Luna Weighted Blanket Review


    One of the issues I have with a lot of weighted blanket companies is they don’t offer so many options in terms of weight and in terms of size, but that is not an issue with the Luna weighted blankets.

    There are so many options to choose from, but I want to talk about the blanket itself – my experience with it, who it’s a good fit for, and who it’s not a good fit for.

    Let’s get started.



    As I mentioned with the Luna, it’s all about options.

    In terms of weight options, you have 5 pound, 7 pound, 10 pound, 12 pound, 15 pound, 17 pound, 20 pound, 22 pound, and 25 pound – a lot of weight options.

    You also have a few size options as well. You have twin, full, queen, king, and a child-size option.

    You’re going to have color options too. You have four color options – light grey, dark grey, white, and grey striped.

    This is very rare for a weighted blanket. Usually, you’re only going to get one color option.

    If you don’t like the color options, you can also tie it into a duvet cover. You’re going to have eight duvet tabs on this weighted blanket to tie it inside a duvet cover. They do offer their own duvet cover made with 100 percent organic cotton.

    Speaking of organic cotton, it’s also what you’re going to find in the shell of this weighted blanket – 100 percent organic cotton with a 400-thread count. Very, very soft to the touch.

    It’s also going to have a layered design to keep it very breathable.

    Also features a CoolMax fabric to keep it cool as well. It’s going to have a gridded stitching, five inches by five inches.

    Within each grid you’re going to have medical-grade glass beads to give it the weight.

    You can also wash this weighted blanket at home. They recommend doing this on a gentle cycle, on cold, and then line drying.

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    My Experience

    Now let’s talk about my experience with the Luna.

    In terms of finding the right weight for me, that was not an issue. There are a lot of weight options to choose from.

    If you’re looking for the right weight option for you, there’s a very simple formula.

    Take your weight, divide it by 10, and add or subtract one or two pounds.

    I’m 230 pounds. Divide that by 10 – 23. I get my weighted blanket a little bit heavier, so 25 pounds, a very good match for me.

    I was able to find the right weight for me with 25 pounds.

    An issue I did have is I prefer a throw-size weighted blanket. If I want a 25-pound weighted blanket, I have to go for a queen size, so it’s a little bit too wide for me.

    Also, weight distribution I would say is just decent. Each grid is five inches by inches. That’s pretty wide. Usually for a better weight distribution I’m looking for something like three inches by three inches.

    A big issue I have with weighted blankets is I overheat when I’m underneath them, but I did not have that issue with the Luna.

    That’s because it’s a very breathable weighted blanket. It has this CoolMax fabric. It’s cool to the touch underneath it. It feels very nice against my skin, so I’m not waking up overheating.

    The big question is how did it work as a weighted blanket? Did I sleep well underneath the Luna?

    I can say my usual test I use now is I put this over my legs, I try to work on the review for this weighted blanket, and if I pass out while I’m working on the review, it works.

    With the Luna, I definitely passed out.



    Now let’s talk about the pros – who I think the Luna might be a good fit for.

    First off, if you’re looking for a lot of options with your weighted blanket, I would definitely check out the Luna.

    You have so many options to choose from in terms of weight, in terms of size, and in terms of colors.

    If you want to find the exact weighted blanket for you, you shouldn’t have trouble with the Luna.

    Also if you are a lighter person to a heavier person, you should be able to find the right weight for you. You have a 5-pound weighted blanket all the way up to 25 pounds.

    Whether you’re looking for a weighted blanket for a child or for a heavier person, you should find it with the Luna.

    Again, as I mentioned, a big issue with weighted blankets is they’ll make you sleep hot, but you shouldn’t have that issue with the Luna. It’s very breathable, has this CoolMax fabric. You should be sleeping cool underneath the Luna.

    Last but not least, this is a very, very good value. For their largest size, it’s only around $100, so it’s a very, very affordable option and also a very high-quality weighted blanket.


    Now let’s talk about the cons – who I think the Luna may not be the best fit for.

    First, if you’re like me and you’re a larger person but you want a throw size weighted blanket, you’re not going to find it with the Luna. If you’re a larger person, you’re definitely going to have to go with a queen size weighted blanket.

    Even if you’re on the lighter side, you’re not going to find a throw size just to fit the size of your body.

    Off of that, you might not feel the best weight concentration. If you want heavier weight with a narrow weighted blanket, you’re not going to feel heavy weight in the center of the blanket.

    Last but not least, speaking of weight distribution, it’s not the best weight distribution I have felt with a weighted blanket.

    These grids are five inches by five inches. There’s some room for the weight to move around inside, so didn’t only feel dead spots but I have felt better weight distribution with other weighted blankets.

    In the end, I really enjoyed my experience with the Luna weighted blanket. While I didn’t feel the best weight distribution, I slept very, very well. I slept nice and cool.

    This is a high-quality, very nice weighted blanket. They also offer a 100-night sleep trial. If you’re not quite sure it’s the right weighted blanket for you, you can try it 100 nights risk-free.

    They also donate one percent of all their proceeds to Mental Health for America, a very good program.

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