How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

    weighted blanket with removable cover

    In this article I’m going to explain to you how to wash your weighted blanket without damaging it, and drying it as well. I’ll also talk about how to remove any stains.

    You may have a weighted blanket that has a duvet cover or you may just have a weighted blanket.

    First and foremost, depending upon what sort of a weighted blanket you have, you always want to be sure to check the manufacturer’s tag. It should have something on there.

    There is a tag on the blanket itself and there’s also a tag on the duvet cover. If you do not have a duvet cover, I highly recommend getting one, because it’s going to save you a ton of time in washing it.

    weighted blanket 20 pounds

    Each weighted blanket has a different weight distribution, a certain amount of weight, so you want to check with your washing machine manufacturer how much weight it can contain.

    If you are just washing the duvet cover, this isn’t as big of a concern because it’s not heavy like the weighted blanket.

    But you want to make sure. Generally I would not exceed around 10 pounds in your washing machine.

    Most weighted blankets are made of a combination of things. It could be micro glass beads, it could be plastic poly pellets, a rice or millet and it could be steel shot beads.

    The most common either micro glass beads or the plastic poly pellets.

    Big rule of thumb is you want to wash it on cold water.

    You do not want to use any sort of fabric softener.

    You want to use some sort of gentle detergent and run it on a gentle cycle.

    So what I would do is take the blanket out of the duvet cover.

    I want to mention something with a duvet cover that comes with my weighted blanket. It has ties that correspond with the weighted blanket, which is really nice. That way it’s not all leaning to one side.

    I don’t know if you’ve have a duvet cover on your bed. It can be really annoying to get evenly distributed within the duvet cover, but these ties are really nice, they are all around the cover.

    If you have stains on either of these two things, my recommendation would be just to use some warm water, a little bit of dawn dish soap, get yourself a cleaning toothbrush and rub out that stain.

    Queen 15-pound Weighted Blanket For Adults (With Cover)


    You can wash cover with other things because it is so light. When you are washing the insert, the actual weighted part of the blanket, I would wash it entirely by itself because of the weight.

    Again, when washing the cover, I may throw in some other related things that I would wash, for example blankets or sheets. Sometimes I like to wash my sheets on hot heat and sometimes I like to wash them on cold, depending upon how dirty I think they are or what else I’m washing it with.

    I might choose light soil level, cold wash temp and some sort of gentle cycle.

    If your insert is made of steel shot beads or rice or millet, those are not machine washable.

    If you are just getting into the market of what sort of weighted blanket to buy and you’re trying to figure out what is the care and maintenance like, I would recommend micro glass beads or plastic poly pellets. Those are probably going to be the most common anyway, so you shouldn’t run into any troubles.

    When you dry it, you want to do it on a low heat and I would not use any sort of dryer sheets or anything like that. The thing with dryer sheets is there’s film on it, so it can attach to the fabric and you just don’t want that or the insert.

    What i would recommend is getting wool dryer balls. You can put up to eight of these things in your dryer. I swear by them, they are absolutely awesome.

    When you are drying the insert, you want to lay it flat to dry if at all possible. I know this is extremely difficult because it is large.

    I would do a table, put towels under so it doesn’t destroy your table, especially if it’s wood, and then flip it every so often to dry it up.

    I know a lot of people do not have that option, so you could put it over your clothesline.

    Keep in mind that if your weighted blanket does not have individual pockets, you really need to lay it flat to dry, because you do not want all of the pellets or whatever is in on the inside being completely on one side while it’s drying and then it’s just not going to do what it needs to do. With weighted blanket we want the weight distributed evenly.

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