8 Mattress Toppers That Don’t Make You Hot


    Here I’m gonna be going over mattress toppers that don’t make you hot.

    I am ready to give you everything you need to know. I have personally tested every single one of these mattress toppers.

    I’m going to go over why they made this list and who they’re going to be best for.

    All right, let’s get started.



    First up is my pick for the best mattress topper: the Saatva mattress topper. This topper actually comes in three different variations: graphite, latex, and memory foam, but I’ll be specifically looking at the graphite topper.

    This topper is made with a breathable organic cotton cover, three inches of memory foam infused with graphite for cooling, and straps to secure the topper to your mattress.

    The foam allows you to sink in for some serious pressure relief, while the graphite infusions keep you from overheating as the graphite draws heat away from the body. Plus, the cotton cover is super soft.

    I think this topper is a great choice in particular for back and side sleepers to get some cozy foam contouring.



    Next on my list is the Birch Plush Organic Mattress Topper, which is my best organic mattress topper.

    This topper is made with an organic cotton cover, a layer of wool and Talalay latex.

    The cotton cover is soft and breathable, while the wool layer acts as both a fire retardant layer and adds a bit of plushiness.

    The Talalay latex makes up the fill of the topper, providing a bouncy and responsive yet comfortable feel.

    It’s perforated so air can flow within the latex and latex also maintains a naturally cool temperature, so this is a great choice for hot sleepers.

    I found the Birch topper to work best for back and stomach sleepers as it has a firmer feel and shoppers who are eco conscious will appreciate all the natural and organic materials used in this topper.

    Best Rated Mattress Toppers



    Next on my list is the Helix Plush Mattress Topper, which is my pick as the best mattress topper for stomach sleepers.

    Personally, I find it difficult to find a great mattress topper for stomach sleepers as most of them are designed to make your mattress softer and stomach sleepers usually want a pretty firm surface to keep their hips elevated.

    This topper provides a thin layer of comfort, almost like a mini pillow top. Its outer cover is bamboo blend fabric, which is great for temperature regulation. And it’s filled with polyester fiber fill.

    The topper uses Baffle box stitching to ensure that the filling stays evenly distributed and also gives the topper that plush pillow top feel. The topper also has a skirt to securely attach it to your mattress.

    This is a great topper for stomach sleepers because it adds that touch of softness and plushiness without severely making your mattress softer so you can maintain a firm feel while still being a little more comfy.


    Onto my next pick, which is the Tempur-Topper Supreme, the best mattress topper for side sleepers.

    This topper from Tempur- Pedic has that classic Tempur-Pedic feel. Thick, slow moving foam that takes time to sink into. But once you do, you get the ultimate pressure relief.

    This topper is made with a soft washable cover and three inches of Tempur material foam, Tempur-Pedic’s proprietary memory foam.

    It’s a great pick for side sleepers because the foam really allows you to sink in deeply for pressure relief.

    That’s great for relieving pressure on the hips and shoulders, which is key for side sleepers.

    When I tested this topper out, I also thought it felt super high quality, like most of Temper-Pedic’s products, so I think you can feel secure in your purchase that this topper will last a long time, and Temper-Pedic backs that up with a ten year warranty.

    Brooklyn Bedding


    Now let’s go on to my next pick for the best budget mattress topper: The Brooklyn Bedding Gel Swirl Memory Foam topper.

    This topper is made with a gel infused memory foam in either a two inch or three inch thickness.

    The gel promotes a temperature neutral sleep experience by drawing heat away from the body. While the memory foam provides that cushioned and contouring feel.

    I found this topper to be quite comfortable for sleepers on both my back and side. For back sleepers, it will provide that extra softness and filling in around the lumbar region to relieve back pain, whereas side sleepers can ensure they’re getting pressure relief in all the right spots.

    This is a fairly simple topper. It doesn’t have straps or cover, but it comes at a budget friendly price. So if low price is a high priority for you, definitely consider this gel swirl topper from Brooklyn Bedding.



    Now onto the Puffy Mattress topper, my pick for the best memory foam mattress topper.

    Puffy is all about cozy foam in both their mattresses and this topper. This topper is actually available in both a soft and a firm version, so you’ve got some choices about what kind of feel you want.

    I tested the soft version and found it super comfortable and pressure relieving with a classic memory foam feel.

    This topper is made with a washable cover made from a blend of bamboo, viscose and polyester, and it has memory foam fill.

    The cover has a skirt that attaches the topper to your mattress like a fitted sheet, so no worries about it shifting around on the surface of your bed.

    Another perk, Puffy offers a lifetime warranty with the topper.


    Layla mattress topper

    Onto the Layla Memory foam topper. My pick for the best mattress topper for back sleepers.

    I love this topper for back sleepers because it has a cozy pressure relieving feel but it still provides support.

    The length of the mattress topper has a soft cover made with a blend of polyester, viscose and Lycra. The cover has elastic straps that secure it to the mattress.

    The fill of the topper is two inches of copper infused memory foam. The copper makes the foam antimicrobial and provides a cooling effect.

    Topper gel beads pull heat away from the body creating a temperature neutral sleep experience.

    Back sleepers will likely enjoy how this topper makes your bed feel softer without making you feel completely embellished and foam.



    For my final pick of this roundup, the Avocado Organic Latex topper, the best cooling mattress topper.

    Latex is not only an organic material but naturally cool, so if you sleep hot, latex is a material you should gravitate towards.

    This topper has an organic cotton cover which is a very breathable material and uses a layer of wool as a natural fire barrier.

    The wool is also thermo-regulating and moisture- wicking making this topper sleep cool and comfortable.

    This topper is available in a firm or a soft version so you have options as to how you can change up the feel of your mattress.

    Additionally, these toppers are handmade in California so they are a super high quality product.

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