Luxury Foam Pillow With Cooling Gel

    luxury foam pillow

    In this article I’m going to be reviewing the Luxury Cooling pillow from Brooklyn Bedding.

    In this review I’m going to go over this pillow’s materials and overall feel. Also share which sleepers I think it’s best for and some of the Brooklyn Bedding’s policies.

    If you’re not familiar with Brooklyn Bedding they’re known for their range of mattresses that are all made in their factory in Arizona. I’ve reviewed most of them on this site.

    Brooklyn Bedding also makes a range of other products including sheets, blankets, adjustable bases and of course pillows.

    Brooklyn Bedding claims that this luxury cooling pillow sleeps super cool, so I put it to the test to see if it lives up to their promise.

    So without further ado, I’ll get started on my review of the Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling pillow.

    luxury foam pillow


    I’m gonna start out with talking about this pillow’s materials because it’s gonna give you a good idea on quality and whether or not it is actually cooling.

    To start out with, we have a premium circle knit cover, which actually feels nice and cool to the touch and actually is infused with cooling fibers to help it stay nice and cool.

    And it has a nice and soft feel, which is really nice.

    Also it is zip open so you can take it off and it’s also washable, which is a really nice perk. A lot of covers are spot clean only, but you can go ahead and throw this in the wash. Very easily.

    However the inside part of the pillow, which is made of a solid block of foam, isn’t washable. This is spot clean only.

    This solid block of foam is made from open cell memory foam, which is a little bit cooler than traditional memory foam and it also has an infusion of cooling fibers that are going to help it sleep cool.

    You’re going to want to sleep with that side up because this is where the a is.

    This open cell memory foam is more breathable than traditional memory foam, There are actually holes punctured in it, which allows for added air flow. Traditional memory foam does have a reputation for trapping body heat, but this one doesn’t. So that’s really nice.

    Overall I’m going to say that it does live up to their cooling promise. After laying on it, I didn’t feel myself overheating. I actually felt like it was actively working to help keep me cool, which is a really great perk.

    Also on top of that, I’d like to mention that all of these materials are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, so if you have problems with allergies or something, this could be a really nice pillow for you.

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    Next up I’m going to talk about this pillow’s feel.

    First of all, I’d like to mention that this pillow comes in both a king size and a queen size and high loft and low loft.

    You can get the queen and the king in high or low loft.

    The queen size is 20 by 30 inches and the king size is 20 by 36 inches. The high loft is 5 inches, the low loft is 4 inches. You do really get quite a few options with this. A lot of pillows only come with one option, but you are able to mix and match this one to suit your preferences.

    I have the queen high loft, so that means there’s a five inch loft. That’s a higher loft. That’s what I’m going to say is best for side sleepers or some back sleepers.

    Generally side sleepers need a pillow of about four inches or higher and back sleepers need something in the four inch range as well, but they don’t want to go anything too high. Five inches would be on the higher side for back sleepers.

    Also I would say that this pillow has a medium firm feel. On the firmer side it has a heavier feel than some pillows. If you’re after that moldable feel, you are not going to get it with this pillow.

    It is made of a solid block of foam and you can feel that when you lay on it, but it is very responsive and it offers some really nice pressure relief. It will squish down and contour to you.

    Overall I think this is a nice choice for both back and side sleepers in the high loft.

    If you’re a stomach sleeper you could go for the low loft, which is four inches, but personally I would recommend stomach sleepers go for a much lower loft pillow, something like two inch, two inch to three inch loft, because they don’t want something that’s going to twist their head out of alignment with their spine.

    Overall a nice choice for both back sleepers and side sleepers.

    Luxury Cooling Pillow


    Now that I’ve gone over materials and feel. I want to talk about which sleepers I think should buy this pillow and who should steer clear.

    First of all, I think this pillow is a great choice for hot sleepers. It has this nice cooling cover, it has that open cell responsive memory foam. These are materials that are telling me that you are not going to overheat on this pillow.

    I also think it’s a great choice for back and side sleepers or back and side combination sleepers. Because this pillow doesn’t really lose its shape. It’s especially good if you switch positions because you won’t need to move the fill around to suit you. It’s going to stay that solid feeling.

    It has a nice loft either. The low four inch loft would probably be better for some back sleepers. I think most back sleepers will be happy with the high loft of five inches as well.

    Side sleepers should definitely stick to the high loft version.


    Who I think shouldn’t buy this pillow’

    I would say that even with the lower loft, this pillow is not the best choice for stomach sleepers. I would say they should go with something a bit lower.

    I’m also going to say that if you’re after that moldable feel of a down pillow and you really like moving the fluff around in your pillow, this isn’t going to be the pillow for you.

    It definitely has a solid feel all throughout the pillow. You have a very similar feel whether you’re sleeping on the side or in the center of it.

    You might want to check out other options of down or faux down pillows if you really like something moldable.

    luxury gel pillow


    Now I’m quickly going to run down a couple of Brooklyn Bedding’s policies on this pillow.

    You can return this pillow within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund and Brooklyn Bedding will even pay for return shipping.

    It comes with a three year warranty, which is a pretty generous warranty for a pillow.

    And lastly Brooklyn Bedding offers free shipping.

    That does it for my review of the Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling pillow.

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