6 Mattresses That Can Be Flipped!


    In this article I’m going over my list of the best mattresses that can be flipped that you can find online.

    In the past most beds were actually designed to be flippable and you were supposed to flip them periodically to help increase their lifespan. However most online beds these days aren’t really designed that way, but there are some really great options for you if you’re looking for a flippable mattress.

    There’s going to be a ton of information about all six beds.


    Let’s just dive right into it by quickly going over just general online mattress policies so you know what you’re getting into. This is stuff like shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties.

    If you decide to get one for yourself, you’re going to start off with totally free shipping. All but one of these beds is going to ship to you in a box. The unboxing process is really quick and convenient and it’s how most beds are sold online these days.

    Once the bed arrives at your door, you get a trial period of at least a hundred nights to decide if you really like the mattress. If you don’t within that trial period, you have a return option. All but one bed does have free returns, but if you decide to keep the bed, which probably you will, you’re going to have at least a 10 year warranty.

    Let’s get into the list now in no particular order starting with my favorite memory foam mattress that can be flipped and that’s actually going to be two beds – the Layla mattress and the Layla hybrid.


    Layla copper mattress

    Both beds have a soft side and a firm side, which you can choose from.

    The soft side of Layla and Layla hybrid come in at around a medium soft under firmness scale, which is going to provide you with a lot of pressure relief and I think strict side sleepers are going to like the soft side of both mattresses.

    The firm sides aren’t going to be too firm for side sleepers either. They’re generally pretty accommodating. The firm side of the all-foam Layla is somewhere between a medium and a medium firm, and the firm side of Layla hybrid is just a bit softer than that, somewhere around a medium plus.

    Also both versions of Layla are just generally really comfortable, especially if you enjoy the feel of memory foam.

    The copper infused memory foam that’s used on the comfort layers of both sides have more of a light airy feel, so you’re going to notice that memory foam is there. You’re going to sink into it and it will remember your shape. But you’re not really going to feel stuck in the mattress, like you can with some other memory foam mattress options.

    The Layla hybrid is going to be a bit more expensive than the original.

    Idle Hybrid


    Next up on the list I have my pick for the best neutral foam flippable mattress and that’s going to be the Idle hybrid.

    When we say neutral foam, this basically means that it doesn’t have that sink in quality of their memory foam and it just feels like nice comfy foam that has a good balance between pressure relief, bounce and support.

    I think most people are probably going to find this mattress to be generally comfortable even if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for.

    This bed also has two firmness options, which you can choose from in the same mattress. It has a medium side and a luxury firm side.

    The medium is in fact around a medium, so it should be pretty solid for all sleeper types, back, stomach, side and combination.

    The luxury firm side is quite firm, it’s somewhere between a medium firm and a true firm on the scale. This means that strict back or stomach sleepers who really want a firm mattress with very little give are probably going to gravitate toward this side.

    A quick general note about sleeper types.

    Side sleepers generally prefer a softer mattress that helps cradle their pressure points, like their hips and their shoulders, while back and stomach sleepers often prefer a firmer mattress that helps keep their spine more in a straight line.

    This isn’t a hard and fast rule but it’s just something to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a mattress.

    Right now price wise, you’re looking at paying only $950 after discount for the Idle hybrid, which I think is a pretty great value. Just make sure that if you decide to buy this mattress, when you’re checking out, make sure you select the double-sided option.

    You have the option to get this mattress in just the medium firmness or just the luxury firm option. But the flippable bed is the same exact price, so there’s really no reason not to get it.

    Best Flippable Hybrid Mattress

    Nest Flip


    Next up on the list I have my pick for the best budget friendly mattress that can be flipped. And that’s going to be the Nest Flip

    Nest bedding as a brand makes a lot of different mattresses, but this is their Amazon exclusive bed. For queen size, you’re looking at paying only about $700, which is a pretty solid price point, especially considering that this is a hybrid coil mattress, which are usually more expensive.

    Beds that sell exclusively on Amazon have always been pretty volatile when it comes to pricing. But historically this has always been an affordable option.

    It has a medium side and a firm side. That medium side is around a medium, so it’s going to be generally accommodating for all sleeper types, while that firm side is between a medium firm and a true firm on the scale, so great for those back and stomach sleepers who want very little give.

    In terms of its feel, both sides have more of a neutral foam feel that most people should find pretty accommodating, even though that medium side does have a layer of memory foam as a comfort layer. It’s not something you’re really going to notice all that much.

    I should mention that since this is an Amazon exclusive mattress, you’re going to be subject to the Amazon return policy, so that’s usually 30 days.

    Just know that if you get this mattress, the whole trial period and returns process isn’t going to be as straightforward as some other beds.



    Next up on the list I have my pick for the best ultra firm flippable mattress option and that’s going to be the Plank mattress.

    Given the name, you’d expect this bed to be super firm and it really is. You have an extra firm and a firm side to choose from. The extra firm side is a true firm on the scale, so it’s a great option for back and stomach sleepers who want the firmest sleeping surface they can find. And the firm side is actually closer to a medium firm, so it’s also a great option for back and stomach sleepers, but it also opens it up to some combination sleepers as well.

    Overall Plank has more of a firm neutral foam feel, you’re not really going to sink into this mattress and you end up laying more on top of it, in large part because it’s so firm.

    Price wise this mattress is actually pretty affordable and it’s usually on discount year-round. I think you’ll be paying somewhere between $900 and $1000 for Plank and it also comes in a hybrid option. The all foam and the hybrid are the same price, so if you are heavier, I would definitely recommend you get that hybrid model over the all foam, just because coils provide more long-term support and durability, especially for heavier body types.


    Brentwood Crystal Cove


    Next up on the list I have probably the most interesting flippable mattress I’ve ever tested and that’s because not only do you get two different firmness options in the same mattress, you get two entirely different feels and that’s going to be the Brentwood Crystal Cove mattress.

    The Crystal Cove has a luxury plush side and a gentle firm side. The primary comfort layer on the soft side is a charcoal infused memory foam and the main comfort layer of the firmer side is actually a dunlop latex foam.

    Latex foam and memory foam have almost opposite feels. On that luxury plush side you will sink into the memory foam a bit and it will conform to your body’s shape and remember it. The gentle firm side’s latex though is really bouncy and responsive and you don’t sink into it at all, although it will provide you with plenty of cushioning and comfort.

    I really enjoy the feel of the latex foam side just because I’m not a huge fan of memory foam, but it’s super interesting that you have two almost opposite feels in the same mattress.

    Firmness wise that luxury plush side, that memory foam side, is going to be around a medium soft under firmness scale, so you’re going to get a lot of pressure relief and it’s going to be a good option for strict side sleepers. That gentle firm side, the latex foam side, is actually going to be somewhere between a medium and a medium firm on the scale. It’s going to be generally accommodating for most sleeper types, but a bit more ideal for back and stomach sleepers.

    One last thing I want to mention about this mattress is that it’s super eco-friendly and it has a lot of certifications.


    Last up on the list I have my pick for the best flippable latex foam mattress and that’s going to be the Zenhaven mattress from the brand Saatva.

    It has a gentle firm side and a luxury plush side you can choose from. The gentle firm is somewhere between a medium firm and a firm, so a great option for back and stomach sleepers, while the luxury plush is closer to a medium firm, which will open it up to some combination sleepers.

    Both sides are pretty firm, I can’t really recommend Zenhaven for side sleepers, but if you are looking for a firm latex foam mattress, this is a great option.

    One thing I should mention is that this mattress is actually really difficult to flip. It’s really heavy and the bed doesn’t really maintain its shape. So if you are planning on flipping it pretty regularly, you’re probably going to need someone to help you with it.

    This bed is also going to have slightly different policies than the rest. Instead of shipping to you in a box, they opt for something called white glove delivery, which means a local delivery team will show up with the bed full size and do all the setup for you, which is pretty nice considering how difficult this bed is to move.

    The only real downside is that if you want to return this bed within its 180 night trial period, you will be charged a $99 transportation fee.

    It is nice you have the return option but if you suffer from buyer’s remorse, this might not be a great option, considering that transportation fee.

    This bed is more in that luxury tier in terms of price. It’s around $2400 for a queen size.


    That’s just about going to do it for my best list. Like I mentioned at the top of the article, a lot of modern beds aren’t really designed to be slept on both sides, but I think these six beds are going to be some of the best flippable options you’re going to be able to find online.

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