Leesa Mattresses Comparison – Original, Studio, Hybrid, Legend


    In this article I have a big review of all the mattresses from Leesa.

    I’m guessing if you clicked on this article you are interested in Leesa or at least heard of Leesa.

    Their flagship Original mattress is one of the most popular beds sold online, but they make three other beds and I’m gonna cover all of them in this review.

    I’m gonna try and go over all the stuff you need to know about them and I’ll try and have a final verdict about who I think each of their beds is gonna be best for.


    Let’s jump right into this thing by going over all the company policy information for Leesa. This is stuff like shipping, returns trial periods and warranties.

    You’re going to get totally free bed-in-a-box shipping. The process is pretty quick and easy. You just drag the box inside, open it up, rip off all the plastic and then watch the bed inflate.

    They do make two hybrid models. These beds are going to be quite a bit heavier than the all foam models. I’ll go over those later, but you might want a friend to help you out.

    You’re also going to get a hundred nights with all of their beds to decide if they’re really the mattress for you. If they’re not for whatever reason, within those first hundred nights, you can get totally free returns.

    But if you decide to keep them, which I’m guessing the vast majority people will, they back all their beds with a standard 10-year warranty.

    Leesa is actually one of the more original online bed-in-a-box brands and they help set this online mattress standard.

    But enough about all that. Let’s get into the bed themselves.



    Let’s just start off with their Original flagship mattress.

    This is their most popular mattress and is one of the most popular beds sold online.

    In general, this is a 10 inch mattress, comprised of three foam layers. It has a layer of dense support foam at the bottom, a layer of memory foam above that, which acts as a transition layer and then you have Leesa’s primary comfort layer, which is a really light, airy and responsive foam.

    This construction adds up to the Leesa mattress having a classic soft foam feel. It has that layer of memory foam, but that’s mostly there just to add pressure relief.

    The bed as a whole just feels like comfy foam that you’ll sink into a tiny bit, but still has a good deal of bounce as well.

    It’s just a bed that a lot of people are going to find to be generally comfortable. It shouldn’t really put anyone off, but it might not be exactly what some sleepers are looking for, because some sleepers are looking for a specific memory foam bed.

    Firmness-wise, we have it at a flat medium on the scale, which means it should be generally accommodating for all sleeper types, back, stomach, side and combination.

    Most brands put their flagship mattress around a medium just because they’re trying to appeal to the widest variety of sleepers out there and a lot of people can either get by on a medium firmness or really like a medium firmness.

    As far as pricing goes it’s generally pretty affordable in comparison to its competitors.

    A queen size usually retails for right around $1100 and it will regularly go on discount as well. From what I’ve seen, you should probably expect to pay somewhere around $950, which is a bit more affordable than a Casper or a Purple.

    Brands do mess around with their pricing and discounts sometimes, so just make sure you check for whatever’s current.

    All these prices are as of when I’m writing this review.

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    But if you are on more of a strict budget, Leesa does make a more affordable option called the Leesa Studio.

    This bed retails for only $800 for a queen, which is an excellent value from a brand like Leesa.

    Like the Original mattress, it will also go on discount and bring that price down even further. As of right now you should expect to pay about $699, which competes with the likes of the Tuft and Needle mattress.

    Aside from the price, there is one other big notable difference between the Studio and the Original and that’s essentially that the top two layers of the mattress are flipped, meaning you have the memory foam on top with Leesa Studio.

    So you’re going to get a bit more of that memory foam feel. It’s not going to be that prototypical dense sinking sensation you might get with something like a Nectar or a Tempurpedic, but you are going to be getting more of a memory foam feel with the Leesa Studio.

    It is also just a little bit firmer than the Original, but it’s still right in that medium firmness range.

    If you lay down on Leesa Original and then the Leesa Studio, you’d probably notice the difference, but it shouldn’t be a deciding factor for you.



    If you are looking for a firmer mattress, the Leesa Hybrid is going to be your best bet.

    As the name implies Leesa Hybrid is a coil mattress, which means it’s going to be a better option for heavier folks than the Original or the Studio.

    I pretty much always recommend people in the 250 pound range get a coil mattress because it just provides more long-term support and durability.

    Coils add an extra element of bounce to your mattress, which some people, like myself, really like.

    Above the coils on Leesa Hybrid, you have a transition layer of foam, a layer of pressure relieving memory foam and then a more responsive neutral comfort foam with little holes cut out to help out a bit with airflow.

    I should quickly mention that I don’t really see anyone having issues sleeping hot on any of the Leesa beds. They’re pretty good at staying temperature neutral while you sleep, but they’re not active cooling beds either.

    The overall feel of Leesa Hybrid is going to be pretty close to the Original but it’s more bouncy and responsive thanks to those coils.

    It’s also going to be a bit firmer than both the Original and the Studio. It’s right between a medium and a medium firm on the scale, which means it’s still going to be generally accommodating for all sleeping positions.

    It’s more ideal for back and stomach sleepers than it is for side sleepers. Back and stomach sleepers generally prefer a firmer mattress with less give to help maintain spinal alignment, while side sleepers generally prefer a softer mattress that helps cradle their pressure points, like their hips and their shoulders.

    This isn’t a hard and fast rule, it’s just something to keep in mind.

    Leesa Hybrid is also going to be a significant step up in price in comparison to the Original and the studio.

    A queen size usually retails for about $1800, which isn’t crazy expensive, but it’s not in that budget tier either.

    And you guessed it, it does go on discount pretty regularly. At the time of writing this review, you should expect to pay about $1550 for queen-sized mattress.


    hybrid mattress coil and foam

    That leaves us with the last and most expensive and luxurious bed from Leesa, the Legend mattress.

    This has some unique design elements that you’re not going to find on any of the three other beds.

    Its construction is pretty similar to the Leesa Hybrid, only it features a very thin layer of micro coils in between two layers of foam. These are there to give the bed a targeted zone support design.

    Essentially, the bed is divided up into different sections that have slightly different firmness levels.

    This is supposed to give you more support where you need it and more pressure relief where you need it. You probably won’t feel this difference in firmness on a nightly basis. If anything you’ll feel it right when you get the mattress as your body is adjusting to it, but I think it’s a pretty neat design that helps keep your spine in a more neutral alignment while you sleep.

    More and more mattress brands are incorporating this zone support design.

    Aside from that, Leesa Legend has a really comfortable, soft foam feel that pretty much everyone will enjoy and it is a bit softer than the other beds from Leesa.

    It still hovers around a medium, but it’s more of a medium minus, which means side sleepers should enjoy this mattress a lot.

    However, there is no really getting around that price wise. Leesa Legend is more in that luxury tier. A queen size usually retails for about $2300, but after any discounts that price should come down a pretty good amount.

    But if you’re not really price sensitive Leesa Legend has a lot to offer.


    That’s pretty much it when it comes to the Leesa mattress lineup.

    I could mention a few other things, like how these beds perform for couples. The long story short is I think all the beds from Leesa should be great options for couples especially, because the feel of all these beds are very agreeable.

    But the real question is who is each of these beds going to be best for.

    I’d say go with the Original flagship Leesa if you just want a no-frills comfy foam bed that you’ll really likely enjoy sleeping on.

    Go with the Leesa Studio if you want a bit more of that memory foam feel and you’re on a bit of a tighter budget.

    Go with Leesa Hybrid if you want a comfortable supportive coil mattress that’s just a bit firmer.

    Go with Leesa Legend if you’re interested in that zone support design and you just want a really accommodating hybrid mattress.

    Leesa Legend Mattress Review

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