Top, High Quality Luxury Mattress (Hybrid, Comfortable)

    top luxury mattress

    If you’re looking for a high quality luxury mattress with great cooling features, you’ve come to the right article because here I’m talking about the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona hybrid mattress.

    I’m going to take a look at its construction, my experience with it, who is a good fit for and who it’s not a good fit for.

    Let’s get started.

    As the name suggests Brooklyn Bedding Sedona comes from the Brooklyn Bedding mattress company.

    What’s great about this company is they own their own factory, so they can pass savings along to the customer, in this case you, helping you save some money.

    That being said this is still a luxury mattress, actually their most luxury mattress. It is a hybrid with some very high quality materials and some advanced cooling features.

    There is a lot going on in this mattress, so let’s hop in.

    top luxury mattress


    Let’s take a look at the construction of the Sedona mattress.

    First off, it’s going to be 14 inches tall, starting off on top and working our way down.

    On top you have a cooling cover as a proprietary cooling fiber woven in. Actually it has a cooling panel across the entire top of the mattress.

    Below that you’re going to have a layer of proprietary comfort foam. It is a little bit of that slow moving feel right on top of the mattress.

    Below that is a layer of gel memory foam and below that a layer of high density gel memory foam. So it gives a little bit more of that slow-moving feel right toward the top of the mattress.

    Below that you have a transition foam and below that you’re going to have your support coils.

    So it’s very deluxe mattress!

    But what does all this mean?

    Let’s talk about cooling. It is really the name of the game with this mattress.

    With the cooling panel, gel infusions, airflow promoting coils, it should be a very cool sleeping mattress.

    Also speaking of overall design, it has a very good balance of comfort and support. Being a hybrid, it should be a good match for back sleepers and side sleepers as well.

    Last but not least, speaking about durability, this is a high-end mattress, with high density foam, supportive coils and it should last for at least 10 years.

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    Firmness and Feel

    Let’s talk about firmness and feel.

    In terms of firmness, I think this mattress is close to a six out of ten. About medium in terms of firmness.

    On top you do have some very plush layers, easy to press into. Beneath that is a more supportive layer. So all together about medium in terms of firmness.

    In terms of feel, on top you do have some slow moving memory foam. When I push my hand in, it takes a while to completely reform.

    Beneath that you do have some bouncy, more responsive layers that do add some response to the mattress.

    To test out the bounce, I used a small, heavy ball. When I dropped it, it kind of died on top of the mattress. Not too surprising with memory foam. It’s known for cutting down on that bounce.

    I moved around this mattress easily, it wasn’t too difficult for me.

    high quality luxury mattress

    Sleeping Positions

    Let’s talk about how I feel in different sleeping positions on the Sedona hybrid mattress.

    Starting off my back, it’s a very good match for me. Hip sink in the right amount, good lumbar support, a bit of contouring as well. Good overall support. Overall very nice for back sleeping.

    Moving to my side, also a good match for me. Some thick comfort layers right on top of this mattress,
    feeling very little pressure on my shoulders and my hips.

    However moving to my stomach, I’m not getting quite enough support under my hips. I’m bowing in a little bit and I’m getting out of alignment.

    Motion Transfer

    If you sleep with a partner, you also want to think about motion transfer.

    Basically if you’re lying down on one side of the mattress and your partner is around on the other side,
    are you going to feel that motion or not.

    To test out the motion transfer with this mattress, I placed a glass of water on one side of the mattress. I pushed the other areas around the glass.

    There was some disturbance with the glass and the water. The coils in the mattress are not really absorbing that motion too well.

    At the same time, because you do have memory foam right on top, it’s going to help with motion transfer a little bit.

    But to further test out the motion transfer with this mattress, I laid down on one side of the mattress, while my wife moved around on the other side.

    She changed positions, she got in and out of bed.

    I did feel some of his movements transferred to my side of the mattress.

    Edge Support

    If you sleep with a partner or you like sleeping towards the edge of the mattress, you also want to think about edge support.

    Basically, when you’re sitting down or lying down to the edge of a mattress, do you feel secure or will you roll off and onto the floor.

    When I’m sitting down to the edge of the Sedona mattress, I do feel pretty secure in this position. It’s collapsing a bit under my weight, but I can definitely lean over and tie my shoes.

    Now when lying down on this mattress pretty close to the edge, it’s collapsing a little bit under my weight. I get a little bit of that feeling I might roll off and onto the floor.

    So sitting, decent edge support, lying down, not the best edge support.

    Who Should Get the Sedona Mattress?

    Let’s talk about the pros.

    Who I think the Sedona hybrid might be a good fit for?

    It is a great match for back sleeping. Good balance of comfort and support. Your hips sinking the right amount, while you get good overall support.

    At the same time, I think it’s also a good match for side sleepers. You should feel great pressure relief on your shoulders and your hips.

    Last but not least, I think it’s also a great pick for hot sleepers. There are a lot of cooling features in this mattress. You have multiple gel infusions, airflow with the coils and on top is the proprietary cooling cover.

    best rated luxury mattress

    Who Shouldn’t Get the Sedona Mattress?

    Let’s talk about the cons and who I think the Sedona hybrid might not be the best fit for?

    First off, probably not the best choice for stomach sleepers. You might not get quite enough support under your hips. You could bow in there and get out of alignments. I look for a firmer mattress overall.

    Also I think not the best match if you prefer a mattress with more of an overall slow moving feel.

    You get a little bit of that right on top, but overall, more of a bouncy responsive mattress.

    And last but not least, speaking of price, $2400 for a queen size. A very good deal for what you’re getting, but it might be outside of some people’s price ranges.

    The good news is that Brooklyn Bedding often offers discounts. At the time of writing this review, they have $600 off discount, so you can buy Sedona mattress for $1,799.

    Sedona vs. Aurora

    If you’re taking a look at the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona mattress, you might want to know how it compares to the Aurora mattress also from Brooklyn Bedding.

    Let’s do that right now.

    First off, they are both hybrid mattresses, but they are slightly different in their construction, namely, in the comfort layers.

    With the Sedona mattress, you have more comfort layers and a different cover on top.

    The Aurora has fewer comfort layers, but also a proprietary phase change material right on top.

    Speaking of firmness, you only have one firmness option with a Sedona mattress. It’s gonna be close to medium firm.

    With the aurora you have three firmness options: soft, medium and firm.

    Lastly speaking of feel between the two, the Aurora is a little bouncier feeling and the Sedona has more of that slow-moving feel right on top of the mattress.

    So who should get one and who should get the other?

    I think in terms of who should get the Sedona mattress, probably a better match for those looking for high quality luxury mattress.

    The Aurora mattress is better if you want to save money or if you’re a hot sleeper as well.

    Sedona mattress cover

    Mattress Unboxing

    The Brooklyn Bedding Sedona is a bed-in-a-box mattress. It’s going to come to your house in a cardboard box.

    How do you unbox it?

    Follow these instructions. It’s very easy.

    First off ask a friend for help. This box can be quite heavy, you don’t want to hurt or strain yourself.

    Bring that box inside and into your bedroom. Open up the top of the box and take out the rolled up mattress.

    Then place this on the framework foundation and slowly, carefully, cut the layers of plastic. You don’t want to damage your brand new mattress.

    Then give it about 24 to 40 hours to completely off gas and expand and you’re good to go.


    To give you some additional information about the Sedona mattress, it comes with free shipping and returns, a 120-night sleep trial, a 10-year warranty.

    They offer other mattress models accessories and financing as well.


    It’s available in 9 sizes:

    • Twin
    • Twin XL
    • Full
    • Full XL
    • Queen
    • Short Queen
    • King
    • California King
    • Split California King



    Now to answer some frequently asked questions about the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona mattress.

    The first question is is the Sedona a good mattress?

    In my experience, it is a good mattress. It is very luxurious, a great match for back sleepers, side sleepers and hot sleepers as well.

    The second question is how long the Sedona mattress last?

    Looking at its construction, its luxury materials, I think its going to last for over 10 years easily.

    The last question is can you flip the Sedona mattress?

    The answer is no, you cannot flip this mattress. It’s only designed to lie one way, with the support coils on the bottom and the plush layers on top.


    In the end I think the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona is a high quality luxury mattress and is a great match for back sleepers, side sleepers and hot sleepers as well.

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