3 Great Quality Bed Sheets


    Here I’m taking a look at three great quality bed sheets.

    SHEEX Performance Sheets


    If you’ve ever been hanging out in your house wearing your favorite yoga pants or your favorite workout gear and you just decided to sleep in them, these are the sheets for you.

    The story of SHEEX began in 2007.

    The brand was co-founded by two women who wanted to bring the same comfort and breathability of your favorite workout gear to your bedding.

    The company began with a line of sheets, but they have since expanded into duvets and comforters, sleepwear, mattress toppers, and even a mattress.

    Here I’m taking a look at one of their OG products, their Performance Sheets.

    You can get these sheets directly from the brand’s website and at third party retailers, like Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond.

    When you order a set, you receive a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow cases. They’re available in 11 different colors and five different sizes, from a twin size all the way up to a California king.

    Graphite color is really nice. It’s a subtle dark gray. You can imagine it would go well
    with really any kind of bedding, any kind of color scheme in your bedroom.

    These are made with a blend of polyester and spandex. This is gonna be a blend you’ll often find in your favorite workout gear, maybe your favorite yoga pants or your favorite workout shirt.

    There’s no doubt that this definitely feels like something you would work out in.

    So if you’re like the founders and you’re wearing your favorite gym gear, you find yourself wanting to sleep in that gym gear because it’s so comfortable, this is gonna be a very familiar feeling and might be something you want to check out.

    The benefit of this material, as you know from wearing your workout clothes, is that it’s breathable and it moisture-wicking.

    Those of you who sleep hot or if you live in a hot or humid climate, you’re gonna find that these move heat away from your body really effectively.

    The other thing that I should point out is the silky, soft sheen on these sheets. They really are soft to the touch, and they’re gonna resist wrinkling when you take them out of the dryer.

    One of the things I also found is that they really hug the corners of your mattress. So if you’re one who moves around quite a bit or if you shift throughout the night, these spandex corners are gonna hug your mattress, and it’s not gonna lift up around the corners, which can be really annoying throughout the night.

    The downside to these sheets is that the they can actually catch on any dry skin. If you’re somebody who has callouses or maybe rough patches on your skin, that’s something to be aware of.

    I also found that, over time, the material did begin to pill. Something this soft can be good for a time, but after multiple washes, multiple uses, the more you use it, it can really begin to wear down a bit.

    I recommend that you keep these in a rotation of sheets that you use from maybe one week at a time, but use them perhaps once or twice a month. That will extend their lifespan.

    Overall, these sheets made my list of great quality bed sheets for a reason.

    They’re soft. They’re certainly breathable. And they feel like some of your favorite workout gear.

    You can try out these sheets for 60 nights. And if you’re not satisfied, SHEEX will fully refund your purchase. These sheets are backed by a one-year warranty.

    Saatva Organic Sateen Cotton Sheets


    Let’s take a look at the color, the feel, and talk about whether it’s the right sheet set for you.

    Saatva is a luxury bedding brand that sells a variety of mattresses, pillows, sheets, and bed foundations.

    The New York City-based brand was founded in 2010, and today they’re one of the top bedding brands on the market.

    Let’s take a look at this set of organic sateen sheets.

    They are available in three colors: ivory, white and grey.

    They come in a really cool tote bag. It has handles. You could take this with you to the grocery store. Reusable, no waste.

    The sheets are sold as a set, which means you get one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillow cases.

    The biggest selling point of these and what sets them apart from other sheets is their construction.

    These sheets are made from 100% organic cotton. The cotton is GOTS certified, which means the harvesting and manufacturing of this product are certified organic.

    They’re also made using fair trade cotton, which promotes an economic and sustainable business practice among farmers.

    You’re getting a luxurious set of sheets for sure, but also a set that’s been sustainably and responsibly sourced and manufactured.

    They’re also made using a 300 thread count. That makes this sheet breathable yet soft.
    In fact, the more you wash this set of sheets, the softer you can expect it to become over time.

    I can’t miss this sateen weave. Sateen is a unique weaving process that gives fabric a silky, satiny feel. These should hold up well over time.

    They’re available in nine different sizes, from twin all the way up to split king and king upper-flex.

    The pockets on the fitted sheets measure 16 inches deep, which means it’ll fit some pretty high profile mattresses.

    Finally, Saatva recommends that you wash these sheets using cold water on the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low.

    So are these sheets right for you?

    On the plus side, these are beautiful, soft sheets that are sustainably made. These should hold up for dozens of washes and be a staple in your linen closet for several years.

    On the other hand, these are pricey sheets. They’re priced more than many others on the market. So if you’re looking for a set of simple sheets for a guest room or are in the market for budget sheets, you should probably look elsewhere.

    You can purchase these sheets directly from Saatva’s website. Shipping is free within the contiguous United States, and buyers receive a 45-night trial period.

    Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheets


    Sweet Zzz also offers a mattress, pillows, weighted blankets, and other bedding accessories.

    These sheets are available in five different colors, and they’re available from twin size mattresses all the way up to California king and split king sizes.

    They are available in five colors: silver, taupe, white, sand and light blue.

    The sheets are sold as a set, which means you get one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillow cases, but you can add extra pillow cases into your order for an additional fee.

    Let’s talk about how these sheets are made because their bamboo construction is one of the main selling points.

    As you may know, bamboo can grow with limited water, which technically makes it a more environmentally friendly option than cotton.

    But often, bamboo is put through a process called viscose, which uses chemicals to turn the fibers into a product like this.

    That’s not a bad thing necessarily, but it tends to undercut some of the more lofty claims of environmental responsibility that companies like to make.

    We should point out Sweet Zzz says these sheets are certified organic by GOTS and OEKO-TEX, which are the gold standard for organic products.

    But with that being said, bamboo sheets are usually silky soft, lightweight, and can keep you in incredibly cool as you sleep, and that is the case here.

    These are breathable and lightweight, and they’re also naturally antimicrobial, as well as resistant to common allergens like dust and mold.

    If you’re someone who tends to sleep hot or sleeps in a hot climate, these would be a great choice.

    These are also made using a 400 thread count that makes this sheet breathable yet soft.

    In fact, the more you wash this set of sheets, the softer you can expect it to become over time.

    They have satin weave. With these, you’re getting a soft satiny sheet that should also hold up quite well.

    I found that these are very prone to wrinkling during the laundry process. The brand recommends you wash these sheets in cold water on the gentle cycle, tumble dry on low, then remove from the dryer immediately.

    I found this to be true. If we left these sheets in the dryer for an hour or two, they were likely to be creased and just look like a hot mess.

    Should you buy these sheets?

    In general, I like the breathability and the durability of these bamboo sheets. They’re light and crisp. They’re offered in very sharp colors.

    If you’re someone who sleeps hot or sleeps in a hot climate, these could be a great option to promote airflow throughout the night.

    You can purchase these directly from Sweet Zzz’s website. Shipping is free within the contiguous United States, and buyers receive a 50 night trial period. These bamboo sheets are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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