Layla vs Purple Mattress Review


    Here I have another mattress comparison and this one is going to be all about Layla versus Purple.

    These are two pretty popular options within the online space and if you’ve been shopping around for a bed for a while, you might have even come across both of these options in the past.

    But since they’re both completely different types of beds, it might be confusing as to which one you should probably go with.

    In this article I’m going to try to tell you everything that you should know about them to make a well-informed decision before you buy.

    I’m going to start off by talking about the policies that they both come with, things like shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties. Then I’ll delve into the actual beds themselves and talk about their respective constructions: what they feel like, how firm they are, how much they cost. At the end I’ll even have a final verdict for you.


    To start, let’s talk about the policies that you’re going to be getting with either Layla or Purple.

    It’s all really standard stuff.

    When you buy them online, here’s basically what they come with.

    Both of these options are going to ship to you completely free. They’ll likely arrive in a box that’s around four feet tall and all you gotta do is just drag that box in your home, open it up, dump out the content, rip off all that plastic and just like that you got yourself a brand new bed.

    Once they’re in your possession, you also get a sleep trial with both. Layla offers 120 full nights with their mattresses to try them out at home for yourself before you’re stuck with them. With purple you get 100 full nights to see if they’re right for you.

    If you end up not really digging either one of these options within those respective trial period time frames, and you want to send them back, that’s totally fine, because they both offer completely free returns.

    In that case you’re just going to call the mattress company up and just schedule a mattress removal at a time that’s most convenient for them and you and in a lot of cases they’ll probably send a local charity to swing by your home and take the mattress off your hands at no additional charge.

    And you get a full refund, which is awesome.

    But on the other hand, say you really end up enjoying these mattresses and ultimately decide to keep them, that’s also great, because both are backed by warranties. You get 10 years with Purple and Layla offers a lifetime warranty on all their beds.

    That’s basically what you’re getting in terms of policies with Layla and Purple.

    Layla hybrid mattress


    Now let’s dive into some of the other similarities between these two.

    There’s really not much here other than the fact that both offer hybrid models and they’re both all foam beds by default, at least the original mattresses are.

    So both the original beds from Layla and Purple are going to be primarily best for medium to petite sized individuals in the long run.

    If you’re a heavier individual or just a bigger person in general, you probably want to look into getting a hybrid bed that uses pocketed coils for support instead of an all foam base.

    That’s because hybrid beds that use pocketed coils for support just offer a bit more bi-directional support and durability for bigger people long term.

    If you’re getting an all-foam bed, you’re not going to get as much support long term if you are a bigger individual. It’s probably going to degrade on you faster, much more than a hybrid bed with coils.

    As I mentioned, both Purple and Layla do offer some hybrid models.

    Layla has their Layla Hybrid bed, which is actually one of my favorite hybrid mattresses that I’ve tried out. It’s a super comfy option.

    Purple actually has Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier beds, which all use a layer of pocketed coils for support.

    Those are basically all the similarities that I notice between the original models from both Layla and Purple.

    Let’s dive right into the major differences and talk about the first one, which is going to be their overall difference in feel.


    Layla is actually a flippable double-sided memory foam mattress and the copper-infused memory foam used on either side of it gives it more of a responsive memory foam feel.

    It’s a lot more light, airy, fluffy and responsive than something like a traditional memory foam bed, such as a Tempur-pedic.

    If you’re a fan of memory foam, this is likely going to be your choice between the two, especially if you want more of a new style of memory foam sensation.

    Purple on the other hand has a completely unique feel and that’s mainly due to its special proprietary top layer of hyperelastic polymer, otherwise known as the Purple Grid.

    This stuff is super stretchy and responsive and somehow it offers a really nice balance of pressure relief and support.

    Because it’s laid out in a grid format, it also allows for a ton of airflow. If you’re maybe a hot sleeper who’s interested in trying out something with a unique feel, Purple is probably going to be your way to go here.



    They also strike a pretty big difference as far as their overall firmness level goes.

    Because Layla is a double-sided bed, you actually get two different firmnesses to try out in one bed, which is actually pretty nice.

    You actually get a soft and a firm side to choose from with the original Layla mattress. The soft side is closer to a medium soft. That’s probably going to be the best option for strict side and combination sleepers because it’s going to provide the most amount of pressure relief for your hips and shoulders.

    But if you flip it over to the firm side, I say that’s closer to a medium to a medium firm. More applicable for all sleeper types with a slight advantage for back and stomach sleepers.

    Regardless of whichever side you end up going with, it’s nice to know that Layla offers a side to accommodate basically any type of sleeper out there.

    The Original Purple mattress is not a flippable bed by default. But it does have a medium firmness profile. That means it’s going to work for all sleeper types.

    Whether you like to sleep on your back, side, stomach or combination, you should be good to go on this mattress. That’s pretty nice, especially if you’re unsure as to what type of sleeper you actually are. A medium firmness is perfect for that because it basically covers all your bases.

    So both of these options have pretty accommodating firmness levels, but they’re also different.

    I’d liken it to this.

    Layla is basically your spork of the online mattress space. You’ve got a two-in-one combo with a lot of versatility.

    Purple on the other hand is the chopsticks of the online mattress space. A lot of people can’t even wrap their head around really using them, but many consumers prefer using them.


    Let’s get into the final difference between these two, which is price.

    When you look at the queen sizes, at least their original MSRPs, you’ll probably notice that Layla is going to be the slightly more affordable option compared to Purple.

    As of when I’m doing this article, a queen size Original Layla mattress goes for around $1100. But after discount, you can expect to pay closer to the $950 range.

    The Original Purple mattress usually goes for around $1200 for the queen size.

    They rarely offer cash discounts on their mattresses, but they occasionally will around major holidays.


    That’s pretty much the story for Layla vs Purple.

    No matter where you go, you’re getting a pretty quality all foam bed with a lot to offer.

    The question remains who should really go with Layla and who should really go with Purple.

    I’d say consider getting the Layla mattress if you’re looking for a responsive memory foam bed with a flippable design. And you’re looking for the more affordable option between the two.

    Go with Purple if you’re interested in trying out something that’s completely different, yet also really comfortable. And you want a bed that’ll work for all sleeper types and you’re maybe a hot sleeper looking for an edge in regards to airflow.

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