8 Good Brands of Weighted Blankets 2022


    In this article I’m going to talk about 8 good brands of weighted blankets in 2022.

    I have personally tested and reviewed every single one of these weighted blankets, so I’m gonna give you my honest opinion about what I think their best qualities are and who I think should consider buying them.

    How to Choose a Weighted Blanket

    Before we can get started, let me go over real quick how to choose a weighted blanket.

    When you’re picking out a weighted blanket, you want to choose one that’s close to 10% of your own body weight, or if you’re gonna be sharing, 10% of your combined body weights.

    For example if you weigh 150 pounds, a 15-pound blanket would be perfect for you.

    This ratio is what will best allow you to experience deep pressure touch.

    Deep pressure touch is a tactile sensation that we normally get from hugging or cuddling that releases hormones in our bodies like melatonin and serotonin that make us feel good, make us feel calm, and reduces the production of hormones, like cortisol, which make us feel stressed.

    Weighted blankets have actually been shown to have this exact same effect.

    All brands on this list offer weighted blankets in multiple different weight options, but generally they all range from about 10 pounds to about 35 pounds. So there’s something that should work for just about everyone.

    Let’s get into my picks of 8 good brands of weighted blankets.

    Queen 15-pound Weighted Blanket For Adults (With Cover)



    Let’s kick things off with my first pick of the year, the Gravity weighted blanket.

    The gravity weighted blanket has a super soft micro plush duvet cover that is removable and machine washable.

    The blanket uses micro glass beads for its weight, which are so tiny that you can barely feel each individual bead.

    Mixed in with the beads is batting fill, which prevents the beads from rolling around or clinking together.

    Overall I just think that Gravity has a super high quality feel. It’s super warm, cozy and it has excellent weight distribution.

    You can definitely feel the deep pressure touch at work with this one.


    My next pick is the Bearaby cotton napper as the best breathable weighted blanket.

    Honestly I don’t think you can beat the Bearaby when it comes to getting good airflow under a weighted blanket.

    With a truly unique design, the Bearaby is made of a cotton blend fabric, hand knit together to create a chunky weave that allows for tons of airflow.

    The Bearaby doesn’t use any filling to give it its weight. It’s just the weight of the fabric itself that makes this blanket so heavy.

    The Bearaby is also an environmentally friendly weighted blanket. It is made in green certified by OEKO-TEX to have been manufactured in an environmentally friendly facility, under safe and socially responsible working conditions.



    The next blanket to enter the competition is the Casper weighted blanket, which I ranked as the best cotton weighted blanket.

    What I love about this blanket is its soft and smooth texture, which is thanks to its cotton exterior.

    If you’re not a fan of the fuzzy materials often used in other weighted blankets, the Casper will definitely appeal to you.

    That cotton also helps to regulate temperature and keep this blanket temperature neutral.

    Another great feature of the Casper weighted blanket is the use of barely noticeable super tiny glass micro beads and polyester batting fill, which make it so that you can barely even tell that there’s individual beads in here.



    Next up is my pick for the best weighted blanket for hot sleepers, the Resident Serenity Sleep.

    A lot of weighted blankets can get pretty hot, but the Resident weighted blanket has a special construction that helps to cut down on the heat.

    This two-sided blanket has one cooling side and one warming side.

    The warm side is simply made with polyester, but the cooling side utilizes phase change material, which absorbs and releases your body heat to maintain a cool temperature.

    The phase change material works really well to keep you cool as you lie under this blanket.

    Plus I love that if you are feeling a little colder, you can just flip the blanket over to the warming side.



    Next up on my ranking is the Luxome removable cover weighted blanket, which is my pick for the best plush weighted blanket.

    The Luxome features an outer cover made from super soft minky fabric that instantly makes you want to cuddle up in it.

    Or if you like to have a mix of plush and smooth you can also get the Luxome weighted blanket with one side made from this minky fabric, and the other from cooling bamboo.

    Both the inner blanket and the outer cover of the Luxome weighted blanket are machine washable, which is a huge pro in my book.



    It’s time for my top pick for my fellow cold sleepers out there, the Helix weighted blanket.

    The helix features a two-sided cover. One is microfiber and the other is fleece.

    Super fuzzy soft cover is perfect for a cold sleeper as it’ll keep you nice and toasty. As a verified cold sleeper myself, I absolutely loved how warm and cozy the Helix weighted blanket was.

    And another little perk the outer cover is machine washable.


    I’ve already mentioned for a few blankets that being machine washable is a huge plus when it comes to weighted blankets. A lot of them are spot clean only or only have a removable washable duvet cover.

    My best weighted blanket for easy cleaning has to be the Layla weighted blanket.

    You don’t even have to separate a duvet cover from the inner blanket to clean the Layla. All you have to do is toss the blanket into the washing machine.

    I also love that the Layla is two-sided, with one side being smooth cotton and the other being plush minky fabric.

    Additionally it uses barely detectable micro glass beads to give the blanket its weight and there’s polyester batting fill to help keep the beads from moving around inside the blanket.



    For my last pick, the best weighted blanket for couples, I picked the Hush Classic.

    The Hush comes in a wide variety of sizes and weights, so that you can get a weighted blanket that’ll comfortably cover two people and be heavy enough to provide the calming effects of a weighted blanket to each of them.

    The Hush also features a super soft minky duvet cover that’s also machine washable.

    That is it for my picks of good brands of weighted blankets in 2022.

    Warm, Soft Plush Weighted Blanket Review

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