. For a queen size, under a thousand dollars. A very good deal for what you’re getting.

    It’s also a good idea if you want something very easy to set up. Some adjustable bases take some more time and also tools. That is not the issue with this adjustable base. Screw in the legs, flip it over, you’re good to go.

    Last but not least, if you want adjustable base with great massage features, the Nectar should work for you. You have some advanced settings, you have a timer as well. A great option if you want that very relaxing feel.



    Let’s talk about the cons and who I think the Nectar might not be the best fit for.

    First off, if you want something with a long sleep trial and a long warranty, this might not be the best option for you. You get 50 nights to try it out, but only a three year warranty.

    Also speaking of wall hugging, you really don’t have the best wall hugging with the Nectar. When you’re lying down and moving the head portion of this adjustable base up, you are moving away from the wall. So if you want something with better wall hugging I would look elsewhere.


    Some additional information about the Nectar adjustable base.

    It comes with free shipping and returns, a 50-night sleep trial, a three-year warranty.

    Nectar offers other mattress models and accessories as well and financing.

    How long the Nectar adjustable base last? Taking a look at its construction, the materials used, it should last for at least 10 years.

    In the end I think the Nectar adjustable base is a great option if you want something with some good features and something affordable as well.

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