How to Fluff Your Pillow (3 Ways)

    Here I’m going to talk about the three ways to fluff your pillow. You can fluff it by hand, fluff it in the dryer or do it outside.

    Did you know there was more than one way?

    I’m gonna talk about all that, including which pillows are a good fit based on their construction and materials.

    I’m gonna use an awesome Layla’s pillow for examples and demonstrations.

    This pillow is a mix of Kapok fibers and shredded memory foam pieces, so it’s gonna be awesome to talk just how fluffy I can get it.

    Let’s get started.


    Hand Fluffing

    Let’s start with the most traditional way to fluff your pillow, which is using your hands.

    Hands fluffing is a great option for pillows that have pieces in there, things that you can break up and allow air to come in and add that loft, add that height and of course fluff your pillow. So think down, down alternative, which is often polyester microfibers or any sort of microfiber.

    In this case, I use Layla’s pillow, which uses Kapok fibers, which is a down alternative and shredded memory foam pieces. So there are lots of areas that this can clump together and compress over time, especially if your head is in one position for many nights.

    It’s so easy to use your hands to fluff your pillows.

    All you’re gonna do is start out by putting your hands on the short side of your pillow and basically pushing in and out, like you’re playing an accordion or something like that. So just push in, come back out, push back in again and then take your hands and put on the long side and do the same thing.

    You’re just working all the areas and then if you’ve got a pillow with shredded foam pieces in it and you want to work out some clumps, just take your hands into the whole pillow and sort of massage it. This is really just creating a lot of space for air allowing a lot of height to get in there.

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    Dryer Fluffing

    Another great option for fluffing your pillow is using the dryer. This is gonna work for pillows with pieces inside. Again down, down alternative, polly microfiber, shredded latex, shredded foam, Kapok fibers, things that have pieces that are getting compressed or flattened by your head overnight that need to be opened up and manipulated.

    The dryer is gonna do that by essentially moving your pillow around inside.

    I will say before you throw it in your dryer, make sure you read your care instruction tag. More often than not. you can tumble dry your pillow, a lot of brands will let you do that, but some say don’t. So make sure you check that first.

    Something that does help speed up the process a little bit is throwing one or two tennis balls in a couple of tube socks in with your pillow and allowing that to bounce off your pillow inside the dryer. It’s gonna break up those clumps, allow for more air and allow your pillow to dry faster.

    Outside Fluffing

    The last method is may be a lesser known way to fluff your pillow. It is to actually put it outside. I often recommend this if you’ve got a pillow that comes compressed, maybe rolled up, especially if it’s got foam pieces that are tightly wound. So when you open up that packaging, you get the expansion of the foam and often you’ll get this new foam, new pillow smell.

    If you’ve got sensitivities or if it’s just too overwhelming, put your pillow outside, allow it to naturally fluff. You’ve got that great ventilation from the outdoors, you’ve got the breeze and even some sunshine will do your pillow a lot of good.

    Of course that will work for more than just shredded foam pillows, down, down alternatives, all different types will definitely benefit from a more natural air fluff.

    Why Fluffing is Important?

    adjustable pillows for bed

    Why is it important to fluff your pillow?

    If you think about it, your pillow is such an important part of your sleep health. Your positioning of your head and your neck and even your spine, it’s all part of how good you feel when you wake up in the morning.

    If you have the right pillow at the right loft and the right firmness, it’s all really going to come together for you in the morning.

    If your pillow is old and flat, if it’s dirty and flat, if it’s not fluffed up and in that proper position for you, with it’s performance the way it should be, then you’re going to probably have some sleep issues.

    So of course it’s important to keep it fluffed.

    It’s also important to fluff it if you just got it in the mail, if it came compressed. It means some foam pieces need to expand, the down needs to be fluffed, that’s important as well.

    You really need to follow the care instructions for your pillow, especially if they tell you to throw in the dryer or to leave it outside to ventilate when you first get it.

    Last but not least, natural components in pillows, say down feathers, down, Kapok fibers, they need to breathe, they need ventilation, they need air. It’s important to get air into your pillow occasionally. I would say fluff your pillow as often as you want, but at least once a quarter when you’re supposed to rotate that mattress you have.

    Potential Issues

    copper infused pillow

    There are two potential issues that people tend to come across when trying to fluff their pillows and they’re usually centered around the washer and dryer.

    First of all, follow the care instructions when you’re drying your pillow. If it says low tumble dry, then you need to low tumble dry it. Especially if you have a down pillow, do not turn that heat on high, because you will soon smell burned feathers and that is a nasty smell.

    Also people think that in order to fluff their pillow, they need to wash it and dry it. This may seem obvious but they’re two separate things. Fluffing your pillow and cleaning your pillow are two different things.

    If your pillow needs to be fluffed and it can’t get any fluffier, because it’s so dirty, of course wash it, follow the care instructions. But make sure it is dry as possible. More often than not pillows need multiple times in the dryer to get fully dry, especially if there are clumps or pieces in there, like down, down alternative.

    Throw some tennis balls in there, let it get beat up in the dryer. Dry it more than maybe it needs to be dried, because your pillow will not function at its best if it’s still damp.

    All right, there you have it.

    Those are the three main ways to fluff your pillow. I hope you learn something in this article.

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