Helix Plush Mattress Topper Review


    Here I’ll be reviewing the Helix Plush mattress topper.

    This topper was designed to add a soft pillow top feel to your bed and helix says it adds a luxury hotel feel to any mattress you add it on.

    Helix Sleep makes a range of hybrid mattresses that are great for all sorts of sleepers. They offer an affordable standard line and a more durable luxe line of beds. Helix also offers pillows bases and other bedding.

    This is the brand’s only pillow topper though, so I’m really excited to get into the details.

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    I do want to say this entire topper is machine washable. You can throw it right in the wash and then you can dry it on low heat. That’s really rare for a mattress topper. Most of them are solid foam and spot clean only. So that’s a really great perk.

    Another nice thing about this Helix topper is that all of the materials are hypogenic and allergen free, which again is just another nice perk for something that you’re putting on your bed.

    Dimension wise, this topper is one and a half inches thick, so not the thickest topper out there. It doesn’t really add a lot of height to your bed.

    It comes with a 15 inch skirt, which is how it’s attached to the bed. This topper actually attaches to your bed the way a fitted sheet was, which is a nice perk, because it’s not going to move around a lot while you’re rolling around at night.


    I will say if you need deep pocket sheets for your bed or you have a particularly tall mattress, this topper is probably not going to fit on your bed. Do take a look at your mattress height before purchasing this topper.


    Next let’s talk a little bit about what this topper is made of.

    The top part of this cover is made from a polyester and bamboo blend. Polyester is a breathable fabric. It feels really nice and soft under the hand.

    The bed skirt portion is made of a blend of polyester and cotton, but you’re not really feeling that when you lie on it, so it doesn’t matter too much.

    This topper is filled with Helix’s Revoloft cluster fiber fill. That’s essentially a polyester blend fill.

    Something I really like about this topper is that it uses baffle box stitching. All that fill is going to stay nicely in place. it’s not going to sink or move around to one side of the topper or the other as you move around or adjust it on your bed.


    While we’re talking about materials, I also want to talk about whether or not this topper sleeps cool, because I know that is a big concern for a lot of sleepers out there.

    As I mentioned, the bamboo blend cover on this topper is definitely super cooling. It is something that is promoting some nice airflow throughout the topper.

    I will say the polyester fill is way more breathable than the fill in most toppers. Most toppers are made out of a solid block of foam and that really tends to trap body heat.

    If you’re looking to add a topper and not add a ton of heat to your mattress, this Helix topper is probably a really nice option for you.



    Next up let’s get into how it feels to actually lie on this topper.

    Like Helix advertises it, it does essentially feel like you just added a pillow top to your bed. I’ll say I’m testing this topper on a medium firm mattress and it definitely didn’t drastically alter the feel of this bed. More just added a gentle pillow top layer on top.

    What that means for you?

    If you’re a side sleeper and you have a firm mattress that you’re looking to add a lot more softness to, you’re looking for a lot of body contouring and a lot of sinkage, this is not the topper for you. It is not going to soften your mattress up enough.

    But if you’re a side sleeper and you have a medium firm mattress that’s just a touch too firm for you, you want to add just a little bit of softness to your bed, this topper is a great option because it’s going to do just that for you.

    If you’re a back sleeper looking to add a little additional softness, more of a pillow top feel to pretty much any mattress, I think this topper is really going to work pretty well for you. Again, it just adds that nice pillow top layer to your existing bed.

    If you’re a stomach sleeper looking for a topper, I actually would recommend the Helix topper to you.

    Generally I advise stomach sleepers to stay away from mattress toppers because when you sink into the top layer of your bed, as a stomach sleeper, you create a bend in your back that really leads to back pain over time.

    But because this topper is really only an inch and a half thick and doesn’t allow for a ton of sinkage or body contouring, you’re going to be able to get some additional coziness and not really create a bend in your back that can lead to pain.

    So if your stomach sleeper looking for a topper, I think this is one of the best options out there for you.

    I do also want to note that I have tested this topper on a super bouncy mattress. The bed definitely still felt bouncy to me, it was definitely still easy to move around and change positions on the bed.

    So if you’re a combination sleeper and you like how bouncy your mattress is but you wish it were just a little bit softer, the Helix topper could really take care of that issue for you.



    So let’s recap what we’ve learned so far.

    First off some folks this topper is great for.

    If you’re looking for a machine washable topper, this is really one of the only ones you’re going to find out there, so it’s a great option for you.

    If you’re looking to add a pillow top feel to your mattress, just a little bit of additional softness without sacrificing the original feel of your bed, this is a great topper for that. You’re really going to get the original mattress feel to come through, but you’re going to get just a little bit of a cozier feel.

    Then finally if you’re looking for a cooling topper, I think this is one of the best options out there for you. It is not going to trap heat the way a traditional foam topper would. It’s a really great topper option for hot sleepers looking to add just a little bit of additional softness to their mattress.


    On the other hand I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this topper to you if you’re looking to add a lot of body contouring to your mattress, because this topper is definitely not going to do that.

    Similarly if you’re looking to add a lot of sinkage, you want kind of a thicker topper, you’re going to probably want to look for something different as well.

    Then finally if you’re looking for a topper that’s really going to drastically alter your mattress feel, that is not what this topper is intended to do. You’re not going to be happy purchasing it.


    In case you are interested in buying this topper, I want to give you a little bit of info on Helix’s company policies.

    This topper comes with a lengthy 100 night sleep trial and a one-year warranty. It also ships for free and it’s gonna be delivered in just three to seven business days, which I think is a nice perk.

    That is it for my Helix Plush mattress topper review.

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