6 Best Flippable Memory Foam Mattresses

    Layla copper mattress

    Here I will be talking about the best flippable memory foam mattresses available online right now.

    Having a double-sided bed is awesome because you get two beds in one. If you don’t like one side, you can just flip it over to try out the other. You basically get two chances to get the firmness right

    They are not the most common type of bed out there, but more and more are starting to emerge within the online mattress base.

    Since I reviewed well over 50 beds at this point, I’ve tested the vast majority of flippable memory foam mattresses.

    In today’s review, I’m going to be bringing you my top 6 picks.

    Hopefully this article serves a good starting point for you.

    Without further ado, let’s talk about the best flippable memory foam beds.


    Let’s kick things off by briefly reviewing the policies that you’re going to be getting with all the beds on this list.

    I could go over it for each and everyone, but that might take a little too much time.

    A bare minimum with all the beds on this list you’re gonna get completely free shipping, at least 100 night sleep trial to test the bed out at home, all but one come with completely free returns and they are all backed by at least a 10-year warranty.

    Let’s finally get into this list, setting off with one of my favorite flippable memory foam beds, which is the Layla mattress.


    Layla copper mattress

    It has a soft and a firm side to choose from.

    Side sleepers will probably prefer the soft side since it’s right around a medium soft on the scale, while the firm side might be a little more accommodating for all sleep styles, since it’s just a little bit firmer than a proper medium.

    But aside from their different firmnesses on either side, both are going to have the same type of memory foam feel but it’s not like you’re traditional memory foam slab.

    The copper infused memory foam used on either side is a lot more light, airy and responsive than a prototypical dense viscous memory foam that you find on, let’s say, Nectar or Tempur-Pedic bed.

    For this reason, I would say that the Layla mattress has more of a fluffy memory foam feel.

    You’re gonna lay down on this mattress and feel some of the pressure relieving sinking qualities from those top layers, but since they are so responsive, you shouldn’t really ever feel stuck in the bed at the same time.

    Switching between sleeping positions is pretty much effortless.

    A queen size usually retails for around a thousand dollars online. Layla often offers discounts and when all said and done, you should be looking at paying closer to around $899 after discount.

    Regardless of how you like to sleep, I think that one of the sides on the Layla mattress should be accommodating for you.

    Unless of course you are looking for a firmer, more supportive bed.

    In that case, you should look at Plank mattress from Brooklyn Bedding.



    It is a double-sided bed that offers two different sides that skew towards the firmer end of the spectrum.

    The firm side is close to around medium firm on the scale. The extra firm side is right around the proper firm.

    Both sides are probably going to work best for strict back and stomach sleepers, who typically want beds that offer plenty of support.

    Combination sleepers might be able to get by on the firm side, but if you are primary a side sleeper, I think that this mattress is going to be too firm for your liking.

    It has more of a firm neutral foam feel, so it’s not really gonna contour to the shape of your body, like a memory foam bed. It is gonna feel pretty familiar to the average sleeper, but it is a lot firmer than your standard online mattress.

    Also since it’s so firm, you are going to lay more on top of this bed rather than sink into it.

    In terms of temperature regulation, it’s pretty good. It’s not one of those bed that’s really gonna warm up on you at all.

    Pricing isn’t bad either. Like the Layla mattress, a queen-size currently retails for around $1,000. But since pricing for online beds does change all the time, check for yourself what they are currently offering.

    But all things considered, Plank definitely lives up to its name.

    It’s a great option for anyone that’s looking for firmer, flippable all-foam bed.



    This mattress by Saatva is for anyone who’s looking for a latex foam option that’s also flippable.

    Like all the other Saatva beds, Zenhaven is clearly built to a higher standard than most other online beds.

    It has this golden embroidery, this organic cotton cover that looks, feels and smells pretty nice. It also has organic wool, and ethically sourced latex foam for it’s support and comfort layers.

    Its pricing definitely reflects that notion of it being a more premium option.

    A queen size is just shy of around $2000, so it’s certainly not going to be the most of affordable bed on this list. In the past, Saatva never had promotions on their beds. They occasionally now will, usually around major holidays and stuff like that.

    So just check what they are currently offering for the Zenhaven mattress.

    But it is indeed a really nice flippable mattress that offers two different sides to choose from.

    Like Plank, they do skew towards the firmer end of the spectrum. So the luxury plush side will probably work best for back, stomach and combination sleepers, while strict back and stomach sleepers might prefer the gentle firm side.

    Zenhaven has that bouncy spongy feel that’s associated with most other latex foam beds. It’s going to be nice and responsive with little to no sinking. Pretty much the opposite of a memory foam mattress.

    However since it is the bed that’s entirely made up of foam layers, it’s going to be most ideal for medium and petite size individuals.

    If you’re heavier, in the range of 230 to 250 pounds, I strongly suggest getting a hybrid bed with pocketed coils because they’re going to provide a little more support for your particular body type.

    But if you are in the market for a flippable hybrid option then maybe check out the Idle sleep hybrid mattress.

    Copper Infused Mattress



    This is a 14.5 inch thick bed that uses a combination of pocketed coil and various comfort foams to give it an all-around accommodating feel.

    It almost feels somewhere in between a memory foam and a soft neutral foam, so like Casper Wave or a thicker Leesa mattress.

    Like all the other beds on this list, it has two different sides and each has its own firmness.

    The medium side is indeed around a medium on the scale, so it’ll work for all sleeper types, back, stomach and combination.

    While the luxury foam side is in between a medium firm and a proper firm, making at the best option for strict back and stomach sleepers.

    A queen-size usually cost a little over $1400, but Idle is one of those brands that’s super aggressive with their discounts.

    The policies that come with this bed are also super consumer-friendly. You are actually getting 18 month trial period to test this bed in the comfort of your own home. And should you decide to keep it, it is backed by lifetime warranty.

    So if you are looking for a supportive hybrid bed with two different sides that both have pretty accommodating feel, you really can’t go wrong with Idle mattress.

    Nest Alexander


    If you want a flippable bed that is on the more luxurious side, look at getting the Nest Alexander mattress.

    It’s a super comfy option that I think the majority of sleepers out there are going to really enjoy it.

    It’s a two sided mattress that features a medium and a luxury firm side.

    The medium side is indeed around true medium on the scale, so that’s going to be the best option for all sleeper types. While the luxury firm side is more so in between a medium firm and a firm. That’ll be best for strict back and stomach sleepers.

    Overall it’s got more of a soft supportive feel on the medium side, which actually feels a bit like memory foam in terms of how much pressure relief you get. The firm side has more of a firm foam feel in general.

    The polices that come with this bed are also super consumer-friendly. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty, you get a lifetime comfort guarantee.

    Considering that it’s a more luxurious option, it’s also priced pretty affordably. The MSRP for a queen size is around $1,600, but after discount you can usually get it for considerably lower.

    I do think that the Nest Alexander is a top contender when it comes to the best flippable online mattresses.

    Nolah Signature

    Mattress that you can flip over

    This 12-inch mattress is my favorite all-foam pick for this category.

    It has dense support core poly foam in the middle. Towards the soft side you have a more responsive transitional layer. And then a proprietary layer of Nolah AirFoam on top.

    Towards the firm side you have a thinner layer of that Nolah AirFoam on top of that dense support core.

    This proprietary layer of Nolah AirFoam is kind of unique. It behaves like a memory foam in terms of how much pressure relief you get, but more like a neutral foam in terms of its responsiveness.

    For this reason I often describe this bed to have more of a blended foam feel.

    When you lay down on it, you might feel some of the pressure relieving qualities associated with memory foam, but since it’s more responsive than that, switching between sleeping positions is pretty much effortless.

    The soft side is right around the medium on the scale, so that’ll be able to accommodate all sleeping preferences. The firm side is about proper medium-firm. That will be the best option for back, stomach and combination sleepers.

    Keep in mind that if you want a flip this bed, you’re going to have to take the entire cover off, then flip the bed and then put the entire cover back on. So it’s not the most convenient flippable bed on the list.

    But all in all, I think it’s super comfy bed that a lot of sleepers will really enjoy.

    Click here to check out its current pricing and promotions.

    Those are the best flippable beds out there right now.

    If you’re in the market for double sided mattress, hopefully this review served as a good starting point for you and at least one of these beds piqued your interest.

    Two Sided Mattress vs One Sided

    One of the questions I get a lot is should I buy a two sided or double sided mattress or is a single sided mattress just fine. That’s kind of a complicated question.

    Two sided mattresses were what was basically only available for a long period of time. And then somewhere around the early 2000s, the industry shifted to single sided.

    They did so for a variety of reasons, but believe it or not, one of the things that happened right after they made the change, was the amount of warranty claims, which is indicative of how well the mattresses perform, actually went down.

    A single sided mattress, when it’s made well, can be just as good, if not better than a double sided mattress. However, it all boils down to the style of comfort materials that are used and the amount of them, along with the inner spring system.

    Let’s do a quick deep dive into a two sided mattress that is gonna be very high quality.

    A two sided mattress that uses a tied coil system, where each coil is actually connected to its neighbor, is going to last longer and provide a better support overall than some of the other mattresses that are single sided with the exact same design.

    The reason for that is because if the comfort materials start to wear on one side, you flip it over and you basically have a fresh new-feeling mattress on the other side.

    The one instance where that is different is when it comes to premium comfort materials. They have made a huge change in not only the performance of a mattress, but also the comfort life expectancy.

    Premium comfort materials consist primarily of three main types of foam: latex, memory foam and gel memory foam.

    The more amount of those premium comfort materials you have in your mattress the longer it’s going to last in general.

    A single sided mattress that has a high amount of memory foam, latex or gel memory foam, will give you fantastic performance. You’ll never need to flip it and it will give you amazing performance for the duration of the comfort life expectancy.

    Conversely, double-sided mattresses that use primarily polyurethane based foams, which are typical of just about every mattress on the market today, they are good quality foams, but they aren’t premium.

    If you get a two sided design, then you’re gonna get a longer life expectancy in general then you would get out of a single sided mattress with the exact same style of foams being used.

    The reason for that is because, like I just said, you can flip it over and have that new feel on the other side. And while you’re sleeping on the top, it’ll kind of compress and even out the materials on the bottom and then you can just keep repeating the cycle.

    Long story short, premium comfort material is the most important aspect when choosing a mattress.

    If you’re gonna go with memory foam and latex, single sided is perfect. If you’re gonna go with polyurethane, you can invest in a double sided mattress and it will help extend the comfort life.


    Who Sells Flippable Mattresses?

    Not many companies sell flippable mattresses, but more and more are starting to emerge. Those that currently sell the best flippable mattresses are Layla, Brooklyn Bedding, Saatva. Idle, Alexander and Nolah.

    Who Makes Flippable Mattresses?

    Only small number of manufacturers make double-sided beds. It’s important to keep in mind that not all of them are high quality. The best ones are made by Layla, Brooklyn Bedding, Saatva. Idle, Alexander and Nolah.

    Where can I buy a flippable mattress?

    You can buy flippable mattresses online. In most cases you cannot find them in your local store. You need to visit different websites to buy one of them.

    Are Flippable Mattresses Better?

    The are not necessarily better. It depends on who makes them and what is their construction. Their biggest advantage is that yo get two beds in one. You can flip them to find the side that better suits you.

    Are All Mattresses Flippable?

    Not all mattresses are flippable. As a matter of fact, most beds on the market right now cannot be flipped. The other, opposite side of these mattresses is not designed for sleeping.

    Affordable Good Quality Mattress (Comfortable All-Foam)

    Individually Wrapped Coil Mattress

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