How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress

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    Buying the mattress can be a big investment. Whether you’re paying $500 or $2,000, you want to make sure you can use that mattress for as long as possible.

    A great way to do that is by rotating on a regular basis.

    I want to talk about why it’s a good idea to rotate your mattress, when you should rotate your mattress and how to do it safely and effectively.

    Let’s get started.

    Why Do You Need to Rotate Mattress?

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    Why is it a good idea to rotate your mattress?

    When you’re lying on a mattress, your body starts to actually weaken that mattress in certain spots. Let’s say you sleep on your side every night, you’re gonna see some indentations specifically under your shoulders and your hips.

    Over time your mattress is not going to be as comfortable or as a supportive as you need.

    Why is that important?

    When you’re on your back, you want to make sure that you’re getting the support you need but also a good amount of comfort, your hips sinking just the right amount, some good lumbar support.

    When you’re on your side, you want to get some good pressure relief under your shoulders and your hips .

    When you’re on your stomach, you want good support under your hips.

    The main idea is no matter what position you’re sleeping in that your spine is in proper neutral alignment. When you’re a mattress is not comfortable enough or not supportive enough, you might be dipping into the mattress, sleeping in a very weird way.

    Rotating your mattress on a regular basis is actually going to make sure the mattress wears evenly. You don’t have these body indentations in weird spots on the mattress.

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    When Should I Rotate My Mattress?


    A big question people ask is when should I rotate my mattress?

    It really depends on the kind of mattress you have.

    Casper for instance says you should rotate your mattress every three to six months. Lisa says the same thing. But looking at WinkBed’s website, they say for the first three months of ownership you should rotate the mattress every two weeks and after that every two months.

    So it depends on the mattress company.

    Whatever mattress you get, make sure to read their online a FAQs, see what the best idea is for when to rotate your mattress.

    Also you want to think about types of mattresses should be rotated. Not every type of mattress should be rotated.

    What Types Can Be Rotated?

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    Basically memory foam, inner spring, latex and hybrids. So basic types of mattresses.

    If you’re looking at something with a specialized construction, for instance a zone construction. If you rotate that mattress around, you’re not gonna get the support you need in the right areas. It’s actually not meant to be rotated whatsoever.

    Last but not least, a lot of people want to know if they can flip their mattress.

    With most modern bed in a box mattresses, they are not designed to be flipped. They’re built with a bottom-up construction, so support layer, transition layer, and then comfort layer above that. If you flip it, you’re not gonna be sleeping right, you are not getting the support and the comfort that you need.

    How to Properly Rotate a Mattress 180 Degrees

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    Let’s get down to it what are the best ways to rotate your mattress.

    First off, you definitely want to mark your calendar in terms of when you’re going to rotate that mattress. This might seem like overkill but it’s a good idea to put in your Google Calendar and forget about it. That way it’ll pop up and remind you it’s a good time to do it. Otherwise you’re probably going to forget when you last did it.

    You can also do it on certain holidays. The actually New Year’s all the way to 4th of July is a good six month period. Or you can time it with business quarters.

    When it comes to actually rotating your mattress, ask a friend for help. Even if you’re a bigger person, you think you’re big and strong, it’s definitely not a good idea. It can get very awkward. You don’t want to pull a muscle, hurt yourself while you’re rotating your mattress.

    Especially with these heavier mattresses, like those with coils and latex in them. You definitely do want someone’s help.

    Once you’ve done that, you definitely want to think about clearing everything out of the way. That starts with the mattress itself. Take off all your sheets, your comforter, your pillows. Get them all the way out of the way.

    If you have side tables or you have nightstands, get those well out of the way as well. You don’t need bumping into those while you’re moving the mattress.

    When it comes to actually rotating the mattress, when you’re having your friend help, make a plan before you lift it up. You don’t want to be holding this thing in the air, the super heavy mattress and saying which way we turning it. Basically plan it all out before you start rotating it.

    When you start to rotate it, the first thing you want to do is actually pull the mattress closer to the end of the bed.

    When you do that, rotate it to 90 degrees and then over to 90 degrees again, so 180 degrees turned around.

    If your bed has a headboard and footboard, you can wedge it up over the footboard and then rotate it 90 degrees and then do it one more time as well. So pretty simple to do.

    Once you’ve done that you can put your sheets back on, your comforter and your pillows and you’re good to go.

    While you’re actually doing this moving, you’re seeing some dirty areas under your bed, under your mattress. It is a great time to vacuum and to sweep.


    Now I want to answer some frequently asked questions about rotating your mattress.

    Is it good to rotate your mattress?

    The quick answer is yes. If the website says you should rotate your mattress on a regular basis, doing that can make sure the mattress wears evenly, you don’t get body indentations, start to feel uncomfortable or unsupported on your mattress.

    Should you rotate a hybrid mattress?

    The basic answer is yes, you should rotate a hybrid mattress. You want to make sure to go to their website and find out if it’s a good idea to rotate that hybrid mattress and when it’s a good idea to do that.

    Can you flip a one side of mattress?

    The answer is no. You cannot flip a one side of mattress. Most bed in a box mattresses are built to be from the bottom up so support layer, transition layer and then comfort layer above that. You cannot flip that mattress and sleep on it correctly.

    When should I rotate my mattress?

    It does depend on what kind of mattress you have, but in general, you want to rotate your mattress every three months or every six months.

    At this point you should know the best way to rotate a mattress and why it’s a good idea to rotate your mattress.

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