Gravity Weighted Blanket Review


    Ah gravity, it can help us feel nice and grounded when we’re feeling stressed. Why not come back to earth with a weighted blanket like the Gravity weighted blanket.

    In this article I’m going over one of the most popular weighted blankets in the market.

    I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this blanket and of course how it helped me stay grounded here on earth.



    When I’m looking into products I like to know what they’re made out of, especially with weighted blankets, because I want to know what’s keeping me nice and safe and secure.

    With the Gravity weighted blanket, on the outside we’ve got a micro plush fiber cover that’s going to be nice and soft.

    The cover also has a zipper system and ties to keep the inner blanket nice and secure.

    Speaking of the inner blanket, it’s made of cotton and it has what Gravity describes as precise gridded stitching, which will help keep the inner fill nice and evenly distributed.

    Inside each of these square panels you’ll find fine grade glass beads which will give this blanket its weight.

    The Gravity weighted blanket comes in a few different sizes and weight options.

    They have a single person weighted blanket that measures about the same size of an average throw blanket.

    And it’s got three different weight options 15, 20 and 35 pounds.

    Are you not sure which weight option is going to be best for you?

    When you’re shopping for a weighted blanket, the general rule of thumb is to take 10% of your body weight out or subtract a pound or two and that’s going to be the ideal weight option for you.

    So quick example, if you weigh 200 pounds, then a 20 pound weighted blanket is what you need.

    Soft, Machine Washable Weighted Blanket


    My Experience

    As the sleep accessories reviewer, it is super important that I take these products home so I can give you my honest opinions on them.

    Here is my experience with the Gravity weighted blanket.

    Gravity weighted blankets are some of the most popular weighted blankets in the market and after testing this one out I see why.

    I do have the oversized 35 pound with me.

    It’s got such a super soft cover and it’s got really good security to keep the inner blanket in. I felt this 35 pounds all around me.

    Even though this blanket is taking up such a large area, I felt really good weight distribution and that’s because of that inner zipper system and those ties that help keep the inner blanket in place.

    I don’t feel the inner blanket shifting around inside this cover.

    As a hot sleeper I definitely feel warm underneath the Gravity weighted blanket.

    I do tend to look for cooling or temperature regulating features in a weighted blanket, and unfortunately with this specific blanket, it doesn’t have anything like that.

    However if you are looking for a weighted blanket with some cooling properties or some temperature regulation, Gravity does make a cooling weighted blanket just for you.

    If you’re looking for a weighted blanket to help you sleep deeper, not toss and turn so much and hopefully wake up feeling a lot less anxious in the morning, look into getting the Gravity weighted blanket.

    When I used this blanket I definitely felt nice and rested when I woke up the next morning.


    We want to feel as stress-free for as long as we can and that means taking good care of your Gravity weighted blanket.

    Let’s talk about some of the care instructions.

    Only the removable cover is machine washable, so if you get the cover dirty, throw it in the washing machine, wash it with cold water and then you’ll tumble dry it on low.

    If you manage to get the inner blanket dirty while the cover is off, you’ll gently hand wash that and then you’ll let it air dry.


    Who Should Get The Gravity Blanket?

    Let’s put together everything we’ve been talking about.

    What sleepers are going to stay grounded with the Gravity weighted blanket and what sleepers might want to float over to a different one.

    Starting with our pros and who this is going to be a good blanket for.

    I think this is going to be a good blanket for anxious sleepers. With a combination of a super soft outer cover and exceptional weight distribution, you should feel nice and secure while you’re using this blanket and hopefully wake up next morning feeling nice and relaxed.

    I also think this is going to be a great blanket for people who get cold really quickly.

    You’re definitely going to stay nice and toasty underneath this blanket, especially during the winter months.

    Finally this is going to be a good weighted blanket for a lot of different people, because I think it’s got a really good weight range, with the lightest being 15 pounds and the heaviest being 35 pounds.

    Who Should Not Get The Gravity Blanket?

    Let’s talk about some cons for the Gravity weighted blanket.

    I don’t think hot or extremely hot sleepers are going to find what they’re looking for with the Gravity weighted blanket.

    There are no cooling or temperature regulating features here, so if that’s important to you keep looking.

    This also isn’t the best weighted blanket if you’re shopping for one on a budget.

    Finally if you’re looking for a fully machine washable weighted blanket, you just won’t get that with the Gravity weighted blanket. Only the cover is machine washable.

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