Individually Wrapped Coil Mattress (2 Layers of Springs)

    best pocket coil mattress

    Here I’m doing a review of the Leesa Legend mattress. It is a great individually wrapped coil mattress.

    This is the luxury bed from Leesa. They have the entry-level foam bed, they’ve got Leesa hybrid, which is like in-between luxury and being mass-market and now they have, my favorite bed from Leesa, which is Legend.

    It is a dual coil bed, meaning it has two layers of coils.

    I’m going to talk about all the stuff you need to know about it: feel and firmness, sleeper type, who it’s best for, pricing, value.


    hybrid mattress coil and foam

    Let’s start with the policies for Leesa Legend. I often do this because I just want you to know what you might be getting yourself into.

    Free shipping! It’s a bed in a box mattress. They’re gonna ship it and it’s gonna show up in a box that’s the size of a professional set of golf clubs. It’s actually incredibly small, considering they fit an entire mattress in it, even the larger sizes.

    Once it’s at your house and you have possession of the bed, you have a hundred nights to test it out. That’s more than enough time to know if you want the bed.

    My hunch is that after you unbox it and you try it out, for three weeks or so, you will know for certain if you want to keep it or return it. A hundred nights is too long, most people don’t need that. But you can take up to three months to make your mind up regarding the bed.

    As far as the unboxing process goes, it’s just as simple as any other bed that you would buy online.

    Tear off the packaging, allow it to expand. Because this bed has two layers of coils, it’ll pop into shape almost immediately. It’ll be softer day one then it will be day two. You can lay on it, it’s not an issue, but just know that if you lay on it right away, you’re gonna say “oh my god, this is softest thing ever”, but it will firm up as the foams expand overnight.

    So day 2, 3, 4, etc. that’s when you’ll know the true firmness of the mattress.

    As far as warranty goes, if you do end up keeping it, it comes with a 10 year warranty.

    The bed is made in the United States.


    best pocket coil mattress

    Let’s talk about pricing for Leesa Legend.

    There’s plenty of good stuff with this mattress, but one thing I don’t love is the price.

    When I first found out about it, I knew it was gonna be more expensive because this is their high-end offering. But this is, in my opinion, the nicest bed that they make.

    The MSRP for a queen-size is about $2200, which is definitely not cheap. I don’t think it’s crazy. If you were to walk into a mattress store, I don’t think it’s crazy relative to historic pricing of beds.

    But $2200 is quite a bit more than the original Leesa mattress.

    That said, Leesa does offer discounts and they’re pretty aggressive with them.

    At the time of writing this review, Legend costs $1849. So be sure to  check current pricing.

    They do offer pretty good promotions.

    So I don’t love the price, but I think it’s to be expected.


    Now let’s talk about what’s inside the mattress.

    Building our way up, it starts with dense foam on the bottom, just as the foundation.

    Individually Wrapped Coils

    Individually Wrapped Coil Mattress

    Then it has six inch pocketed coils. These pocketed coils are different from traditional inner springs. An inner spring unit is just one giant steel coil cage. It’s really supportive, but it also tends to transfer motion a lot more; if you press on one side it ends up making a wave through the rest of the bed.

    With pocketed coils, the whole goal is to retain the supportiveness, the durability, the bounce and the airflow without compromising anything in the way of motion isolation.

    If you look at pocketed coils, there are coils that are individually wrapped by fabric, and then those are lightly woven together. They are kind of one unit, but they act independent of one another.

    I really like pocketed coils.

    I think most people agree that they’re a little bit more optimal than an inner spring unit.

    Copper Infused Foam Mattress


    On top of the pocketed coils, which are the main support unit, is just a transitional layer of foam, so you don’t feel the coils.

    On top of that is really the secret sauce to Leesa Legend. That’s what differentiates it, but also goes a long way in making a really comfortable bed.

    It’s both a foam and micro coil layer. Don’t worry, it’s it’s not complicated.

    At the top and the bottom of third of the bed are micro coils, individually pocketed micro springs. In the center is a little bit of a denser, bouncier foam.

    pocket coil mattress

    The idea here is that it’ll adopt the zone support style of construction that some other beds have. More pressure relief and bounce under your shoulders and a little bit more support underneath your hips and where the majority of your weight is.

    If you press down on the coils on one side of the bed and then you press down in the center, you can feel a difference. But when you lay on it, it just feels like a comfy bed.

    I think a long-term it is a good idea to offer a little bit more support under your hips and a little bit more pressure relief and bounce underneath your shoulders.

    That’s the interesting layer that Leesa Legend has that other beds don’t.

    On top of that is a layer of memory foam, which is just there to provide a little bit more pressure relief overall.

    On top of that is more of an open-cell, kind of neutral soft foam layer. The idea there is they don’t want people to feel the memory foam. They want this bed to be accommodating for 95% of people, which I think it probably is.

    That’s why they put that layer on top, because that makes it feel just like a really comfy, soft foam bed. The memory foam helps, but you can’t really feel it.

    You get the pressure relief, but you don’t really notice it’s there.

    And then the cover, in my opinion, is the best cover that they have on any bed.

    It’s got a little bit of organic cotton, it’s got some merino wool and it just feels a little bit nicer, looks nicer, it’s gonna be a tad more breathable. It’s just great cover.

    I don’t think it’s a reason to get the bed necessarily, but it’s nice nonetheless.

    Feel & Firmness

    memory foam and coil mattress

    It feels like a big soft foam bed that’s super responsive and bouncy, and feels very supportive. Just like a classic soft foam. I think most people will like it.

    As far as firmness goes, I think it’s more like a medium minus. Somewhere between a medium and a medium soft. It’s not quite as soft as other mattresses, but it is a little bit softer than the original Leesa mattress. It’s certainly softer than Leesa hybrid.

    It’s just a little softer than a medium.

    Who Is It Good For?

    That means Leesa is really going after mostly side sleepers with this bed.

    It can accommodate people that switch between multiple positions, combination sleepers. If you spend thirty percent of the night on your stomach, thirty on your back and then the rest on your on your side, I think you’d be just fine.

    So it’s good for side sleepers. It’s one of my favorite beds for side sleepers. Tremendously pressure relieving.

    Then also good for combination sleepers.

    Back and stomach sleepers we’ll be just fine, but if you do want a firmer bed, like a medium firm, check out Leesa hybrid.

    This bed is mostly good for all sleepers, but if you had to choose one, it’s probably better for side sleepers.

    I personally think this is the nicest mattress Leesa makes and to me, because I spend a lot of the night on my side, I think it’s the most comfortable bed that they make.

    Temperature Regulation

    6-inch coil mattress

    As far as temperature regulation goes, there’s nothing to suggest that this bed is gonna sleep any warmer or any cooler than the average bed out there.

    I seriously don’t anticipate you’ll be warming up nor do I expect it to be a cooling mattress. It’s basically a neutral sleeping bed.

    The coils will help to circulate airflow. Some of the layers are aerated to help with pulling in airflow, but it’s not a cooling mattress.

    I think Leesa hybrid, because of its firmness level, is probably the coolest sleeping bed that they offer.

    Is It For Couples?

    I’m married, so I’ve got a lot of experience with sleeping on the couch. I’m just kidding.

    But I’ve had a lot of experience with having to share a bed with someone else and there’s a couple of things you want to get right.

    You want the feel, the firmness, the support, the budget, all of that right. But if this bed checks all of those, the other two things you want to look at are edge support and motion isolation.

    Edge Support

    Because this is a little bit of a softer bed, you’d anticipate the edges aren’t that strong. You’d be wrong. Actually it is pretty good edge support.

    It’s probably not as good as Leesa hybrid, but very good edge support for a softer bed. So if you are sharing a queen-size, I don’t think edge support is gonna be a problem for you.

    It’s not the best in the world, but actually surprisingly a good, given the firmness profile of the bed. So I think a check for edge support.

    Motion Isolation

    best micro coil mattress

    As you move on to motion isolation, I’m definitely gonna give it a check and I’m gonna say it’s better than you would expect.

    Because it has two layers of coils, I think most people would naturally say the motion is gonna travel through the bed. But not as much as you’d think.

    Unless you’re the lightest sleeper out there and anything will wake you up, I don’t think it’s a reason to avoid this mattress.

    If you were to take a super soft, memory foam bed, it’s probably better, but I think you’re gonna be just fine on this. If somebody moves on one side, it’s not going to be above average amounts of motion that are traveling to the other.

    Why I Love It?

    Legend is the most luxurious mattress that they have designed in the history of Leesa.

    This is probably the most sophisticated, and therefore most comfortable and supportive mattress that they have developed.

    This is a hybrid mattress, but there is a hybrid layer inside this mattress.

    The hybrid layer is a combination of a micro pocket spring smaller, and then you have a high density foam in the center of the mattress.

    The reason they did that is that 50% of your weight falls in the center third of your body. They found in the testing that by putting this foam layer in the center and having micro coils at the top, it achieved what they needed to achieve from a support perspective.

    All of the components work together: the springs, the foam layers, and the cover. The cover is an integral part of how this bed functions. It’s not an afterthought.

    coil spring mattress

    The top layer of the cover is the organic cotton and then you have yarns that fill the material and that’s what gives it its quilted look. And inside there is a very high content of merino wool.

    In the end it’s the whole package. The number of layers in a mattress doesn’t matter. It’s the quality of those layers inside the mattress that really does matter.

    In this product, it’s all about the experience you have when you lay down on that mattress and when you sleep on the bed.



    That’s Leesa Legend. Obviously some ups and some downs with this bed.

    In terms of the best things about it, I think it nails the feel the firmness and the support.

    If you’re a petite, medium or even heavier, you can sleep on the bed. If you’re a side sleeper you’re probably gonna absolutely love it. If you’re a combination sleeper, I think the same.

    If you’re a stomach or back sleeper, it just depends on what you want in a bed. I think some will really like it, some maybe won’t.

    I think the construction is really interesting. The feel is also interesting. There aren’t that many beds that have two layers of coils, let alone a two coil system, with also a zone support system.

    In terms of things that aren’t great, the price point is a little bit higher, no multiple firmness levels, the cover is not machine washable.

    That’s it for Leesa Legend review, the best individually wrapped coil mattress.

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