Double Sided Memory Foam Pillow (TEMPUR-Symphony Review)

    Have you been on the hunt for the pillow that could bring you harmonious, symphonious sleep?

    Then the TEMPUR-Symphony could be just the thing.

    I’m going to go over what this pillow is made of, how it feels and who it’s best for.

    Policies & Prices

    First let’s take a look at the policies and prices for the TEMPUR-Symphony pillow.

    TEMPUR-Pedic offers free shipping within the contiguous United States. Customers in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and other U.S territories will have to pay an additional shipping fee.

    TEMPUR-Pedic does not offer a sleep trial with this pillow, meaning that it can only be returned if it is damaged or defective upon receiving it.

    TEMPUR-Pedic also offers a five-year warranty on this pillow.

    Now for the prices.

    This pillow just comes in one standard size, which is currently priced at $119, but keep in mind that these prices do change often.



    What is this pillow made of?

    First, we’ve got the outer cover. This cover is polyester knit and it is removable, machine washable and hypoallergenic.

    If we unzip the pillow ,we can see the core of it. This core is a piece of molded TEMPUR material foam, which is TEMPUR-Pedic’s proprietary memory foam. It’s covered in polyester

    This foam block is a little bit different than some other foam blocks because it’s dual sided.

    One side is a contoured side and the other side is a flat side. The contoured side is molded into an arch shape to provide more support for the head and neck. The flat side is more of a traditional flat pillow shape.

    TEMPUR-Pedic says the contoured side is designed for back sleepers and the flat side is designed for stomach and side sleepers.

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    I’m sure you’re wondering what this pillow feels like.

    I tested it out for a few nights to give you all a good idea of the feel of the TEMPUR-Symphony. But do keep in mind that feel is a little bit more subjective so you might have a different experience than I did.

    Overall though I would say this pillow has a pretty medium firmness. The foam is pretty soft and adaptable and it molds around your head quite cozily.

    I would say it’s got that pretty classic TEMPUR-Pedic deep slow sinking feel, but it’s still pretty sturdy and it provides a good amount of support.

    When I was testing out the two different sides of this pillow, I could definitely feel a difference between the flat side and the contoured side.

    The flat side is very even and flat and the contoured side provides a little bit of extra lift for the head and neck.

    I’ll also add that this isn’t going to be the best pillow for hot sleepers.

    The memory foam is able to provide that super adaptive, super contouring feel by absorbing your body heat and molding around your head and neck.

    This is naturally going to trap a lot of heat.

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    Sleep Positions

    Let’s take what we know about the construction and feel of this pillow and put them together to talk about how it’s going to work for different sleeping positions, as every sleeping position has different needs from their pillow.

    First up back sleepers.

    For back sleepers I usually recommend a pillow with a medium firmness and a medium loft.

    The TEMPUR-Symphony meets both of those criteria perfectly and after testing it out myself, I could say it is quite comfortable for sleeping on your back.

    I think the contoured side, which TEMPUR-Pedic design for back sleepers, is very comfortable, but honestly the flatter side’s pretty comfy too.

    Now for side sleepers.

    For you all, I generally recommend a firm pillow with a higher loft. The TEMPUR-Symphony doesn’t match up with that exactly, but I still think it works pretty well for side sleepers.

    I found the flat side, which TEMPUR-Pedic says is best for side sleepers, work well for maintaining my spinal alignment while on my side.

    However I honestly prefer the contoured side for slide sleeping, as it provides a little bit of a higher loft to keep my neck in line with my spine.

    Finally let’s talk about how this pillow works for stomach sleepers.

    I usually advise stomach sleepers to pick a low loft pillow that’s pretty soft to prevent their necks from craning.

    TEMPUR-Pedic says the flat side of the temper symphony should work for stomach sleepers, but personally I found it to be way too tall for comfortably lying on my stomach.

    The foam doesn’t compress enough to counteract the loft being that high. I felt my neck crating upwards significantly so I really wouldn’t recommend this for stomach sleepers.



    Now that we’ve covered construction, feel and sleeping positions, let’s recap with a good old-fashioned pros and cons list, starting off with the pros.

    First I really like the feel of this pillow. The TEMPUR material foam is quite comfortable as it allows you to sink in deeply for some cozy contouring while still providing some good support.

    Next I think the dual sided design of this pillow is pretty interesting.

    I think it definitely adds a lot of versatility and makes it a great choice for someone who’s a little indecisive or maybe isn’t sure what shape of pillow they want.

    Third and finally I also really appreciate that the outer cover of this pillow is machine washable, as that’ll help you to keep it super clean.


    Now onto the cons.

    My first con for this pillow is that i don’t think it really lives up to its claim to work for all sleeping positions.

    The flat side was still too lofty and elevating to keep stomach sleepers head and neck in line with their spine..

    Second this isn’t going to be a great choice for hot sleepers as this memory foam is naturally going to trap a lot of heat.

    Third and finally this pillow only comes in one standard size, so if you want a king-size pillow it’s not the best choice.

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