Layla Versus Nectar Mattress Comparison


    Here I’m gonna talk about two popular memory foam options within the online space and how they stack up against each other.

    Those two being Layla and Nectar

    Both of these brands make a number of different beds, which I’ve actually reviewed on this site in the past, but for the purposes of this article I’m mainly going to focus around the original beds from either brand, though i may focus on their other models pretty briefly.

    I’ll start off by talking about the policies that they both come with, then I’ll talk a bit about what they share in common, where they differ and at the end I’ll even have a final verdict for you.

    Without further ado let’s compare Layla to Nectar.


    Right out of the gate let’s talk about what you’re going to be getting in terms of shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties with both Layla and Nectar.

    Both are going to ship to you completely free. They’ll arrive at your home stuffed inside of a big box.

    Once the beds are in your possession, you also get a trial period to test them out before they’re officially yours.

    You get 120 nights with Layla and a full 365 nights with Nectar. So you get around four full months or an entire year to make sure that these beds are really the right ones for you.

    If they’re not for whatever reason, both also come with completely free returns.

    But on the other hand, if you end up liking these mattresses and ultimately decide to keep them, that’s awesome, because both come with warranties that are above and beyond the usual industry standard.

    Layla comes with a lifetime warranty and nectar has a forever warranty, although I’m not sure what the difference is there. But in either case, that’s an extensive warranty.

    So that’s what you’re getting in terms of policies. It’s all pretty standard stuff for the online space. Actually both come with pretty consumer-friendly policies.


    But now let’s get into what they share in common and one of the biggest things is that these are both all foam mattresses,

    This means that they’re entirely comprised of various foam layers and don’t use any coils, This means that they’re both going to be most ideal for medium to petite sized individuals,

    If you’re a heavier person in the range of around 230 pounds or more, you’re probably going to want to look into getting a hybrid bed as opposed to an all-foam one.

    This is just because hybrid beds use coils, which usually provide more long-term support for heavier individuals.

    Layla also makes a hybrid bed that I’ve come to enjoy. It’s basically the exact same bed as the flagship Layla. Only it uses coils for support and it’s even a little bit softer for side sleepers.

    Nectar currently doesn’t offer any hybrid beds, which is kind of a shame.

    Another commonality between these two is that they both share memory foam feels. The type of memory foam feel found on either is gonna differ slightly.

    If you enjoy the body conforming sink in qualities that memory foam beds provide, both of these options should be right up your alley.

    Layla Mattress

    Layla copper mattress

    Now that I’ve covered where they match up, let’s start driving a wedge between these two and I’m gonna first start by talking about the original Layla mattress.

    One of the coolest things about the beds from Layla is that they’re both flippable mattresses. Both sides are designed to be slept on. It’s kind of like you’re getting two beds in one.

    On the Layla mattress, you’ve got a soft and a firm side to choose from. The soft side sits at right around a proper medium soft. It offers lots of pressure relief for strict side and combination sleepers.

    The firm side on the other hand is a little bit firmer. Between a medium and a medium firm. So that’ll probably be the better option for all sleeper types, especially those who tend to favor sleeping on their back or stomach a little bit more.

    Regardless of whichever side you choose though, both feature more of a responsive memory foam feel.

    The copper infused memory foam used on either side is really light and airy. This factor causes the bed to feel a lot more responsive than say a traditional memory foam mattress.

    You’re still going to get a bit of that sink in sensation without a lot of that stuck feeling, which a lot of sleepers out there, myself included, dread when it comes to memory foam.

    Aside from its firmness and feel, this bed’s pricing is also pretty accommodating.

    A queen size retails for just shy of $1100 but after discount you can usually pick it up for closer to the 950 range.

    Nectar Mattress


    Let’s get into Nectar.

    Nectar is actually one of the most popular memory foam options within the online space. As a brand they’ve been around for a number of years now.

    Their flagship bed recently went through a bit of an update.

    The biggest defining feature when it comes to Nectar is its overall dense memory foam feel. So if you prefer a more traditional style of memory foam sensation, this will probably be your choice between the two,

    When you lay down on the bed, it’ll likely appear to be pretty firm at first. But then you’ll slowly start to sink into its top layers of viscous memory foam, which will conform to the shape of your body nicely.

    Many people love this type of memory foam sensation, others don’t, but that’s essentially what you’re going to be getting with nectar.

    The closest thing I could really compare to is something like a Tempur-pedic bed.

    The flagship Nectar also now comes with a machine washable cover. So if the top of the bed happens to get dirty over time, you can just take the whole thing off and send it through the wash, which makes it super easy to clean on a regular basis.

    In terms of firmness, Nectar is now right around a proper medium firm on the scale. All sleepers should be able to get by on it just fine, but primary back or stomach sleepers may just prefer it a bit more.

    That’s obviously pretty firm so if you’re interested in the feel of a Nectar mattress, you want that dense memory foam but you’re also looking for something that’s a bit softer than a medium firm, look into the Nectar Premiere or Nectar Premiere copper beds.

    Those are basically the more advanced versions of the flagship mattress. Those beds are probably going to cost you a little bit more than the flagship nectar mattress but they do skew a little bit softer towards the medium range.

    Speaking of price, when it comes down to it, Nectar is probably going to be the more affordable option after discount compared to Layla.

    A queen size Nectar currently retails for right around $1300 but after discount, it should come down closer to the $900 range.

    Nectar as a brand usually likes to bundle in things, like pillows and sheets with every mattress purchase as well. So you might be able to get a little more bang for your buck by going the Nectar route.

    Layla vs Nolah Mattress


    That pretty much sums it up for this comparison.

    You’re looking at two quality memory foam options with a lot to offer for the average sleeper.

    The question remains who should really go with each one and why.

    I’d say look into getting the Layla mattress if you want a more responsive memory foam bed that’s got a flippable design with different firmness levels on either side to choose from.

    And then go with Nectar if you want more of a dense memory foam feel that’s a bit firmer for back and stomach sleepers. You like that washable cover and you want the slightly more affordable option after discount.

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