DreamCloud Best Rest Pillow Review


    Here I’ll be reviewing DreamCloud Best Rest Pillow.

    I’ll be going over the construction and feel of this pillow as well as discuss its performance by sleeper type. Also go over some pros and cons and some of the brand’s policies.

    Hopefully by the end of this article you’ll have a good idea of whether this pillow could be right for you.



    There’s a lot of different ways to make a pillow, so let’s take a look at what the Best Rest Pillow is made of.

    I always like to start off with materials because it’s kind of like reading the nutrition label on your food. It’s good to know what things are made of.

    First we’ve got the cover which is made of a blend of polyethylene, polyester and spandex.

    This cover is removable but it’s not machine washable. So I would definitely recommend using a pillow case with this cover.

    If we unzip the pillow we can see the filling, which is copper gel infused memory foam.

    It’s got this netting on it but that there are perforations in the foam, which will allow for more air flow within the pillow.

    Copper is also really commonly used in cooling memory foam products. so between the copper and the perforations I think the foam should do pretty well with cooling.

    This pillow is available in two sizes which are standard and king sizes and the loft of both of those sizes is 5.5 inches.

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    I think I’ve got a pretty solid understanding of what this pillow is made of. So let’s talk about how it feels.

    In order to give you the best understanding of what this pillow would feel like, I took it home and I tested it out for a few nights.

    Do keep in mind that feel can be a little bit more subjective, so you might have a slightly different experience than I did.

    The first thing I noticed when I picked up this pillow immediately was how cool to the touch the cover feels.

    Even when I was sleeping on it at home I still thought it felt pretty cool, even through my pillowcase.

    Regarding the actual feel of the pillow itself, I would say the Best Rest Pillow has a pretty solidly medium feel.

    It feels pretty bouncy and responsive to me and when you press into it, it pretty much reforms immediately.

    Personally I really like this pillow.

    I like the rectangular shape because some pillows tend to be a little bit taller in the middle than they are on the sides, which I don’t really like as much personally.

    I also like that this pillow has just enough give to let your head sink into it a little bit but it still feels really supportive overall.

    Sleeping Positions

    What’s your primary sleeping position?

    I’m asking because your primary sleeping position can actually determine what kind of pillow is best for you-

    Let’s start off with back sleepers.

    Back sleepers are generally about keeping things medium. Medium firm and medium loftness are generally best for back sleepers.

    While 5.5 inches is a little bit on the higher side, I still think that this pillow could work really well for back sleepers because of the flat rectangular shape.

    Personally I’m a pretty habitual back sleeper myself but I found this pillow to be super comfy.

    I think the foam does a good job of keeping your head elevated without cranking your neck up and causing any neck pain.

    Now for side sleepers.

    I actually think the Best Rest Pillow is a pretty good choice for side sleepers.

    Side sleepers generally want a higher loft and a firmer feel and so while this pillow does have more of a medium feel, I think it can still work really well for side sleepers because it is so supportive with the foam.

    When I was lying on my side with this pillow, I felt that my head and neck were pretty well supported and that my spinal alignment was being maintained pretty well.

    Finally, stomach sleepers.

    Personally, I didn’t find this pillow to be really comfortable for sleeping on my stomach.

    I think that’s because stomach sleepers generally want a pretty low loft and a really soft pillow.

    So if you’re a full-time stomach sleeper I probably wouldn’t recommend this because I think the loft is too high and could cause your neck to crane.

    But I think the flatter shape could work for occasional stomach sleeping.



    It’s time for pros and cons.

    Let’s go over what I liked and what I didn’t like so much about this pillow.

    First up pros.

    My first pro for this pillow would definitely be the cooling features.

    I think that the copper infusion, the perforations and the cooling cover, all work really well to keep this pillow feeling as cool as a cucumber.

    Hot sleepers, this one is going to be a great pick for you.

    Next I really like the shape and feel of this pillow.

    I tend not to like pillows that have that big ballooning, more rounded shape. So I really like the rectangular shape of this pillow, paired with that bouncy supportive foam feel.

    Third I also really like how versatile this pillow is for different sleeping positions.

    I think if you’re a combination sleeper, especially one who switches between sleeping on your side and sleeping on your back, that you’ll really like this pillow.


    Now for the cons.

    My first con for this pillow would be that the cover is not machine washable.

    To me one of the biggest advantages of having a removable cover is being able to throw it in the washing machine and ensure that my pillow is staying really clean. On their website, DreamCloud recommends only spot cleaning this cover.

    Second I would say that this pillow is just not really going to be a good option for stomach sleepers.

    If you’re a full-time stomach sleeper I would say to go for something with a little bit lower of a loft and it’s a little bit softer so that you can maintain a good neutral spine alignment.

    Third and finally this pillow is only available in two sizes, which just limits your options a little bit.


    Let’s go over some of DreamCloud’s policies.

    DreamCloud does offer free shipping within the contiguous United States. Customers in Hawaii and Alaska will have to pay an additional shipping fee.

    DreamCloud offers a 50-night sleep trial period with this pillow and that means you can test the pillow out for 50 nights at home and if you decide that it’s not a right fit for you, you can return it for a full refund.

    Finally DreamCloud does not offer a warranty for this pillow.

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