11 Really Good Bed Pillow Brands


    In this article I’ll be reviewing 11 really good bed pillow brands.

    Depending on your preferred sleeping position, you’ll need a different type of pillow.

    As a quick guide, side sleepers do best on medium firm to firm pillows that are very tall or lofty. Back sleepers do best on medium pillows with a medium loft and stomach sleepers do best on soft pillows with low lofts.

    In this article I picked out some really good options for every type of sleeper.

    Keep reading to find a bed pillow brand that works for you.

    Top Rated Bed Pillows to Buy


    top rated pillow

    First on my list is the Bear pillow. This is my favorite cooling and foam pillow. I really like foam pillows because they offer a balanced feel that should keep your head and neck supported overnight.

    The Bear pillow is made with a special phase change material cover that helps dissipate your body heat.

    This cover really works and the Bear always feels genuinely cold under my hands, especially when I use it without a pillow case. The only drawback of this is that it means the pillow is spot clean only.

    This pillow also incorporates mesh panels and airflow promoting foams. The result is an ultra cooling pillow that hot sleepers should really like.

    The Bear pillow has a classic foam feel and conforms nicely to your head and neck when you’re on your side and your back.

    If you’re someone who feels supported and comfortable on foam but genuinely finds it too hot, I really think the Bear pillow could be the solution to your problem.



    Next on my list of good pillow brands is another foam pillow, the Casper foam pillow.

    This particular pillow has a higher loft and is an especially nice choice for side and back sleepers.

    The Casper pillow features a unique three layer design that incorporates high and low density foams. This construction means the Casper pillow has a really balanced feel.

    Instead of feeling overly firm, like a lot of foam pillows out there, the Casper foam pillow has a nice squishy outer layer that offers great pressure relief around the head and neck.

    But it has a firmer inner level that will keep you supported all night. Its outer cover is also removable and machine washable, which I think is a nice perk.

    If you’re looking for a balanced medium firm feel that will cradle your head and neck, this is the pillow for you.



    Next on my list is my favorite pillow for side sleepers, the Layla Kapok pillow. I actually sleep on this pillow at home because I’m a side sleeper myself.

    This pillow is great for side sleepers because it’s super lofty. It stands at 7 inches tall, but it is also adjustable, so if that’s too tall for you or you have narrower shoulders, you can remove some filling for a less lofty profile.

    You can also remove all of the filling to wash the pillow’s outer cover if you want.

    This pillow has a medium firm feel that’s great for both back and side sleepers, but I especially like it for side sleepers because it does a great job of keeping your head and neck aligned in that position.

    That can really take pressure off your shoulders and prevent you from waking up sore or stiff in that area if you sleep on that side.

    The pillow shredded memory foam and Kapok fill is also super moldable and huggable, which is a great perk for folks who like to cuddle their pillow at night. I would highly recommend checking it out if you sleep on your side.



    If you enjoy the springy feel of latex pillows, but wish they offered just a little bit more pressure relief,. the Saatva pillow could be right for you.

    This pillow is made with a dual layer design that tucks an inner pillow made of springy latex into an outer pillow made of down alternative fill. The result is a springy pillow that maintains its loft over time but still has that soft and fluffy feel of down.

    I think this pillow is great for almost any sleeper. Back and side sleepers as well as combination sleepers should feel well supported on the Saatva.

    Stomach sleepers might also like this pillow, especially if they remove the inner latex core and sleep just on the softer flatter down alternative outer pillow.

    The Saatva’s outer pillow is machine washable and the inner latex core is not.



    Next on my list of really good bed pillow brands is the Purple Harmony. This is my favorite pillow for neck pain

    This pillow is bouncy and has a super quick response to pressure so you’ll feel lifted up on top of its surface. That springiness means the Purple Harmony pillow maintains its shape over time.

    It’s not going to go flat overnight or need to be fluffed up in the morning. It’s not going to feel like a pancake after just a few months of use.

    The Purple springy support and durability mean that it does a great job supporting your neck in the side and back sleeping positions. Its strong support should really help you prevent neck pain overnight if you’re that type of sleeper.

    In addition to doing a great job supporting you in the side sleeping position, this pillow’s latex core is surrounded by a ventilated purple grid, which is soft and pressure relieving. That grit is also incredibly cooling so hot sleepers should also really like this pillow.

    As a note, this pillow’s outer cover is machine washable and the inner core is spot clean only.



    Next on my list is Ghost pillow. This pillow offers deep sinkage and slow body contouring, so it should really appeal to memory foam lovers.

    This pillow has a high six inch loft, which makes it an especially great option for side sleepers on the hunt for a memory foam pillow that will keep their neck and shoulders supported.

    I think it should also feel comfortable to back sleepers who enjoy a memory foam feel.

    The Ghost pillow features a cooling phase change material cover, which will help to dissipate your body heat throughout the night. It also features an aerated design so it sleeps pretty cool.

    This pillow is spot clean only. If you love the feel of memory foam but don’t like it because it tends to sleep hot, the Ghost pillow could be a really great choice for you.



    Next on my list is my favorite travel pillow, the Turtle travel pillow.

    This is not a traditional travel pillow and it actually looks more like a cross between a scarf and a neck brace, but it’s impressively cozy and supportive.

    There’s a c-shaped plastic support system tucked inside the pillow’s soft fleece fabric. That support holds your head and neck in a safe position when you sleep in an upright position.

    This is my favorite travel pillow because it really holds its shape over time. Most travel pillows compress over time.

    The support in the Turtle is super durable and it should really last over many trips.

    Another great perk of this pillow is that it’s machine washable. You can remove the inner support and throw the rest of the pillow right in the wash, which is really good news for when you’re using this on public transit.

    The Turtle is also more lightweight and compact than most travel pillows, which makes it really a breeze to pack.

    Plus it’s just as affordable as any other high quality travel pillow. I would highly recommend checking it out before your next trip.



    If you’re looking for a new body pillow, look no further than my favorite body pillow, the Coop Home Goods body pillow.

    This shredded memory foam pillow is 54 inches long so it spans the entire width of a full-sized mattress.

    It’s also incredibly plush and cuddly so it’s super easy to mold it into your preferred position at night.

    This pillow is also machine washable, though you’ll need to throw it in a commercial size washer and dryer because it is so big.

    Personally I find that this pillow really supports my head and neck when I hug it between my arms and under my legs.

    This pillow does a great job of relieving tension at the lower back and it really helps to align your spine in the side sleeping position. Just like a great body pillow should.

    This pillow also features a cooling hypoallergenic and ultra soft bamboo blend cover.

    If you’re looking for a body pillow definitely check this one out.


    Belly Sleeper pillow

    Next on my list is my favorite pillow for stomach sleepers, the Belly sleeper pillow.

    Stomach sleepers need a soft flat pillow to feel comfortable at night. A pillow that’s too firm or lofty will force them to crane their neck, which can really lead to pain and stiffness.

    The Belly sleeper is a soft low loft pillow that was designed specifically for folks who sleep on their stomach.

    It’s only 2.5 inches thick and that low profile means it will provide some cozy pressure relief without throwing your neck out of alignment. This should really reduce aches and pains for stomach sleepers overnight.

    It also features a super soft machine washable outer cover made of bamboo.

    I would highly recommend taking a closer look at the Belly sleeper if you do sleep on your stomach.



    Next on my list is my favorite pillow for back sleepers the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud pillow.

    This pillow really has that classic contouring memory foam feel. It conforms really well to your head and neck and features a nice slow response to pressure and some deep sinkage.

    This should be great for back sleepers and really keep their heads and necks aligned overnight.

    Another great perk of this pillow is that it has cooling gel pads on each side to keep the pillow from trapping body heat or warming up too much overnight.

    It’s a great way to get all the benefits of memory foam without overheating the way you would on a classic memory foam pillow.

    This pillow is spot clean only.

    Brooklyn Bedding

    luxury gel pillow

    Rounding out my list of really good bed pillow brands is a cooling memory foam pillow, the Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow.

    Like the Tempur-Cloud, it offers all the great contouring benefits of memory foam but it sleeps even cooler.

    This pillow is infused with graphite and copper, which both help to draw heat away from your body. These infusions are also antimicrobial which is a great perk.

    The result is a super cooling memory foam pillow that hot sleepers should love.

    This pillow is also available in a high loft or low loft, which means you’ll be able to find a comfortable model no matter which sleeping position you prefer.

    Side sleepers should stick to the high loft model and stomach sleepers should stick to the low loft model and back sleepers can choose what they would prefer

    The pillow’s outer cover is also machine washable.

    So if you’re looking for a cooling memory foam pillow option, I would really recommend checking out the Brooklyn Bedding pillow.

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