Best Mattress With Strong Edge Support

    mattress with strong edge support

    If you are looking for the best mattress with strong edge support, you should consider Bear Hybrid mattress.

    Bear as a brand offers a bunch of different beds that are targeted for people who lead more of an active or athletic lifestyle.

    Bear hybrid is their top tier bed. It’s a supportive and durable hybrid mattress with a lot to offer the average sleeper.

    In this article, I’m going to try to tell you all about it, since you can’t really try this thing out in a store before you buy it.

    I’m going to start off by covering all the general policies that it comes with, things like shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties.

    Then I’ll get into the big stuff like what this bed is actually made up of, how it actually feels, how firm it is, how much it costs and at the end I’ll even have a final verdict for you.

    So stick around.

    mattress with strong edge support


    Let’s talk about all the policies that you’re gonna get should you purchase the Bear Hybrid mattress.

    Should you buy it online, here’s essentially what you’re gonna get.

    You’re gonna get completely free bed in a box shipping.

    They somehow even managed to fit king size of this burlier hybrid bed into a smaller four foot tall box which is pretty amazing.

    The whole unboxing process is super easy to do and actually fun if you have a friend there to help you out with it.

    Now once the bed is in your possession, that’s when your sleep trial of 100 full nights kicks in to basically test this bed out at home before you’re officially stuck with it.

    This is one of the best parts about buying a bed online.

    You get a few months to try this thing out in the comfort of your own home and if you end up not liking it within that time frame for whatever reason, you get completely free returns.

    You just call the company up and they’ll work with you to set up a mattress removal. In most cases the bed is donated to a local charity.

    But on the flip side, should you enjoy Bear Hybrid and ultimately decide to keep it, that’s great because they offer a 20 year warranty on this bed, which is double the usual industry standard.


    mattress with hypersoft cooling gel foam

    Now it’s time to discuss the overall construction of Bear Hybrid.

    What is it made up of?

    This is a 14 inch thick hybrid mattress and as the name implies, the biggest thing about it is that it uses a supportive and durable layer of pocketed coils.

    The bed itself will likely be a pretty viable option for heavier people in the long run.

    Pocketed coils just provide a little bit more bi-directional support for bigger body types and they also help to give beds increased airflow, better motion isolation and they even give beds a little more bounce, if that’s what you’re looking for.

    Above those coils, you’ve got a couple transition layers of various comfort foams and then you have a layer of memory foam on top that sits right under its quilted cover.

    Hand-Quilted Celliant Cover

    Something to note about that quilted cover is that it actually features an interesting material woven into it known as celliant.

    It’s a textile that’s been recognized by the FDA as a general wellness device. It’s supposed to help with all things related to bettering your overall sleep, like increasing your bodily circulation, your recovery times, the list goes on and on.

    I’m not scientists so I don’t really have any scientific data or evidence to back up the fact that this stuff actually works, but I can tell you that a family member actually sleeps on a bed that features celliant in the cover and they swear that there’s something to it.

    It could be something worth considering about this particular bed.

    The is Greenguard Gold Certified for low emissions. It meets some of the world’s most rigorous, third-party emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants.


    But what does Bear Hybrid’s construction add up to give this bed in terms of its overall firmness and feel?

    It could feature all these fancy things like a celliant cover and pocketed coils in it, but if the feel is off, why bother?

    I describe Bear Hybrid to have more of a pillow top feel. You’re going to get lots of cushion and pressure relief from that pillow top, while also getting plenty of support from the coils underneath.

    Since it does use memory foam within its construction more so on the top, you might feel that layer a little bit when you go to lay down on it. So a bit of a sinking sensation but it’s not overwhelming at all. You should never really feel stuck in the bed, which could happen on more dense traditional memory foam beds.


    In terms of its firmness, I’d put it at right around a proper medium on my scale so it’s going to be a great option for all sleeper types: back, side, stomach and combination.

    Keep in mind though that firmness is subjective, so the bigger you are, the softer you might feel a bed, and the more petite you are, the firmer you’ll likely feel a mattress to be.

    But for the average sized person, I see Bear Hybrid as being around a medium.

    All in all I think the vast majority of sleeper types out there are going to find Bear Hybrid’s firmness and feel to be quite accommodating.

    If you’re going to be sharing this bid with someone, you want to consider a couple more factors. Namely how good it performs in terms of edge support, motion isolation and temperature regulation.

    Strong Edge Support

    best mattress for edge support

    The edge support on this mattress is pretty strong. It actually uses reinforced coils along the edges, so you should feel pretty secure along the perimeter.

    Motion Isolation

    Motion isolation on this thing is also going to be pretty good since it uses memory foam and coils. It does a pretty good job at deadening motion overall with those elements involved.

    So if your partner wakes up in the middle of the night often, to go to the bathroom or go to work or something, their movement in the middle of the night shouldn’t really wake you up.

    Temperature Regulation

    In terms of temperature regulation, I see Bear Hybrid as sleeping pretty much temperature neutral. It’s not really an active cooling bed.

    All things considered though, Bear Hybrid is pretty much going to sleep temperature neutral.

    With Bear Hybrid you’re looking at a supportive and durable hybrid mattress with strong edge support that should be able to withstand two people no problem.


    mattress with innerspring coils

    By now I’m sure you’re probably wondering how much this thing is gonna cost you and if it’s gonna break your bank at all.

    I totally don’t blame you. It’s a viable consideration for any mattress purchase. And since this is a more premium mattress, you could expect it to be quite costly, but I think it’s a pretty good value and surprisingly more affordable than one might think.

    So the queen size MSRP for Bear Hybrid currently sits at $1390. But Bear as a brand generally offers pretty good discounts on their beds.

    Right now, you can get $278 off with code, bringing that pricing closer to $1100.

    Pricing for online beds in general can be a bit finicky though. We look one day and it’s this price and then we look another and it’s completely changed.

    So and this pricing could change in the near future.


    That’s pretty much going to do it for this Bear Hybrid review.

    All in all, you’re looking at a great hybrid mattress with strong edge support. People actually sleeping on this bed love it very much.

    But the question remains should you get it. Is this bed gonna be right for you ?

    Well I can’t really answer that because I don’t really know you or how you like to sleep.

    But if you’re a heavier individual looking for a durable hybrid mattress, you want that extra support that’s balanced out with a more pillow top feel, you’re interested in some of the potential benefits offered by that celliant cover and you want all that for a pretty affordable price point, then I’d say look into getting the Bear Hybrid mattress.

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