Guest Bedroom Tips to Get a 5-star Room

    Guest Bedroom Tips

    Here are five easy ways to get a five-star guest bedroom.

    I’m sure you’ll have visitors. Don’t worry if your guestroom is in disarray; I’ll show you how to fix it in five simple steps, and it’ll look fantastic when we’re finished.

    Guest Bedroom Tips


    The first and most important step is to edit.

    What exactly do I mean when I say “editing”? What I mean is that you need to remove all of the items you put in that room for storage and dispose of them. It doesn’t matter; repurpose it, use it in another room, give it away, donate it.

    You’ll need a clean canvas to work with, so begin there. Not to mention the closet. You’re in big trouble if it looks like mine.

    You’ll want to undertake a deep cleaning after you’ve got that fresh start.

    All of the windows should be open. Because the room has probably been shut up for a while, it can smell nasty, and you want to make it a guest room and guest-ready, air it out, wash the windows, vacuum thoroughly, wash all the bed sheets, and get everything freshened up and aired out.

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    Make Your Linens More Luxurious

    Let’s lux up your linens, which is the second advice.

    Here’s a hotel insider’s recommendation.

    I’ve designed a few hotels and know just what to include in guest bedrooms to make them ideal retreats for anybody.

    So, here’s the deal.

    The guest bed is dressed with white linens. Why? Because in anyone’s view, white immediately suggests cleanliness.

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    You can do whatever you like with your own bed, but you should keep it simple in your guest room and use nice white sheets.

    There are a lot of lovely items available in white. Therefore it does not have to be monotonous.

    When you’ve been traveling all day, all you need is for it to feel incredibly new and clean, and everyone enjoys the concept of slipping into those clean, fresh, crisp bed sheets.

    So white sheets are the most important thing.

    he second thing you want to do with that bed is to cover it with something incredibly luxurious and comfortable, like a big duvet or a down comforter, or a non-down comforter if you care about allergies.

    Then, at the end of the bed, add an extra throw or a little blanket, since if it’s chilly weather, people would need something else to snuggle up with, and you’ll want to provide it to them. Make them happy and satisfied.

    Pillows are the final component of a bed that you must master. My recommendation is that you have one hard or foam, and one soft, and down or down-alternative.

    Because you have no idea what they really want to sleep on, and if you provide them two choices per person, they’ll be thrilled. They’ll believe you’re a rock star.

    Plush towels are the third aspect of linens that should not be overlooked! And, once again, the key is to keep with white because I would like to be able to see that it’s fresh straight away. It’s less difficult. They’re less costly. You can put them in the washing machine with bleach. It’s a breeze.

    The pro advice is to make sure you have plenty of them, at minimum two or three large ones for each guest. It’ll be quite luxurious. They’re unlikely to utilize them all, but it appears like you’re treating them to a 5-star hotel stay.

    Provide Them With Storage Space

    The third recommendation for a five-star guest bedroom is to provide them with some storage.

    You can’t have people living out of a suitcase for four or five days, so clean away some of that cluttered closet. Get rid of a few of the things you don’t need. Provide them with a few more hangers.

    If you’re on a tight budget and there’s no way you’ll be able to make that closet available for them, hang hooks everywhere. You can pick from a variety of interesting options. I’m a big fan of the big circular wooden ones.

    You can do a row of them if you want. They can hang jackets and shirts on them. It makes people feel welcomed because they have somewhere to put their belongings other than their suitcase.

    Throw in a guest bath robe if you’re really hoping for a five-star rating. That’ll catch them off guard! Of course, this is per individual. And hang them on a hook in the bathroom or have them in the bedroom itself.

    Fill That space With Light

    The fourth tip is to brighten up the area. The most frustrating aspect about staying in someone’s guest bedroom is being unable to locate their light switch in the darkness. That’s bad, and it’s easily remedied.

    Make sure you have a light source. If you have the space, it can be a lamp on the nightstand or perhaps a sconce. It doesn’t matter if it’s a table lamp or a floor lamp.

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    The important thing is that they can reach it from their bed and shut it off at night.

    So if they need to get up in the middle of the night, they can turn on their light and see the room immediately. You won’t have to worry about them wandering around in the darkness.

    Keep in mind that light is on a dimmer, since if your guest likes to read in bed, they can turn it down a little, read a little, then flick it off, and they’re out.

    Make a Welcome Basket

    Make a welcome basket for your guests if you really want to amaze them.

    This is just the icing on the cake, so to speak. People thrill when they see guest baskets in a guest room since you don’t always receive them in hotels, but you always get something to surprise you at luxury hotels.

    You can get creative with some of this. Even better, if you’re in an unique and exciting location, include some local items, such as cheese or wine, or something else that represents your area and is fun. Then, in little accessory sizes, add a couple of additional little miscellaneous items, such as shampoos, maybe a little toothpaste, or something similar.

    When they discover you remembered something they forgot in the frenzy of packing, their minds will be stunned.

    So you have a lot of options on what to put in this basket. But it’s the welcome basket that’ll make you feel like you’re in a five-star hotel room.

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