Layla vs Nolah Mattress (Head to Head Comparison)

    Layla copper mattress

    In this article I have a comparison of Nolah versus Layla, specifically the Nolah original 10-inch mattress and the original Layla mattress. I will mention the other beds that they make briefly but these are the beds I’m going to be focusing on in this article.

    I’m going to go over how these beds are similar and then put them head to head in a few key categories, seeing how they stack up and ultimately figuring out which one is going to be best for you.


    Let’s just jump right into the article by quickly running through all the policy information you’re going to get with both Layla and Nolah. This is stuff like shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties.

    If you get one of the beds, you’re going to start off with totally free shipping. They both ship to you in a box and the unboxing process is really quick and easy to do. And it’s actually kind of fun. I should mention that right when you unbox a mattress, it’s going to be a little bit softer than it will be on day three or so. This is because they’ve been compressed in plastic for so long.

    So if you unbox a bed and then immediately lay down on it, don’t worry if it feels a bit too soft for you.

    Once the bed arrives you get 120 nights with both brands to test it out at home to decide if mattress is for you. If it’s not for any reason, you can get totally free returns within that trial period.

    But should you decide to keep the beds, they are both backed by lifetime warranties.

    That’s all the policy stuff. They both go a little bit above and beyond the usual online mattress standard, especially when it comes to that warranty.

    Nolah mattress

    Common Stuff

    Let’s get into what these beds have in common and the first thing worth mentioning is that they’re both all foam beds, meaning that they’re going to be more ideal for medium to petite size individuals. I pretty much always recommend anyone in the 250 pound range upgrade to a mattress with coils. this is just because they’re going to provide more long-term support and durability.

    Both Layla and Nolah do have a hybrid option. They’re both pretty nice, but these beds are all foam. Just keep that in mind.

    These beds are also both very similar when it comes to their pricing.

    For queen size Nolah you’re looking at $1150 and for a queen size Layla, you’re looking at $1099. Both will go on discount pretty much all the time and after discount you’ll be paying 900 bucks for either mattress. Pricing does change somewhat often for online beds so make sure you check for up-to-date pricing.

    But as of right now you should be paying about the exact same for either mattress.

    That’s all the stuff that Layla and Nolah have in common.

    Layla copper mattress

    Head to Head Comparison

    Let’s start putting them head to head in a few key categories and seeing how they compare, starting with their construction and

    The Nolah mattress is a 10 inch thick, three layer foam mattress, which is a pretty common design for online beds. It has a dense layer of support foam on the bottom. A thin layer of a bouncy transition foam, which is there somewhat for comfort but it’s mostly there to make sure you don’t feel the dense foam underneath.

    And then you have the primary comfort layer of Nolah, which is a pretty unique foam called Nolah AirFoam. This stuff has some similar qualities to a memory foam in that it will conform to the shape of your body nicely when you lay down on it and provide great pressure relief.

    But it’s also much more responsive than a memory foam. This means that when you relieve pressure from it, it snaps back into shape much more quickly than a memory foam. So it’s going to be still pretty easy to rotate between sleeping positions on the Nolah mattress.

    Overall this bed has more of a mixed foam feel. It kind of toes that line between a memory foam and a more soft neutral foam and I think a lot of people are going to find this bed to be quite comfortable.

    Layla on the other hand has a pretty unique design and that’s because it’s a flippable mattress with a soft side and a firm side you can sleep on.

    If you have the soft side facing up, you have a thin layer of copper-infused memory foam on the bottom, a dense layer of support foam, a transition layer of a bouncier foam and then a thick layer of that same copper-infused memory foam for comfort.

    If you flip it over to the firm side on top, you have that thin layer of copper-infused memory foam for comfort as well.

    Either way no matter which side of Layla you sleep on you’re going to be getting more of an airy fluffy memory foam feel. You’re going to notice that memory foam is there, but it doesn’t have that dense viscous feeling you might be used to on something like a Tempur-pedic. It’s just lighter and airier and it is quite a bit more responsive, so it’s still pretty easy to rotate sleeping positions.

    Those of you out there who really enjoy the feeling of memory foam are probably going to gravitate more toward the Layla mattress and those people who don’t like memory foam are probably going to gravitate more toward Nolah.

    Although I do think the vast majority of people are going to find both beds to be pretty comfortable. They’re comfortable for different reasons.

    mattress cover


    Firmness wise, the Nolah mattress is right between a medium soft and a medium on a firmness scale, which is a very nice sweet spot for side sleepers. Side sleepers will generally prefer a softer mattress that provides more pressure relief for their hips and their shoulders.

    The Nolah mattress does this quite well, although it’s not too soft for combination sleepers who spend some time on their back or their stomach as well.

    Layla on the other hand has that soft side and that firm side to try out. Like I mentioned, the soft side is right about a medium soft, really great for side sleepers who want maximum pressure relief.

    Then that firm side is between a medium and a medium firm, so this should be pretty accommodating for most sleeper types, including some side sleepers, although back and stomach sleepers will probably find it to be most ideal.

    Firmness is pretty subjective based on your weight. If you are a bit heavier, you generally feel beds to be a bit softer and if you’re quite a bit lighter, you generally feel beds to be a bit firmer.

    This is just something to keep in mind when you’re searching for your next mattress. I try my best to rate beds for the average size sleeper.

    Either way though, if you are looking for the firmer option of the two, the Layla mattress on that firm side is the obvious choice. Although if you’re looking for a softer mattress for side sleepers, both Layla and Nolah are great for that.

    I should mention if you are really interested in that flippable mattress design, but maybe you’re not really interested in Layla that much, Nolah does have a flippable mattress option. They make the Signature 12-inch bed. Although I don’t like the design as much as Layla because in order to flip it you have to zip the cover off and zip it back on again.



    That’s pretty much it when it comes to Nolah versus Layla. I think both of these beds are solid, affordable all foam options that a lot of people out there are really gonna like.

    I’d say go with Nolah if you’re interested in that blended mix foam feel and you’re all right with a bed that’s between a medium and a medium soft on the firmness scale.

    Go with Layla if you want more of a memory foam feel and you really like the idea of that flippable design.

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