Natural Organic Mattress (Talalay Latex Hybrid)


    In this article I’m going to be reviewing the brand new Nolah Natural mattress.

    Nolah as a brand makes a number of different mattresses. They have two all foam beds, one pillow top hybrid and this is their new natural and organic offering.

    But since you can’t really try this mattress out in a store before you end up buying it online, you might be wondering what the whole deal is and what should you really know about this mattress before you end up going the route of Nolah Natural.

    That’s what I’m about to answer for you in this article.

    I’m going to start off by covering the policies that this bed comes with, things like shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties.

    Then I’m going to delve into the actual construction of the new Nolah Natural. Talk about its firmness, feel, its pricing and at the end I’ll even sum things up with a final verdict on who I see this bed ultimately being best for.

    If you’re open-minded, this review should contain all that you need to know about this brand new bed.

    Without further ado, let’s get into this review.



    Let’s talk about the types of policies that the new Nolah Natural is backed by.

    When you buy it online, you should be getting completely free bed in a box shipping.

    It’ll likely arrive at your door stuffed inside of a big box. All you got to do is just drag that box in your home and unbox it. It’s really easy and straightforward to do.

    Once the bed is in your possession, you get a 120 night trial period to test this mattress out at home before you’re completely stuck with it.

    With Nolah, you actually get the option to remove this trial period to save an additional $150. I usually don’t really see that with online brands.

    So if you decide that you don’t really need a trial period and you want to stick right with the Nolah Natural for the foreseeable future, you can remove $150 bucks off that original MSRP, which is quite nice.

    If you do decide to stick with the 120 night trial period because you’re unsure if you really want to keep the bed or not within that time frame, if you decide that you don’t really like the bed for whatever reason, you get completely free returns with this mattress. You just call the company up and they’ll work with you to set up a mattress removal.

    But if the opposite occurs and you do decide to keep the Nolah Natural and I think that should be the case for most folks out there, this bed is backed by an entire lifetime warranty.



    Now let’s dive into the actual design and construction of Nolah Natural and give you a better understanding of what exactly it’s made up of.

    This bed is 11 inches thick and it’s a latex hybrid mattress.

    It starts off with a base layer of organic cotton and wool. And then you have a supportive layer of pocketed coils.

    Because it is a coil bed, it’s naturally going to provide a lot of support and durability for bigger body types.

    It should even help to give the bed a little bit more increased motion isolation, airflow and bounce.

    Nolah also claims that these coils have a tri-zone support design where the middle is a little bit more supportive than the head and foot sections. This is intended to keep your back in a more neutral spinal alignment while you sleep.

    Above all those coils you’ve also got a one inch transition layer of talalay latex foam. And then above that you’ve also got another two inches of that foam for its primary comfort layer.

    You’ve also got some natural wool and cotton to serve as some additional comfort layers. And the whole thing is rounded out with a nice organic cotton cover.

    All that natural wool, latex and organic cotton is also backed by a ton of eco certifications to prove how ethically sourced the bed is.



    In a nutshell, all of these sustainably sourced elements add up to give the Nolah Natural more of a latex foam feel.

    If you didn’t know already, latex foam is one of the only naturally derived types of foams used within beds.

    It’s essentially a really responsive type of foam that snaps back into its original shape almost immediately. You’re not gonna get a lot of sink-in pressure relieving elements with a latex foam. It’s more so going to be really responsive.

    Due to the responsive nature of that latex foam, a lot of latex hybrid beds like the Nolah Natural are on the firmer end of the spectrum.

    Because the Nolah Natural uses talalay latex foam, which is the softer style of latex foam as a material, it’s going to be a lot more neutral in terms of overall firmness.

    So I classify it to have more of a medium firmness. That’s going to be good for all sleeper types, back, side stomach, and combination.

    Keep in mind firmness is ultimately going to be a subjective thing.

    If you’re heavier you might even perceive it to be softer than a medium, whereas if you’re more petite you could see it to be firmer.

    But for the average sized person I think you’re looking at around a medium firmness with the Nolah Natural.

    Let’s talk about some elements for couples to consider, those being edge support, motion isolation and temperature regulation.

    Edge Support

    Edge support refers to how well the perimeter edges of the bed hold up under pressure.

    And on the Nolah Natural it’s pretty good. The coils help to keep you firmly placed along the edges, if you do happen to sleep pretty close to them at night. There’s not really going to be much of a roll off sensation with Nolah Natural.


    Motion Isolation

    In terms of motion isolation, which is how well the bed absorbs cross mattress movement. it’s surprisingly good.

    A lot of other latex hybrid beds like this don’t usually perform the best in terms of absorbing motion. But the Nolah Natural does.

    If you sleep with a partner and you’re a light sleeper this could be a great option worth your consideration.

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    Temperature Regulation

    Also if you sleep with a partner you probably want to be aware of temperature regulation. If you two are hot sleepers this is something you definitely want to know.

    I’d say you’re both going to be sleeping temperature neutral on this bed.

    It’s not going to be an active cooling option but the talalay latex foam used within the bed is aerated. So it should provide a pretty good amount of airflow.

    That material is also naturally moisture wicking. So if you’re a sweatier sleeper, that could be a great factor for your consideration as well.



    Now we have to talk about price.

    How much you’re going to be shelling out for the new Nolah Natural mattress.

    For a natural and organic option, it’s certainly not going to be the cheapest one in the book. But it’s also not bad compared to other options within its class.

    As of when I’m doing this article, a queen size currently retails for right around $1800.

    But with a discount, it’s closer to the $1200.

    I also should mention that Nolah as a brand does donate some of the proceeds from their mattress sales to the Defenders of Wildlife foundation, which is an organization that helps to protect endangered species across the globe.

    So if you’re maybe an animal lover who would be interested in supporting that kind of a cause, in terms of your online bed money, that could be awesome for you.


    That’s pretty much going to sum it up for this review.

    This is a pretty nice option. I’m happy to see that Nolah has a natural and organic option. It’s quality and I think it’ll work for a lot of sleepers out there.

    But who is it ultimately going to be best for?

    I’d say look into the Nolah Natural if you’re looking for an ethically sourced hybrid bed with more of a latex foam feel. And you want something that should work for all sleeper types at a relatively affordable price point.

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