Top Rated Mattress Toppers For Back Pain Reviews


    Do you suffer from back pain? If so your mattress might be contributing to it.

    But don’t stress, You don’t have to buy a brand new bed to fix your problem. A mattress topper is a quick and easy way to get the comfort and support you need.

    In this article I’ll review the six best mattress toppers for back pain. I’ll go over their firmness, their feel and unique features to help you find the right one for your needs.

    Let’s get started.

    Things to Consider

    Before I dive into the individual mattress topper reviews, I’m going to go over some important things to consider when shopping for a mattress topper for back pain.

    First of all you’re going to want to think about the firmness of your bed.

    If you’re currently sleeping on a mattress that feels too soft or too firm, that can contribute to your back pain.

    On the firmness scale, six and a half out of ten is considered medium firm. So if you’re a back or a side sleeper experiencing pain, you’re going to want to find something that will soften your mattress.

    I’ll go over how each mattress topper softens or firms up a bed later on.

    Next thing you’ll want to consider is sleeping position. Back sleepers you’re going to want something that feels medium firm, that has a good balance of comfort and support.

    Side sleepers you’ll want something a touch softer, so that you get that nice pressure relief you need. Stomach sleepers you’re going to need something firm. That’s because firm mattresses will keep your body in the proper alignment and alleviate lower back pain.

    Third you’ll want to think about pressure relief. Back and side sleepers dealing with back pain will want something thicker to really absorb that pressure.

    And last but not least, what do you want your mattress topper to feel like. Do you love that slow moving memory foam feel or do you prefer something more bouncy and responsive.

    Either way there’s a mattress topper out there that will help your back pain and give you the feel you want.

    Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Celliant Cover)



    If you deal with back pain, you’re going to want something that softens your mattress but doesn’t make it too soft. In that case the Saatva Graphite is an excellent choice.

    This is a three inch tall mattress topper and it has an organic cotton cover.

    Underneath that is a thick layer of graphite infused memory foam. This is great for many reasons.

    First of all the graphite pulls heat away from the body, so it won’t trap heat like other memory foam mattress toppers do.

    Also it provides fantastic pressure relief, which is especially beneficial if you deal with lower back pain. It’ll soften your mattress by two and a half points and it’s great for side sleepers.

    Additionally it’s great if you share a bed with a partner. Because it’s made with thick memory foam, it will isolate motion very well.

    So if your partner’s tossing and turning through the night, you’re less likely to feel that movement transfer to your side of the bed.



    If you specifically deal with lower back pain, you’re going to want something that offers a great balance of comfort and support. Just like the Casper mattress topper.

    This mattress stopper is unique because some mattress toppers only have one or two comfort layers. This one has three.

    The first layer is made with an Alt-Latex foam, which provides fantastic body contouring. Beneath that is a layer of graphite infused foam for added cooling. And at the very bottom is a base layer of memory foam for support.

    This mattress topper should soften your bed by two points. You’ll get some fantastic pressure relief, especially if you’re a side sleeper. And it’s a very durable option.



    If you’re a fan of that classic slow moving memory foam feel, you’re going to want to take a look at the ViscoSoft high density mattress topper.

    This mattress topper is three inches thick and it has that nice plush feel. Both of these things are especially great if you’re dealing with lower back pain.

    You’ll really sink into these layers, so if you’re a side sleeper you’ll notice that pressure relief right away.

    But just because you’re sinking into the layers doesn’t mean that you’re going to trap heat all around you.

    And that’s thanks to ViscoSoft’s gel infused memory foam. Gel is a material that helps pull heat away from the body and helps you sleep cool.

    Another great feature about this is that it has four straps on all corners, so it easily secures to the mattress and it has a machine washable cover.



    If you’re in the market for something super luxurious, check out the Tempur Topper Supreme.

    This mattress topper comes from TEMPUR-Pedic and it’s made with three inches of their classic tempur material.

    When most people think about memory foam, this is what they’re imagining. Very slow moving and plush.

    So when you’re lying down on your back, you’ll feel some excellent body contouring, which is especially fantastic if you’re dealing with pain.

    The Tempur Topper Supreme will soften your mattress by two and a half points, so it’s good for back and side sleepers. And it’s suited for a wide variety of different body types. Lightweight and heavier people will be able to get the pressure relief they need.



    For all you stomach sleepers out there, the Avocado mattress topper is for you. It will help you maintain the proper spinal alignment in the sleeping position.

    You don’t want to sleep on a soft surface if you’re a stomach sleeper, because your hips could sink into the material, get your back out of alignment and cause lower back pain. Nobody wants that.

    The Avocado mattress topper has an organic cotton cover, followed by a layer of wool and then 2 inches of dunlop latex.

    And latex is great for many reasons.

    First of all, it doesn’t trap heat as easily as memory foam, so it sleeps cooler. It has a more responsive feel. You’re not going to feel stuck inside of this mattress topper and it’s still super easy to move around on top of it.


    Dreamfoam mattress topper

    If you’re dealing with back pain, but you’re also on a budget, I recommend the DreamFoam mattress topper.

    This mattress topper is two inches thick and it’s made with gel infused memory foam. The gel helps pull heat away from the body and keep you cool. The memory foam provides pressure relief.

    This will soften your mattress by two points, so it’s a great pick if you’re a back or a side sleeper dealing with back pain.

    Because it’s made with memory foam, it also isolates motion really well.

    The DreamFoam mattress topper doesn’t have a lot of fancy bells and whistles, but if you’re dealing with back pain and you don’t want to break the bank, this is a great pick.


    Before I wrap up I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the best mattress toppers for back pain.

    What is the best mattress topper for back pain?

    I just gave you several great options, but at the end of the day it really just depends on what you need.

    If you’re especially dealing with lower back pain, I recommend the Casper mattress topper because it provides a great balance of comfort and support.

    But if you’re a stomach sleeper dealing with back pain, you’re going to want to find a topper that’s firmer, like the Avocado mattress topper.

    Are mattress toppers bad for your back?

    The answer is no. However it is very important that you find something that best suits your needs.

    For example, if you are a stomach sleeper, you’re going to want to sleep on a firm surface. Make sure you get a topper that makes your mattress feel a little bit more supportive.

    And if you’re a back or side sleeper, dealing with back pain, you might want some extra pressure relief. In that case a memory foam topper will do the trick.

    What is the best mattress topper for lower back and hip pain?

    If you’re dealing with this, you’re gonna want something that really cushions the lumbar area and I recommend the Casper mattress topper.

    It has three layers and it provides great comfort and support, which will help ease your pain.

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