Hush Classic Weighted Blanket Review


    Here I’m talking about the Hush Classic weighted blanket

    In this review I’ll be going over the materials and feel of this blanket, as well as give you my honest opinion about who I think should consider buying it.


    First things first, we’ve gotta talk about materials.

    The Hush Classic weighted blanket is made with two layers, an outer duvet cover and an inner blanket.

    This outer duvet is made with 100% polyester but it’s super soft. It’s kind of fuzzy, so it’s got this really cozy velvety feel.

    It honestly kind of reminds me of a soft little puppy ear. Dog people you know what I’m talking about.

    This outer duvet cover has a zipper that we can unzip to get to the inner blanket. This inner blanket is made with a super soft microfiber material.


    It’s also filled with glass sand, which is what makes it weighted.

    Andthen there’s an internal zipper which actually attaches the outer cover to the inner blanket so it stays really secure.

    This is cool because you can completely remove the outer duvet cover, if you want to wash it, or if you’re just not vibing with the fuzzy feeling. You can take it off and sleep under just the inner blanket.

    This blanket is going to come in a few different sizes. It comes in a teen size, a twin size, a queen size and a king size. And it comes in weights ranging from 12 pounds to 35 pounds.

    When you’re picking a weight you want to pick a weighted blanket that is about 10 percent of your own body weight. Hush actually has a little calculator tool on their website that will help you pick the right weight for you, which is super helpful.

    Finally this blanket is OEKO-TEX certified to be free from any harmful substances.

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    Now that we’ve gone over the construction of the Hush weighted blanket, I want to talk about how I personally felt under it. So to give you my opinion, I took this home and tested it out for a few nights.

    Hush says this blanket feels like a hug and honestly I have to agree. I really like that it adds a nice light amount of pressure so that I felt swaddled and cozy, but not as if there was something really heavy weighing on me.

    I think the glass sand really helps to evenly distribute the weight across the blanket.

    I also really like the feel of this outer duvet cover. It’s really soft and velvety and I just think this blanket would be really great for sleeping under or for cozying up to watch a movie or to read.

    I will say that I did get a little toasty under this blanket, so if you tend to run hot, that’s just something to look out for.

    And finally I just want to add that it’s not generally recommended for young children to use weighted blankets. Especially not one that’s designed to be 10% of the weight of an adult.

    Also some people who have joint pains or some sensitivities may want to consult with their doctor before using a weighted blanket. When in doubt always consult a medical professional.



    Now that we’ve got a good grasp on the Hush weighted blanket, let’s go over what I liked and what I didn’t like so much about this blanket.

    First up, pros.

    My favorite feature of this blanket is definitely the outer duvet cover. I love the soft velvety feel and I also like that it’s removable.

    It’s machine washable so you can ensure that your blanket is going to stay really clean since the inner blanket is hand wash only.

    Second I really like the variety of sizes and weights that this blanket comes in. The king and queen sizes are especially great for people who want to share a weighted blanket with a partner. And with the quiz tool on Hush’s website you can easily find one that should work for you.

    Finally the weight distribution on this blanket is really great. The quilted pockets on the inner blanket keep the glass and evenly distributed throughout the entire blanket.


    Now for the cons.

    For my first con I would say that this blanket does get pretty toasty. When I was lying under it I did get pretty warm.

    So if you’re someone who tends to run a little bit hot, this might not be the best way to blanket for you.

    Next this blanket is only available in one color, so your options are going to be a little bit more limited, style wise.

    Finally this blanket isn’t going to be the best option for heavier people who weigh 200 pounds or more. None of the blankets come in weights that would be equal to 10 of a heavier person’s body weight to give them that deep pressure relaxing effect.

    While the king and queen sizes do come in those heavier weights, those are meant to be shared by two people.


    Let’s go over some of Hush’s policies.

    Hush offers free shipping anywhere in the United States, which is always a plus in my book.

    They also offer a 100 night sleep trial with this blanket and that means you can test it out at home and if you decide it’s not the right fit for you, you can return it within that time period for a full refund.

    Finally Hush also offers a one year limited warranty on this blanket and that means that it’ll cover any defects or manufacturing issues there are with the blanket.

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