Best Foam Pillow With Holes (With Ventilation Channels)

    Here I’m reviewing the Leesa pillow, which is the best foam pillow with holes.

    If you’re looking at it, you may realize it looks a lot like their mattress and it does have some of the same components.

    I’m going to help you figure out if those components transfer well to the pillow.

    Also, if you’re a bigger sleeper, you will find out if this pillow is for you.


    foam pillow with holes

    Here’s what you need to know about the Leesa pillow.

    It comes in two different sizes: standard and king.

    The outside cover is a nice heather gray, the ribbed feel to it, just like the Leesa mattress cover.

    It’s mostly polyester. It’s got a little bit of foam stretch to it, but it’s soft overall.

    You can remove the cover and machine wash and dry it.

    There’s a little zipper. You can pull out the core, which is Avena foam. It is a latex alternative, a sort of a performance foam. It’s ventilated, so there are holes in there for breathability.

    Do not wash the core. You can just wash the outer cover.

    It is hypoallergenic and made in the USA.

    It’s great because it comes with free shipping and a 30-night trial as well.


    memory foam pillow with holes

    Here’s what I like about the Leesa pillow and who I think it might be a good fit for.

    Because it’s got this five-inch high profile and a medium firmness overall, definitely some latex-like response to it, it’s going to be the best fit for back sleepers and some side sleepers who don’t need a lot of loft.

    It’s not going to change its shape or go flat on you, which is very nice. It’s going to stay the same the whole night long.

    It is breathable because it’s got that ventilated core with holes, and this nice outer fabric, which you can remove and machine wash and dry.

    I love that it’s hypoallergenic because anyone who’s dealing with allergies doesn’t have to worry.

    You can give it a nice trial because it has a 30-night risk free trial period.


    Leesa pillow

    There are a few things for your consideration before going for the Leesa pillow that I just want to bring to your attention.

    First of all, I do think if you’re primarily a stomach sleeper, this five-inch loft and the fact that it’s a more bouncy, responsive latex-like foam, is going to put a little bit of strain on your stomach.

    You may want something that you can sink into. Maybe down or down alternative, something with a little more fluff to it.

    Also, if you’re someone who likes a traditional memory foam feel, this is way more latex. The Avena foam is a latex-like alternative. It’s a performance foam. You’re not going to get that slow sink into the pillow feel.

    Just something to think about.

    There’s a little bit of off-gassing. You’re going to want to remove the cover. Let it breathe a little bit. It will go away, but just something to know.

    The last thing is that it is $79 for a standard, $99 for a king and that might just not be in everyone’s budget.

    Heavier Sleepers

    What if you are a heavier sleeper, who is also a side sleeper?

    Heavier sleepers, especially side sleeping, are pressing pretty far into this pillow. It is going to be like a medium soft pillow.

    In terms of feel, it has more of a bouncy latex feel, which isn’t personal preference for heavier sleepers. They are more preferred on that memory slow sinking feel.

    If you’re a heavier sleeper, and you have the same preferences, you like more of a memory foam feel, you need a little bit more loft, this pillow probably will not work for you.

    However, if you’re a lighter person, you want more of a latex feel, this could work for you.

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    Layla Kapok pillow

    Let’s compare the Leesa pillow to the Layla pillow.

    These pillows have a few things in common.

    They’re both products of mattress companies. They’re made in the USA and they both have foam fillings and soft knit covers. They both offer trial periods.

    Based on my experience, they’re both a good fit for back and side sleepers.

    What are the main differences between these two pillows?

    I want to start with the foam fillings.

    The Leesa pillow is a solid piece of ventilated Avena foam with holes, and Avena foam is a latex-like alternative, so it has that quick response, that sort of lighter weight bouncy feel to it.

    The Layla pillow is not a solid piece. It’s shredded pieces of memory foam combined with Kapok fibers. These fibers are all-natural and they are harvested from the seeds of the Kapok tree. They are giving the pillow an added feel of down or down alternative to it.

    The Layla pillow is hypoallergenic.

    So their outer covers are really soft knit. You can remove the Lessa pillow cover and machine wash and dry it. You cannot remove the cover on the Lyala pillow. You will need to dry clean it, if you want to clean the pillow.

    But I will say that it does have a copper infusion in the fabric, which does help set it apart.

    The Leesa pillow comes in two, sizes standard and king, and the Layla pillow comes in just one size.

    Both pillows are really nice options for back and side sleepers who are in the market for a foam pillow.

    If you want something that’s not going to change its shape, you’re not gonna have to worry about falling flat, if you like a latex-like feel, the Leesa could be a good fit for you. It also comes in two size options.

    Meanwhile, the Layla pillow is certainly unique. It’s got an interesting combination. You can move the filling around and adjust the pillow accordingly.

    Final Thoughts

    premium foam pillow

    I sleep primarily on my side, sometimes on my back, and that five-inch loft and latex-like responsive feel is pretty comfortable with the Leesa pillow.

    If you want a foam pillow, this isn’t going to have that true memory foam feel.

    It’s going to have a bouncier feel and some people might really like that.

    It may not be in everyone’s price range, but I do think it’s a durable pillow and it does have a nice trial period, so it might be worth considering.

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