Luxor Delano Organic Sheets Review


    Here I’ll be taking a look at the Delano Organic Sheet Set from Luxor Linens.

    I’m going to show you what they’re made of, what I love about them, and what I’m not so crazy about, so that you can decide if this bedding is the right fit for you.

    If it’s not, no worries. There are plenty of sheet sets out there.

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    I’m impressed how really smooth they are to the touch.

    These sheets are made from a blend of bamboo and organic Egyptian cotton, which, like I said, is offering this really sumptuous and soft handfeel, which I’m loving, accentuated by this sateen weave. Giving it really beautiful lustruous sheen and this really pretty drape.

    Between the bamboo, the Egyptian cotton, and the sateen weave I’m getting this luxurious trifecta of traits.
    That’s really making me feel like I’m in my own luxury hotel bed, which I’m loving.

    I’ve got this set in gray and it’s worth mentioning that for the Delano Sheet Set, this is the only color that it comes in.

    It’s also worth mentioning that on the website, the gray color looks a little bit darker, almost with a bluish hue. But this is a lighter gray, almost silvery. That’s something worth thinking about.

    Let me tell you what you get in each Delano set.

    You get a top sheet, which, with bamboo giving it light airy breathability. The sateen weave is offering this really pretty elegant drape.

    The sateen weave is really extenuating the sheen of the fitted sheet as well.

    The fitted sheet is capable of accommodating mattresses up to 18 inches deep. That means super deep pockets. Those of you with rather tall mattresses, these might be particularly beneficial to you.

    I’m using a mattress that’s about 12 inches deep, so there was quite a bit of excess fabric that I just tucked underneath for a very tight fit.

    Then my favorite, the pillowcases. Just loving how lustrous these are. They come with the companies signature monogram, the little L.

    You can choose to have the monogram on your pillowcases, you can choose it to be L or you can choose to have it customized. You can personalize your pillowcases in that way, if you choose a custom monogram.

    If you want them just plain without a monogram that’s OK, too.

    My first impression of these sheets are that I’m loving the combination of bamboo and Egyptian cotton. They each have their own set of perks.

    You’re getting antibacterial traits. You’re getting strong durability. They’re also feeling very light and airy, which I have a feeling it’s going to help keep me cool at night.

    See silver infused sheets with antimicrobial features.


    This is why I love sateen. This billowy silky quality of the top sheet as soon as I get into bed. It’s really just offering me this very elegant drape that silhouettes my shape. I’m loving that.

    As far as the aesthetic value of these sheets are concerned, I just think they’re beautiful. I’m loving this silvery gray color, which is really enhanced by pretty lustrous sheen.

    Also, the feel is so silky smooth. I’m really enjoying just rubbing my hands and feet all over the material. It’s making me feel very comforted, but also very luxurious. It does have this really luxurious quality. Definitely lives up to its name.

    One thing though that is worrying me a little bit is how baggy the fitted sheet is. Something that’s extra important to me when I’m on the hunt for bedding for myself is how tightly the fitted sheet is able to adhere to the mattress and how well it stays tightly put on the mattress.

    For me, there is a lot of excess fabric. It’s really easy for me to pick up a lot of the fitted sheet fabric. Amidst all my rolling around it hasn’t become untucked, but it has slipped a little bit. That’s something to keep your eye on.

    However, one thing I’m really noticing is how cool this bedding is keeping me. Bamboo based bedding does have a reputation for being light and breathable. I would say this is not exception.

    With top sheet over my body, it almost feels like someone is blowing cool air on me, which I’m loving because I’m a year round hot sleeper.

    I would definitely put this in the category of luxury bedding.

    If you’ve already got your classic essential white cotton bedding situation all handled and you’re looking for a way to enhance your luxury bedding collection, I would definitely say this is a good pick.



    There’s a lot to like about these sheets, but just to name a few of my favorites.

    Number one, this is totally a matter of personal preference, but I just think they look beautiful. Even beyond how silky and smooth they feel, I just think they bring this really pretty luxurious sheen.

    This elegant drape that, in my opinion, really ups the whole aesthetic value of my bedroom as a whole, which to me is a pretty big perk.

    I also do love the option to have these little monograms on your pillowcases. I would definitely take advantage of that.

    As far as how they feel, I’m loving that, too. I am preferential to a sateen weave because it really is giving that really buttery smoothness, this really silky handfeel.

    At the end of the day, how these sheets feel on my bare skin really is the most important factor for me.

    Not to mention, they did serve to keep me very cool, so if you are a hot sleeper you might want to give these a try.

    Which brings me to my next point, which is that you do have 90 days to try them in the comfort of your own home to see how they blend with your life. If they’re not for you, you can just easily have them refunded or exchanged.


    Of course, there are going to be a few things about these sheets that some folks might consider to be drawbacks.

    Firstly, this is not specific to these sheets, this is definitely a bamboo thing, but they are wrinkly. They wrinkle easily. Even just taking them from out-of-the-box they were already super wrinkled.

    That’s kind of to be expected with bamboo based bedding.

    Luckily, this particular set is both machine washed and dryable.

    If I were you I would remove them from the dry cycle as soon as it is finished and then spread them out over the mattress when they’re still warm and wrinkle free. That should serve to keep some of the wrinkles at bay.

    Another thing, like I mentioned, the fitted sheet. I don’t know if it’s because the pockets are so deep or because this silky material is almost a little bit slippery – but I did find it to become slowly untucked from the mattress.

    Never so much that it completely came off the mattress, but it did end up giving a baggy fitted sheet look that I didn’t really find very aesthetically pleasing. It also detracted from the comfort, in my opinion.

    I like my fitted sheet to be very tight and snugly fit on the mattress.

    Another thing is, while I do love the color of these sheets, I wish that there were more color options available. I think this is very pretty, but I’d be curious to know what these sheets look like in other colors.

    Not to mention, I did find the color presented on the Luxor Linens website to be a little misleading as the color on the website is a much darker gray than the color you get.

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