6 Good Quality Cotton Sheets

    The ever versatile cotton. We make just about anything with it, but we love it in our sheets, too. For this review, I’ve got my top six picked for the best cotton sheets of the year.

    Let’s get started.



    I love Casper mattress, so naturally I love the sheets, too. The brand makes a variety of cotton sheets, but my favorite to end all favorites are the Casper Percale.

    Throughout this article, you’re going to notice that I talk about two weave styles, percale and sateen.

    I bring this up because these two weave styles produce different feels. One might feel softer than the other, but what you go with ultimately boils down to personal preference.

    The percale weave is also called the plain weave, and it’s going to make sheets look mattress and feel crisp. Cotton on its own feels pretty crisp. And in combination with this weave style, it’s going to feel very crisp, which is what cotton fans love.


    Knowing a company has gone the extra mile to make something certified organic is a great way to rest easy. We love an organic Birch mattress, but Birch makes an organic set of cotton sheets, too.

    The Birch sheets are GOTS certified, which is the gold standard for organic products. They also feature that other style of weave, the Sateen weave, which leaves sheets feeling rather silky and buttery smooth, which these sheets are.

    They’re a win for hot sleepers because they’re moisture working and breathable, so they’ve got tons of room for airflow, and you’ve got five colors to pick from, 100 nights to test them out and a one year warranty if you decide to keep them.



    One other type of cotton you’ll see on the market is Egyptian cotton. Because this type is grown in the Egyptian climate, it’s going to be more durable and a little bit softer than cotton grown here in the US.

    Our favorite set of Egyptian cotton sheets are the Parachute percale sheets. These are a bit more lightweight and softer than traditional cotton sheets, but because of that percale weave, they still feel really crisp.

    The Parachute says the more you use them and the more you wash them, they’ll get softer. The fitted sheet has deep pockets that can fit mattresses up to 16 inches tall, and you have nine neutral color options to pick from.

    If you love color, if you decide to get them, you have 60 nights to try them out. And if you keep them, you get a three year warranty.

    American Blossom Linens


    No one likes night sweat. If this is a problem for you, then look at a breathable set of cotton sheets with a lower thread count – American Blossom Linens Sheets Classic Sheets.

    They’re made right here in the US with 100% West Texas cotton and a sturdy elastic band in that cotton sheets.

    These are another set of organic cotton sheets. American Blossom does not treat their sheets with chemicals or dyes, so you only have two color options white or natural.

    But American Blossom found that other companies can artificially inflate their thread count, so they custom made a thread count of 180 for their sheets.

    This combination of breathable cotton and a lower thread count makes it a win for hot sleepers because there’s going to be room for air to flow through these sheets so you won’t sleep hot and sweaty underneath them.



    Heading back to weave style, my favorite set of sheets that feature the percale weave are the Brooklinen Classic Set.

    They are Oeko Tech certified, which means they are toxic and chemical free, but they’re going to have that crisp feeling that cotton sheets are known for, and they’re pretty breathable with a 270 thread count, so you’ll sleep cool underneath these sheets.

    Brooklinen sells this set in a few different color and design options, but my favorite part, and I do mean my favorite part about these sheets, is that the fitted sheet has long and short side labels, so if you’re anything like me, you’ll get the fitted sheet on the bed the right way on the first try.

    Boll & Branch


    Last but not least, a presidential set of sheets that were used by former presidents Clinton and Bush – The Boll & Branch sheets.

    These sheets have that sateen weave, which makes them feel super silky and buttery smooth, and the fitted sheet can fit mattress up to 17 inches tall.

    Boll & Branch uses 100% organic cotton that’s grown without pesticides for all my eco friendly lovers out there. And finally, you have ten neutral color options to pick from.

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    I’ve gathered a few of the most frequently asked questions about cotton sheets, so let’s answer them.

    First question, what’s a good thread count for cotton sheets?

    Thread count isn’t the only thing you need to look at when buying new sheets. It just refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric.

    However, with three different types of cotton sheets on the market, cotton, Egyptian cotton, and Supima cotton, paying attention to thread count becomes more important.

    For traditional cotton sheets, you typically don’t want to see it dip below 200 or go over about 400 or 500.

    For Egyptian cotton, it can cap out at around 700. Supima Cotton a range of 200 to 300 is considered good.

    Second question, is 100% cotton good for sheets?

    It is. Cotton is a little pricier than polyester, but not as expensive as linens or silks. It’s more durable than some synthetic materials on the market, too, and in my experience, it feels much more crisp than other materials as well. But that’s what cotton fans love about it.

    Final question, do cotton sheets keep you cool?

    They do. Cotton is a really breathable material and we don’t find it in just our sheets but in the clothes we wear, because I don’t know about you, but I’m not putting on a hot and stuffy shirt.

    If overheating is a problem for you, then consider a cotton set of sheets with a lower thread count to allow for lots of air to flow through your sheet so you’ll sleep cool at night.

    There you have it. My top six picks for the best cotton sheets.

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