Helix Pillows Review (Adjustable and Down & Feather)


    Helix is an excellent brand to deal with if you’re looking for a mattress that feels quite comfortable.  They do an amazing job of delivering a number of various feels to meet almost everyone’s demands.

    This is valid not only for their beds, but also for their pillows! There are two distinct types of pillows to pick from. The Helix Down & Feather Pillow is the first, and the Helix Adjustable Pillow is the second.

    Their Adjustable Pillow lets all consumers to customize their pillow to fit their sleeping style. The Down & Feather Pillow, on the other hand, offers the traditional look and feel that far too many people adore at an affordable price.

    Continue reading to find out what makes the Helix Pillows so appealing.

    Helix Adjustable Pillow


    Helix intended to make their distinctive pillow as pleasant as possible for as many individuals as possible when they designed it. However, because everyone sleeps in different manner, each pillow must have its own set of properties in order to be comfortable.

    That is why they chose a configuration that is completely adjustable. This means, anyone can find a pillow that suits them and their sleeping habits.

    They achieve this adjustable pillow construction by producing a hybrid pillow design, as we like to describe it. To modify the loft height and support level of the pillow, the outside section of the pillow can be opened and stuffed with varied pillow inserts.

    A 100 percent breathable cotton casing covers the exterior half of the pillow. Because it is made of a cool, breathable material that works to wick away sweat and oils, it is a great cover for those who seem to overheat at bedtime.


    The pillow’s internal fill is constructed of an unique gel microfiber. The microfiber in this pillow gives lots of airflow and support. It offers the pillow a fantastic down alternative fluffy vibe. This fill is routed into the pillow’s side chambers.

    Then there are slots for inner tiny pillows, which may be added or withdrawn to change the pillow’s total loft size and support. This pillow is suitable for almost everyone, from side sleepers to stomach sleepers.

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    Helix Down & Feather Pillow


    This pillow has a simple design that is incredibly comfortable. The outside cover is made of a 100% Cotton Cambric fabric. It has a TC of 230, making it extremely breathable. A highly special type of stitching work known as German Piping can be found all down the sides of the pillow.

    This offers the pillow a more upscale appearance and feel. It’s also a lot more durable than other sorts of pillow edging.

    Of course, the filling is a superb mixture of down and feathers. I ‘d like to put a spotlight on some of the intricacies if you’re just beginning your hunt for a down pillow.

    The first is that the Helix Pillow’s Down & Feather Pillow is made from a combination of down and feathers. This not only keeps the price cheaper than a pillow stuffed completely with down, but it also gives some added support. Feathers offer the pillow a little extra bounce while helping to keep it comfortable and without falling flat.


    The Responsible Down Standard has certified the Down & Feather Helix Pillow. This ensures that the wellbeing of the animals exploited is not jeopardized.

    This is an excellent certification anybody who appreciates the comfort of a down feather pillow but also cares about animals and wants to ensure that they are handled appropriately.

    Are Helix Pillows Comfy?

    The most crucial aspect of my product reviews is whether or not the product is comfy. The Helix Pillows are really relaxing. Different variations, on the other hand, will perform differently for different individuals.

    For example, the Down & Feather Helix Pillow is excellent for anybody that loves a low-profile pillow with a soft down feel. For the most part, stomach and back sleepers will benefit the most from this.

    While the Helix Down Feather Pillow is made of high-quality materials and therefore does not trigger most allergies, it is not hypoallergenic. As a result, if you are particularly allergic to allergens, it’s not really the ideal choice for you.

    The Helix Adjustable Pillow, on the other hand, is suitable for almost all sleepers and positions. This is unusual because most sleepers require a variety of loft sizes and firmness in order to locate a pillow that is suitable for them.

    That’s exactly what Helix did in order to produce a pillow that would suit the majority of individuals. This pillow was designed to be adjustable. Inserts can be added or removed by unzipping the outer cover. These inserts can either increase the loft size and support or decrease the loft and make the pillow feel softer.

    This means that a Helix Pillow can be used by anyone, whether they want to sleep on their stomach, side, or back.


    Following adequate care guidelines is critical when it comes to maintaining your pillow clean and fresh. I usually look at how much effort it takes to care for your pillow because some need extra work than others.

    Helix Sleep’s Down Pillow cannot be tossed in the washing machine or dryer. Rather, spot clean as required and take it to a dry cleaner if it becomes particularly dirty.

    The Adjustable Helix Pillow’s outer cover may be machine laundered. Helix Sleep suggests laundering on a cold low setting with a mild detergent. They recommend tumble drying the cover on low heat to dry it. The Adjustable Pillow’s interior support inserts are not machine washable or dryable.


    When you purchase a pillow from Helix Sleep, you are experiencing a wonderful deal. You’re getting a great deal on a certified down and feather pillow for around $100. Even the King size is really only just few dollars more than a hundred dollars.

    Their Adjustable Pillow, on the other hand, is a very inexpensive option for a fully adjustable pillow. There are a few comparable models that are a little more expensive. In addition to the purchase price, you will receive a 100-night trial period to see if it is the ideal pillow for you.

    A one-year warranty is included, and also free shipping.


    In the end, selecting the right pillow for you and your sleeping habits might be challenging. However, having a pillow such as the Adjustable Helix Pillow might make things a lot easier. Its customizable feel allows you to personalize your pillow to fit your needs.

    You could even change your mind and customize your pillow as time passes if you find that you prefer a softer or more firm pillow. The Helix Sleep Down & Feather Pillow is another favorite of mine due to the high-quality components used and the inexpensive pricing.

    Both pillows are inexpensive and well made, making them excellent choices for anyone looking for a pillow.

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