4 Good Latex Pillows


    Here I’m going to talk about my four favorite latex pillows. Some people might not know that latex can be used in pillows.

    It’s a really nice foam option. It’s pressure relieving. It’s contouring, but it’s very different than memory foam.

    It can be a nice option for those of you who are not into memory foam, but still want those characteristics of pressure relief and contouring.

    Got four options here. Some of them are solid. Some of them are hybrids. I’m going to go over all the details.

    Last but not least, I’m going to answer some commonly asked questions about latex pillows.

    Brooklyn Bedding


    The first pillow on my list is the Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex pillow.

    What Talalay means? It’s basically a descriptor for how the latex is processed.

    This is 100 percent Talalay latex. It’s a solid, ventilated piece of that foam. Very lightweight, very quick to respond in pressure relieving.

    The outer cover of this pillow is 50 percent organic cotton, 50 percent polyester. There’s a zipper on the side that allows you to remove the cover to be washed and you can access that foam.

    It’s a blend. It’s 70 percent synthetic or man-made latex and 30 percent natural latex.

    There’s a little bit of a natural element in there, but I do think the synthetic helps keep the cost down.

    They’ve got two pillows with two different profile options. The high profile is six inches. The low profile is four inches.

    If you’re a petite person, maybe you’re a stomach sleeper, or a petite back sleeper, I would go with that lower profile, the four inches.

    Likewise, if you’re a side sleeper, maybe you’re an average-sized back sleeper, go with that taller six inch option.

    Comes in two different sizes, queen and king. You get 30 days to try it out. The queen, at full price, is $89.

    Eli & Elm


    Next one on the list is Eli & Elm Organic Cotton Side-sleeper pillow.

    This is a very unique pillow. It’s got a very cool curvature going on. This is where your shoulder is supposed to lay and have its own space, and really allowing your head and neck to get that nice loft and support that side sleepers need.

    The outer cover is a mix of 100 percent organic cotton, polyester, and spandex. It does have its own dust mite-resistant, anti-microbial fabric woven into it as well.

    It’s a very nice and stretchy and doing a lot for you just on the cover.

    The latex part comes in on the inside. The filling is a really interesting mix of 75 percent engineered latex. It’s synthetic latex, man-made latex. It had a gel infusion in it, and it’s made in really cute proprietary noodle size.

    It’s basically little latex noodles and then polyester fibers. They’re really coming together to give you support, that pressure relief.

    The polyester fiber smooth out the whole pillow. There’s not a lot of lumps, but you’re not missing support either.

    It’s also adjustable so a zipper can be unzipped, and then you can add or remove as much of that filling as you want. Whether you’re petite side sleeper or a heavier side sleeper, there’s a enough filling that you can add or remove. That should work well for anyone, making it a really adjustable and versatile pillow.

    You do get 45 days to try it out and the pillow comes in just one size, and it’s $99 at full price.

    Birch Living

    Another good latex pillow is from Birch Living.

    It’s the organic pillow. This is for all of you out there who want that non-toxic, natural, responsibly sourced pillow.

    The outer cover is a crisp 100 percent organic cotton. The inside is where that latex really shines. This is a mix. It’s a mix of Talalay latex, 100 percent natural Talalay latex sourced from Southeast Asia. It’s in shreds. It’s mixed with Birch wool from New Zealand.

    You’re going to get beautiful support, all that good stuff that you get with that latex, but then it’s got this nice smoothness, this nice softness that comes in with the wool. It’s such an interesting combination, but it really does work.

    I think average-sized back and stomach sleepers are going to love this pillow.

    You also get 100 nights to try it out which is amazing. Comes in two different sizes, queen and king.

    This queen size is just about $99 at full price.



    Last, but not least, on my list of best latex pillows, is a Z by Malouf 100 Percent Talalay Latex Zoned pillow.

    It’s a long title, but it tells you a lot about this pillow already.

    First of all, Malouf is the company, and their collection of pillows is called Z by Malouf.

    You’re going to see the nice little Zs on the cover. This pillow is 100 percent Talalay latex and it’s zoned.

    It’s ventilated inside and there’s bigger holes towards where your head going to go and smaller ventilated holes on the side where your shoulder and neck are going to lay. That’s the zoned part of it.

    There’s so many options with this pillow. First of all, the option to remove the cover and clean that separately is available to you.

    Not only can you choose between king and queen size, you can also choose between high-density or low density.

    I just want to you keep in mind that density here is a little bit of an interesting term because firmness doesn’t always equal density, but in this case, think of it as the support level.

    You can choose between a firm or a plush. You can also choose a height profile so high or low. High is six to seven inches tall. Low is four to five inches tall.

    I used king size. It’s the high profile, so six to seven inches and is the plush. It’s definitely on the softer side, very lightweight. My head just sinks pretty far into it. I chose this pillow because I’m a side sleeper and a back sleeper.

    I know I wanted that high loft. I wanted enough to fill that gap between my shoulder and my head, but I didn’t want it to be too firm, so I wanted the plush option. That’s how I decided on this.

    It’s natural latex. It’s naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal. It’s lightweight. It’s pressure relieving.

    Of all the option, this is probably the one that is the most expensive. For the queen, it’s $134 and upwards for a king. They’re sold at bunch of different retailers so make sure to price compare. You may be able to get a better deal or a discount.

    Definitely check it out because it’s known for being super durable and will last you a long time.

    Shredded Memory Foam Pillow With Bamboo Cover


    I’m going to tackle some frequently asked questions about latex pillows.

    The first one is what is the best latex pillow?

    I understand why you all want to find the one best pillow, but that doesn’t exist universally for everyone out there. There’s just not one great pillow. Otherwise, we’d all be using it.

    If you want a latex pillow, what you really need to do is find one based on your primary sleep position and what’s going to support you best, which is generally the position you most often wake up in.

    If you’re all over the place, then you’re probably a combination sleeper.

    Just a general guide. Side sleepers, you all need the most loft, the most support to keep your head and neck in a good neutral spinal and neck alignment.

    Back sleepers, you need a little bit more softness so some medium firmness, average firmness, and average height.

    Stomach sleepers, you all need the flattest, softest pillows to help keep your neck from straining.

    Definitely use that guide to help you pick out whichever pillow you’re going to get, even the latex one.

    The second question is are latex pillows good for side sleepers?

    Side sleepers make up more than half the adult American population so no wonder there’s many of you out there wondering if latex pillows are right for you.

    The answer is yes.

    Latex pillows can certainly work for side sleepers. It’s all about finding enough height, enough loft, and enough firmness so your head is going to sink into the pillow. Again, it’s going to be more cradled than having that slow sinking feel.

    You just want to make sure you get something that’s not too plush and too flat. Aim for tall and firmer with your latex pillow.

    The last question is what are the benefits of a latex pillow?

    That’s a good question because a lot of times we think foam pillows. We just go straight to memory foam. Latex foam is a really nice option and worth considering.

    The first reason is because there’s a natural option. Unlike memory foam, which is entirely man-made, you can get a 100 percent natural latex pillows. It’s the sap from the rubber tree. It’s harvested and then processed to make the foam for a pillow.

    If natural or eco-friendly or non-toxic is a big priority to you, but you know you want something that has characteristics that foam has, pressure relieving, contouring, helping supporting your head and neck, then definitely consider latex. It’s also very durable. It’s will last you a long time.

    Of course, that will add up in price, but you can get a synthetic version, which should make the price a little more doable.

    It’s also anti-fungal and naturally very breathable.

    Those are my four favorite latex pillows. Hopefully, one of these spoke to you.

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