Layla Weighted Blanket Review


    Calming? Check.

    Hugging sensation? Check.

    Therapeutic properties? Also check.

    If you’re shopping for a weighted blanket, then you probably already know that it’ll help you relieve some stress.

    So for this article I’m going to talk to you about the Layla weighted blanket.

    I’ll go over everything you could possibly need to know about this weighted blanket, and of course, my all-important experience with it.

    Let’s talk about the Layla weighted blanket, starting with its construction.



    Let’s talk about what this blanket is made out of starting with its cover.

    There are two different sides to the cover. Black side is made with 100 cotton, while gray side is made with 100 percent mink styled polyester, which is going to be nice and soft and cozy.

    What I will say about this blanket is that it is not a removable cover and it doesn’t have any temperature regulating or cooling properties.

    But what I will say is cotton is designed to be nice and breathable so it should help hot sleepers a little bit.

    Now let’s talk about the fill of this blanket and what gives this blanket its weight.

    It has Layla’s signature hexagon grid pattern and in each of these hexagon panels you’ve got glass micro beads.

    This is going to help you stimulate something called deep pressure touch, which is supposed to help you feel a lot calmer and more secure.

    It will give you that anxiety reducing quality that weighted blankets are known for.

    I have the 15 pound option, which is about the size of an average throw blanket. But as you go up, Layla has a 20 pound option that should fit a queen sized bed, and it also has a 25 pound option, which is a bit bigger than a king-sized bed.

    If you’re not sure which weight option is going to be best for you, just remember the general rule for picking out a weighted blanket is taking 10 percent of your body weight or dividing your body weight by 10, adding and subtracting a pound or two, and then you’ll have the ideal weighted blanket option for you.

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    My Experience

    Now it’s time for the most important part of this article, my experience with the Layla weighted blanket.

    As the bedding expert, I always have to take these products home so I can give you my honest opinions on them.

    In terms of using this blanket, it’s a bit of a toss up for me. I felt rather warm most of the time underneath this blanket. There were a few times where I felt nice and comfortable.

    Overall i think you’re going to be warm underneath this blanket. That’s good for people who get cold really quickly or for people who just prefer to bundle up.

    But if you’re a hot sleeper or just run hot. there were a few moments where I felt nice and comfortable, but overall i think if you’re gonna use this blanket because it doesn’t have any cooling or temperature regulating properties, you’re gonna feel warm.

    What I will say I do like about this blanket is its dual cover. I really like sleeping with this mink style polyester on me with the cotton cover on top.

    It felt nice like a comforter and I do think with the glass micro beads you’re gonna feel that deep pressure touch sensation, so you’ll feel nice and calm while you’re using this blanket.

    weighted blankets with glass beads


    Now let’s talk about some care instructions for the Layla weighted blanket.

    You’re going to be looking for something to help you relieve stress and anxiety, so you’re going to want a blanket that’ll stick around for a while.

    The good news is Layla says this entire weighted blanket is machine washable. Layla even sends you some care instructions.

    They say that you should machine wash it with cool water, tumble dry it on low. Try to avoid bleach or bleach based products. You should never iron this blanket.

    This is a huge plus for the Layla weighted blanket. Because blankets without a removable cover are typically spot clean only.

    So the fact that you can just throw this entire thing in the washing machine is a huge plus.


    Now it’s that part of the article to combine everything about the blanket’s construction and my experience and let’s talk about which sleepers are going to really like the Layla weighted blanket.

    Starting with our pros and who this is going to be a good fit for.

    This is going to be a good fit for people who love their weighted blankets to come with easy care.

    Like I said, if you get it dirty, into the washing machine it goes, and it’ll be as good as new.

    This is also going to be a good weighted blanket for people who get cold really quickly or just always want a blanket on them. Because with it on, you’re going to feel nice and toasty.

    Finally this is going to be a good pick for anxious sleepers. It’s supposed to stimulate that deep pressure touch, which will help you feel a lot calmer, a lot more at ease.

    If you fall within the weight range for this weighted blanket, I think you’re going to feel nice and secure.

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    Let’s discuss some cons and which sleepers are not going to enjoy the Layla weighted blanket.

    For starters I really don’t think hot sleepers are gonna like this blanket. I felt especially warm underneath it.

    So if you run hot throughout the night, maybe look for a weighted blanket that has some cooling properties to it.

    This might not be a good weighted blanket for shoppers on a budget. It could be a bit of a pricey option.

    If you’re not looking to drop a whole lot of money all at once, don’t worry, Layla does offer some financing on this blanket too.

    Finally I don’t think this is going to be a good blanket for people who just prefer their weighted blankets to come with a cover.

    Even though this is entirely machine washable, some people just prefer a cover. It can help with the durability of the blanket too. That’s just something to keep in mind.


    It comes with free shipping, 120 night money back guarantee and 5 year warranty.

    I hope this Layla weighted blanket review helped you feel nice and calm and at ease.

    If you’re looking for a weighted blanket because of their calming properties, then the Layla weighted blanket might be a good pick for you.

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