5 Good Memory Foam Pillows 2022

    Memory foam changed the game when it entered the scene. Now we find it in not just mattresses, but our pillows too.

    For this article, I’ve got my list of my favorite best memory foam pillows.


    Customizable Cooling Pillow

    Memory foam comes in all shapes and sizes for pillows, and my favorite comes from Nolah.

    Here’s why it’s my top pick.

    True to its name, it’s going to have that classic quick, sandy, squishy feeling because it’s full of shredded, cooling memory foam.

    You also have the option to take out or add in the fill to adjust its loft or height, making it a great option for all three sleeping positions.

    Memory foam used to trap heat, but not with this pillow. Because the foam is shredded, you’ve got tons of room for air flow, and on the outside, you’ve got a breathable, moisture wicking bamboo cover.

    So say goodbye to night sweats with this pillow.


    Pluto rose to atmospheric fame when they showed up on Shark Tank, and they make you a truly customized pillow.

    And for that reason, it’s our favorite firm memory foam pillow.

    If you love a firm pillow, because Pluto will customize the pillow for you, that’s what you can get from them.

    It features a thick, dense memory foam core that’s surrounded by down alternatives, so you’ll still get some nice plush comfort from that down alternative, but really good dense support from a thick piece of memory foam on the inside.


    layla memory foam pillow

    Shredded foam pillows are really popular for memory foam pillows. Layla’s Kapok pillow has shredded foam and Kapok tree fibers that will give you great memory foam comfort.

    Because it’s made of shredded foam on the inside, this is a great adjustable pillow, meaning you can take out or add in the fill to give you a loft or height that will fit your sleeping position. So it works for all three sleeping positions.

    It’s also going to sleep really cool. On the outside of this pillow, you’ve got a copper infused cover that will pull heat away from your body. And with shredded foam on the inside, there’s a tons of room for airflow.

    Pillow Cube


    To all my fellow side sleepers out there, you need an especially tall pillow to keep your head and neck elevated in a neutral alignment while you sleep.

    And the Pillow Cube has been designed just for us.

    The maker of the Pillow Cube designs a pillow to fit in between your shoulder gap, which is right here in between your neck and your shoulder.

    It is a tall pillow that is full of memory foam and it will keep your head elevated while you sleep. And there are just other options available, too. If you tend to toss and turn, there’s a longer side sleeper pro pillow. But if you’re an exceptionally hot sleeper, you have the option to buy the ice cube pillow.



    Waking up with neck pain can ruin anyone’s day, so wake up feeling pain free and refreshed with the Tempur-Neck pillow.

    This is a pillow that’s made of a single piece of firm, dense memory foam that still feels really nice and soft and squishy to the touch.

    But the best part about this pillow, and what’s going to help you alleviate some neck pain is its unique ergonomic shape.

    It will contour to your head, your neck, and your shoulder, which will keep everything in a neutral alignment, which alleviates neck pain over time.

    There you have it. My list of my favorite memory foam pillows for the year.

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