4 Good Down Pillows Review


    Here I’m talking about down pillows.

    These are my four favorite down pillows. Down is definitely that classic luxurious feel.

    Sometimes people may think, oh this is out of my budget, it’s too fancy. I’m here to tell you that’s definitely not the case.

    I’m going to go over four pillows that really run the game at a price, design, different cool features.

    I’m going to tell you why I love each of them.

    I’m going to answer some commonly asked questions about down pillows.

    TEMPUR-Down Precise Support


    I want to share one of my favorite down pillows, which also happens to be one of my favorite TempurPedic pillows. This is the TEMPUR-Down Precise Support.

    This is definitely a luxurious pillow and it’s definitely going to feel like it.

    On the outer cover you got 100 percent cotton 500 thread count. It’s got that beautiful, like chic hotel fancy pillow feel to it, very crisp cotton.

    Then inside the cover, is where this white duck down is. It’s 51 percent white duck down. It’s definitely got that very soft, light fluffy feel and it’s super insulating.

    What you’re going to do is actually unzip the cover. Which is where that down is, and you’re going to access the core and the core is tempur material.

    It’s shredded chunks of Tempur material, which is proprietary memory foam. It’s a very interesting mix of both down and foam.

    What you’re really going to get overall is this very nice, soft, luxurious, classic down pillow feel. That’s not going to fall flat on you because that core is going to prevent that from happening.

    It’s going to enhance it by giving an extra level of support. I’m totally for this design. I think it’s so smart and I love how it all works out. The pillow does need to be fluffed occasionally.

    Definitely consider that, and I do think it’s going to be a best fit for average size back and stomach sleeper. That will flatten out a little bit over time, but overall, it’s just a really nice down pillow with a really special surprise right in the core.

    From TempurPedic they don’t offer returns on their pillows and it is $149. It’s a little bit of a splurge but I will say down lovers, I think you’re going to really love this pillow.

    Casper Down Pillow


    Next up on my list is one of my favorite down pillows. It’s from Casper.

    This is the Casper down pillow. They’re a well-known bed-in-a-box brand new. They make several different pillows including a really interesting innovative down option.

    It starts off with this very nice, hundred percent cotton cover, a very traditional feel to it, that cool, clean, crisp cotton feel.

    The inside is a five chamber design. There’s outer chambers and inner chambers. Then each of those chambers has a different down to feather ratio.

    The more down you have, the lighter, the fluffier, and probably the more expensive the pillow, the more feathers.

    They’re two dimensional if you think about it. They’re more structured. They offer more support.

    The outer chambers of this particular pillow are 80 percent down, 20 percent feathers. It’s fluffier, more lightweight from that classic down feel that you’re going to get on these outer chambers.

    Then the inner chambers are 60 percent down, 40 percent feathers. If you imagine, more feathers mean more support. The core is being more supportive.

    Hands down when you lay on this pillow, you definitely get that classic down fluffy feel. Because there’s these different design chambers and they have these different ratios, it does not fall flat on you.

    You will need to fluff this pillow to keep it lofted. I will say that it’s a nice, not like sink-your-head-in-and-fall-all-the-way-flat-into-it down pillow. You’re getting that beautiful, classic feel but you’re still maintaining a level of support.

    It comes in two different sizes, standard and king. Standard is $125. Casper does give you 100 nights to try it out. I do think it’s a good fit for back sleepers on average and maybe some side sleepers because you’re getting that extra level of support.

    Brooklinen Down Pillow


    Another one of my favorite down pillows is the Brooklinen down pillow in Mid-Plush.

    This is a mid plush option that comes in plush, mid plush, and firm. You know that because they each have very distinctive firmness levels.

    The mid plush, although it has the word plush in the title, which usually means soft, is actually very supportive.

    It’s also their best seller in the most versatile options. I would definitely want to check that one out first.

    The outer cover is beautiful. It’s 100 percent cotton, 400 thread count, has an antimicrobial treatment on the outer cover, which I think is such a nice added bonus.

    It’s got two chambers inside. The outer chamber is 13 percent down. Down clusters are light and fluffy, giving you that overall classic down feel when you rest your head.

    The inner chamber is 85 percent feathers. Feathers are more two dimensional. They stack up. They’re more supportive. That’s why they’re built into that core, giving you that great level of support.

    You’re not missing that classic down feel when you rest your head because it’s all surrounding that core, those beautiful down clusters. I love it for that reason. I love that it’s very supportive. I do think it’s going to be the best fit for average size side sleepers.

    It can hold up to a lot of extra body weight, which is something that not every down pillow has and what I like to point out.

    Does come with two different sizes, standard and king. The standard is only $69. That’s a pretty good value and a pretty good price for the value of the pillow, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

    Puredown Cool Down Pillow


    Last but not least is the Puredown Cool down pillow. It’s made out of natural white goose down. I love this pillow because it’s got this cool design. It’s all about helping hot sleeper stay cool and being able to enjoy that beautiful luxurious down feel.

    Let’s just talk about this cool cover.

    The outer cover is 58 percent polyester, 42 percent something called Olefin. This is a synthetic fabric known for being durable.

    Overall, Puredown calls this their ice silk fabric. It has that cool to the touch feel, definitely performance feel to it overall.

    You can unzip the pillow and remove the cover, and carefully separate and inside you’re going to find that down fill. This pillow is actually 10 percent down, 90 percent feathers.

    When there’s a lot of feathers involved, it brings the price down the pillow, which is nice. This pillow is definitely very affordable.

    It also gives it more of a structured and supportive feel. Then there’s down on the outside, so you’re still getting that classic down feel.

    I will tell you, it definitely feels like a down pillow. It’s going to flatten out a little bit more easily, because there’s more feathers so it’s going to be more two dimensional compared to that down cluster.

    When you compress, the air leaves the pillow, it’s going to get a flatter a little bit easier. That makes it a great fit for stomach sleepers and some back sleepers, because you’re not getting too much loft. You’re not getting an overabundance of support, but your head is also not falling straight through.

    You can machine wash and dry both the outer cover and the inner cover separately, and the inner fill separately, which makes it very easy to care for.

    It’s quite a steal and quite a value for those of you who are looking for a cooling pillow that’s made with down.

    You can get two pillows, so you get a little bundle of two for around $55 to $60, depending on the retailer, which for down is a pretty good deal overall.

    I definitely like this pillow, again for stomach sleepers. Those of you who are hot sleepers, but you’d like the feel of down, definitely worth checking out this pure down pillow.

    Best Pillows For All Sleep Positions


    It’s time to tackle some frequently asked questions about down pillows.

    The biggest one is how do I choose the best down pillow, or how do I choose a down pillow?

    I will say, starting off, choosing a pillow the way you would choose it with any material, which is looking at your primary sleep position.

    Those of you who wake up on your side, you’re going to want the most support, the most firmness. You want to go in that direction, higher, taller pillow.

    Back sleepers, medium amount of firmness and support and height level.

    Then stomach sleepers, you’ll need the flattest, softest pillow. Try to go from there when you’re looking at firmness and support level for your down pillow.

    In terms of down, there’s definitely some different varieties and different things to look at.

    You can get a pure, 100 percent down pillow. Duck down is going to be a smaller down cluster, goose down is going to be bigger down cluster.

    Down, the important part, it’s insulating, it’s light weight, and it’s durable. It’s definitely going to drive the price in the value of the pillow up. The more down there is in the pillow, probably the more expensive it’s going to be.

    Then you can add feathers to the pillow. Feathers, if you think about it, are flat, they’re two dimensional, they’re going to add support, they’re going to add structure. They’re often used in the core pillow to help it stop from going flat which you can tell is in a lot of these designs of these pillows as well.

    Feathers, adding them in, they’re a cheaper product, they’re going to bring the price of the pillow down a little bit and they’re also going mean that they feel slightly less durable.

    Let that be a guide in terms of how much luxurious and down you want.

    There’s also fill power and there’s also ethically responsibly sourced down so there’s more definitely to picking on a down pillow.

    The next question is what’s the best down pillow for side sleepers specifically.

    Side sleepers you all make up more than 50 percent of the American population. There are just a lot of side sleepers out there.

    What you all need is the more support and the more height on your down pillows. You do not want to sink your head into the pillow and then feel it go all the way flat.

    You don’t want to lose a lot of air. You’re going to want probably a combination of feathers and down because the feathers do provide some extra support.

    Make sure they’re in that core and you’re still getting that beautiful down surrounding the pillow.

    The last question is people want to know is duck down better than goose down or vice versa.

    I will say that it’s probably going to come down to personal preference at the end of the day, but the size of the down cluster does affect the overall feel.

    Ducks are smaller than geese. The duck down cluster is going to be smaller than a goose down cluster. They’re both going to be really soft and fluffy, they’re both going to feel really gorgeous, but the bigger the cluster, the lighter weight the pillow is going to feel, the loftier it’s going to be overall because it’s trapping more air inside the pillow.

    It’s probably going to be pricier. It’s also going to be more durable. Goose down tends to be on the more expensive side. Tends to have that really ultimate classic down feel.

    If you already know that you 100 percent want pure down, you want it to be the most down pillow you’ve ever experienced, you’re probably going to want to go with goose down.

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