Luxome Removable Cover Weighted Blanket Review


    If you are someone who frequently deals with anxiety, this article is for you.

    Here I’m taking a look at the Luxom Removable Cover weighted blanket.

    Weighted blankets are a really great tool for relieving anxiety and calming down at night.

    In this review I’ll be going over the construction and feel of the Luxom weighted blanket as well as giving you my honest pros and cons and going over some of Luxom’s policies.



    The Luxom weighted blanket has two main components, an outer cover and an inner blanket.

    Let’s start off by looking at the outer cover.

    This outer cover is made with a minky fabric. The version I tested has the minky fabric on both sides of the cover, but Luxom also makes this blanket with a bamboo lysol fabric, which is more silky and smooth.

    Or you can also get a version that has minky on one side and bamboo on the other to get a little bit of both feels.

    If you unzip the cover, you can get to the inner blanket. This inner blanket is made with 100 percale weave cotton.

    This is what holds the glass beads that give the Luxom weighted blanket its weight.

    The inner blanket utilizes gridded stitching, which helps to keep the beads evenly partitioned across the whole blanket and keep the weight distribution even.

    Also mixed in with the glass beads is polyester fabric filling, which helps the beads not to roll around or cause any noise while you’re moving the blanket around.

    The beads used in this blanket are certified to be lead-free and they’re also hypoallergenic.

    Both parts of this blanket, the inner blanket and the outer duvet cover, are machine washable.

    The Luxom weighted blanket is gonna be available in four different weight options.

    Those are 8, 15, 18 and 30 pounds.

    • The 8 pound blanket is going to be 42 by 56 inches.
    • The 15 pound blanket is 54 by 72 inches.
    • The 18 pound blanket is going to be 60 by 80 inches.
    • The 30 pound blanket is 100 inches by 85 inches.

    When you’re choosing a weighted blanket you want to choose one that has a weight that’s close to 10% of your own body weight.

    For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you want to choose a 15 pound blanket.

    the reason for this is that ratio is what will best allow you to experience deep pressure touch.

    Deep pressure touch is a tactile sensation that releases calming hormones in our bodies. It’s the same effect that we get from hugging, but in this case just from a blanket.

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    Removable-Cover -Weighted-Blanket

    Now that we know what the Luxom weighted blanket is made of, it’s time to talk about how it feels.

    I thoroughly tested this blanket out by taking it home and sleeping with it for a few nights.

    Here are my takeaways.

    First and foremost, I really love the minky outer cover of the Luxom weighted blanket. It’s super fuzzy and soft, and I really just love the velvety feel of the fabric.

    Immediately it just makes me want to cozy up underneath it.

    I also thought the Luxom had really even weight distribution and when I was laying under the blanket I felt a really cozy with comforting amount of pressure.

    I also really like the use of the really fine beads in this blanket because you really can’t feel the beads or hear them rolling around at all. It’s almost like you barely even know that they’re there.

    Luxom says this minky fabric is designed to be super warming and honestly I have to say that they are right.

    I found this blanket to be really warm and cozy, which you will love if you are always too cold. But if you’re a hot sleeper, you might find this blanket to be a little bit too warming.



    I have covered a lot of information about the Luxom removable cover weighted blanket, so it’s time to go over my pros and cons.

    First up is the pros.

    My first pro for this weighted blanket would be that I really love the feel of the minky outer cover.

    While I only tried this version that has minky on both sides, I really like that they also offer the bamboo lysol version that’s more silky and smooth, as well as the minky bamboo combo, so you can get both feels in one blanket.

    Second, I really appreciate that this entire weighted blanket is machine washable. Both the outer cover and the inner blanket can just be washed in the washing machine, which is super nice for just keeping the blanket nice and clean.

    This is especially key for people who have kids or pets in the house or honestly if you’re just a little bit prone to being messy.

    Third and finally, I also really like the use of the super fine glass beads as the weight in this weighted blanket. You can really barely even feel the individual beads and you certainly can’t hear them rolling around or anything like that.


    Nobody’s perfect, so it’s time to talk about the cons.

    My first con for the Luxom weighted blanket would be that it may not be the best option for heavier people.

    There is the 30 pound blanket but it is the size of a king size comforter, so it’s really meant to be shared by two people.

    The single size blankets may not be heavy enough to really give deep pressure touch effects to heavier people.

    Second I would also say that the Luxom weighted blanket may not be the best option for people who are hot sleepers, especially this minky fabric is really just going to trap a lot of heat.

    If you want to try this blanket and you are a hot sleeper, I would go with the bamboo lysol version instead or I would maybe just check out another more breathable weighted blanket.


    Let’s go over some of Luxom’s policies.

    Luxom ships for free within the contiguous United States and they’ll also ship to Hawaii and Alaska as well as most other countries for an additional shipping fee.

    Luxom offers a 30-day return policy on this blanket, so that means you can return it within 30 days of the delivery date.

    Luxom does not offer a warranty on this blanket but if you have an issue with manufacturing or if you find a defect on the blanket, contact their customer service team and they’ll review the issue.

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