Ettitude Bamboo Bedding Review


    Here I’m taking a look at the Bamboo Lyocell Sheets Set from Ettitude.

    I’ll be honest, I’ve never tested a set of bamboo Lyocell sheets before. I’m very excited to see what it’s all about.

    First Impressions


    Sheets are on the bed and I have to be honest, I’m really feeling wowed by these sheets.

    First of all, I know that they’re made from bamboo Lyocell, because of course it’s in the title, but they feel just like silk. They are so silky smooth, so light.

    I’m loving how they sort of just drape over my body shape and over the mattress.  Just really impressed by how sleek and luxurious they look and feel.

    I’m also noticing that, true to bamboo-based bedding, they definitely are quite wrinkly.

    They came out of the package that way and even after washing and drying them, they’re still pretty wrinkly. That’s worth noting.

    Another thing I’m noticing is that this really silky feel is also contributing to a little bit of a slippery feel. I am noticing that the top sheet and the pillowcases are kind of slipping and sliding around the mattress a little bit.

    I’ll be totally honest, this is my kind of sheet. They’re light, they’re breathable, they’re super silky.



    Let’s take a closer examination of what exactly Ettitude sheets are made of.

    As the name suggest, these are made from 100-percent bamboo Lyocell. This is the company’s flagship fabric.

    It is a sustainable textile made from renewable plant-based materials, in other words very eco-friendly.

    I’ve actually tested a lot of bedding products made from Lyocell and it always brings this really smooth, soft, breathable qualities to the game which I love.

    Traditional Lyocell, like the bedding that I’ve tested so far, is made from dissolving wood pulp. Whereas bamboo Lyocell is made specifically from dissolving bamboo pulp.

    Bamboo pulp is crushed, washed and then spun into this gorgeous lustrous fabric that you see in this bedding.

    Bamboo based bedding comes with a lot of perks which is why it’s a particular favorite of mine.

    For example, bamboo based bedding is naturally moisture-wicking, super durable, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial. The list goes on and on.

    For those reasons, a lot of sleepers specifically look for bamboo-based bedding.

    Personally the reason that I like bamboo based bedding so much is because of those naturally moisture-wicking and super breathable properties.

    I am a hot sleeper so those naturally moisture waking properties are helping me to sort of stay fresh and dry. The breath-ability of course is helping to dissipate my body’s heat.

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    What You Get?

    So what are you getting with every Ettitude bedding set?

    Well, you are getting a top sheet, a fitted-sheet, and two pillowcases.

    Now, it is worth noting if you get a twin-sized set, it does only come with one pillowcase.

    To give you an idea of what the pillowcase looks like – this is just the standard queen size – it does feature these envelope closures, which sort of snugly tucks the pillows away, which is another personal preference of mine.

    I’ve got the set in a color called Blue Nights and it’s this really beautiful, deep color blue.

    This sheet set actually comes in nine different colors so you definitely have room to sort of get creative with the aesthetic.



    It’s no secret that these Ettitude sheets are getting high marks from me but, let’s take a closer look at which sleepers are going to be most compatible with these sheets.

    First of all these sheets are so silky. If you have been looking for a sheet set that has all the smoothness of silk, with all the natural perks of bamboo, this could very well be the sheet set for you.

    What are the perks of bamboo-based bedding? It is sustainably sourced, so it is eco-friendly. It’s hypoallergenic, moisture waking, and it’s super durable.

    You are not just sleeping on sheets that are earth friendly, you are also sleeping on sheets that are built to last you a good long while.

    Something that I always look for in sheets is easy wash care and these definitely qualify. All you’ve got to do is wash on a cold setting, tumble dry on low heat, and that’s it.

    I have to say that I have washed and dried these and I was really impressed by how well they retained both their color and their luster.


    Another thing worth noting about this bedding is if you are on the hunt for bedding that offers a crisp feel, this is not it.

    Like I said, it is super silky, very smooth, and not at all crisp. If you are looking for crisp bedding, I recommend looking in the cotton percale section.

    Lastly, ranging from about $140 to $200 these sheets just are not going to be in everyone’s price range.

    However, they do come with a generous 30-night trial period wherein you have thirty days to test it out, see how it fits into your lifestyle. If you don’t love it, just send it on back for a refund.

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