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    Have you ever looked at your pillow and thought it could be a lot more ergonomic?

    If you have then I think you’re going to be interested in the Tempur-Neck pillow which is an ergonomically designed pillow from Tempur-pedic.

    In this review, I’m gonna go over what it’s made of, how it feels, and who I think it’s best for.

    Policies & Price

    First, let’s look at the policies and prices for the Tempur-Neck pillow.

    Tempur-pedic offers free shipping within the contiguous United States. Customers in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and other us territories will have to pay an additional shipping fee.

    Next Tempur-pedic does not offer a sleep trial with this pillow, meaning it can only be returned if it is defective or damaged upon receiving it.

    Third, Tempur-pedic offers a 5-year warranty on this pillow.

    Regarding prices, this pillow comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large and each one costs a different price.

    The small size currently costs a $109. The medium size costs $119, and the large size costs $149, but keep in mind that these prices do change often.



    So what is this ergonomic pillow made of? Let’s take a look.

    First things first, we’ve got the cover. This is a 100% knit polyester cover and it is hypoallergenic, removable, and machine washable.

    If we unzip this cover, we can see the core of the pillow. This is Tempur-pedic proprietary Tempur-material foam which is the same memory foam that they use in their memory from mattresses and other Tempur-pedic pillows.

    This foam is molded into a wavy shape which is meant to support the natural curve of your body and it’s covered in a polyester netting.

    As I mentioned before, this pillow comes in three different sizes. The purpose of this is to make sure that the ergonomic design works for all different body types, so each size has a different loft or height.

    The small size has a 3.5 inch loft. The medium size has a 4 inch loft, and the large size has a 4.75 inch loft.

    To figure out which one you should get, Tempur-pedic recommends measuring the distance between your neck and shoulder.

    If it’s 4 inches or less, they recommend the small size. If it’s 4 to 6 inches, they recommend medium for side sleepers and small for back sleepers.

    If it’s 6 to 10 inches, they recommend large for side sleepers and medium for back sleepers, and if it’s over 10 inches, they recommend the large size.

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    So what does the Tempur-Neck pillow feel like?

    I tested this pillow out for a few nights to get a good sense of how it feels. But do keep in mind that feel is subjective so you might have a slightly different experience than me.

    Overall I would say this pillow is pretty firm as is usual with Tempur-material foam. You do slowly sink into it a little bit as it molds around you, but overall, I would say this has a much more supportive feeling, and I didn’t find myself sinking into it quite as much as I felt on other Tempur-pedic pillows.

    I also thought that ergonomic shape worked pretty well. You’ve got this larger rounded side that goes under your neck to provide support and then there’s a dip for your head to rest more comfortably.

    I’ll also say that this isn’t probably going to be the best choice for hot sleepers. Memory foam traps body heat naturally because that’s how it molds around you by absorbing your body heat.

    If you tend to run hot at night, this probably isn’t gonna be the best pick for you.


    Sleeping Positions

    So how does this pillow work for different sleeping positions?

    First, let’s talk about back sleepers.

    I found this pillow to be quite comfortable for sleeping on my back. The molded shape worked well to keep my neck supported while not keeping my head elevated too much.

    Normally, I advise medium loft and medium firmness for back sleepers, but it’s a little different here, because of this pillow’s unique shape that follows the natural curve of your body.

    Back sleepers can choose any size of this pillow depending on their body size. I definitely recommend following Tempur-pedic’s size guideline to make sure that you pick a pillow that’s the right size for you and isn’t going to cause your neck to crank upwards.

    Now, let’s talk about side sleepers.

    I generally recommend a higher loft and a firm feel and the Tempur-Neck provides that same effect. With its unique shape, the height of the neck support side will help to keep side sleepers neck in line and supported while they’re on their sides. The firmer feel is also great for providing the support that side sleepers need.

    What about stomach sleepers?

    I generally advise a low loft and a soft feel for stomach sleepers which is why neither I nor Tempur-pedic advise this pillow for stomach sleepers.

    The ergonomic shape will only cause stomach sleepers neck to crane upwards, so I don’t recommend this for stomach sleepers at all.


    It’s time for a pros and cons list about the Tempur-Neck pillow.

    Starting off with the pros.

    My first pro for this pillow would be that the ergonomic shape is really effective for maintaining spinal alignment and providing neck support for back and side sleepers.

    I also really appreciate that Tempur-pedic offers this pillow in multiple sizes to ensure that the shape is going to work for people of different sizes.

    Second, I really like the feel of the Tempur-material foam in this pillow. It’s a little bit of a firmer version of the Tempur-material than I’ve felt in other Tempur-pedic pillows, but it still has that slow sinking cozy feeling that’s classic of Tempur-pedic products.

    Third and finally, I also really appreciate that this pillow has a machine washable cover as that’ll help you to keep it super clean.



    Now on to the cons.

    My first con for this pillow is that it’s not going to be the best choice for hot sleepers. This type of foam naturally traps a lot of heat, so it’s definitely not going to provide that cool side of the pillow feeling.

    Next, this is definitely not a stomach sleeper pillow. If you generally sleep on your stomach, I would not recommend this pillow at all.

    Third and finally, while I really appreciate that Tempur-pedic offers this pillow in multiple sizes, I didn’t love that the larger sizes actually cost more than the smaller sizes. Generally, I’ve seen when pillows come in multiple loft options, they cost the same no matter the size, so that higher price might be a con for budget shoppers who need the larger size.

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