Do You Need A Box Spring? What is The Purpose of a Box Spring?


    Box springs, do you need one?

    I’m here to answer that question. I’m talking about box springs, what they are, what they do and help you decide if you need one or not.

    At the end of the article I’ll be answering frequently asked questions about box springs.

    Let’s get started.

    What exactly is a box spring?


    It’s pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a box with springs inside, usually made of something like wood or metal, but usually going to be wood and inside you’re gonna have coils of different shapes and sizes. On top you’re gonna have some type of fabric.

    A lot of times people mistake this for a foundation, but they are not the same thing.

    A foundation inside is gonna have some even slats, usually wooden slats, a better match for memory foam mattresses, more modern types of mattresses. A box springs gonna have coils inside, a better match for inner spring mattresses.

    Why do people use a box spring?

    There’s a number of reasons and the main one is to create a barrier between the mattress and your bed frame.

    It’s also going to add some more support to your mattress, specifically if you’re using an inner spring mattress.

    It can also reduce the strain you put on your inner spring mattress and extend its life overall.

    Also those who want more of a tall looking bed should definitely consider a box spring and add some serious height to your bed.

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    Do you need a box spring?

    There are two ways to find out. The first way is by checking with the manufacturer of your mattress. Go on their website and find out if they recommend using a box spring with that mattress. If they say to use a box spring, and you don’t get a box spring, you can actually void your warranty.

    Definitely keep this in mind.

    The second way is by thinking about what type of bed you’re using. If it’s more of a classic, antique bed, you’re definitely need to use a box spring with that type of bed.

    But if it’s more of a modern adjustable bed or a platform bed, a lot of times you’re not gonna need a box spring.

    If you do get a box spring, it is going to make things more expensive. You’re gonna have to get a bed frame, a box spring and then a mattress as well. But that being said, it is going to extend the life of your mattress, especially if you’re dealing with an inner spring mattress.

    So it’s definitely a good investment.



    Now I gonna answer some frequently asked questions about box springs.

    What is the purpose of a box spring?

    It can help extend life of your mattress, help absorb some of the shock as you move around on your inner spring mattress. It’s also going to add some height to that mattress.

    Is a box spring necessary for a bed?

    It depends on your specific situation. If you have more of a classic type of bed, an antique bed with an inner spring mattress on top of that, you’re probably going to need a box spring. But if you have more of a modern platform bed and a memory foam mattress, you’re probably not gonna need a box spring.

    How much is a box spring?

    It really depends on the construction of that box spring, the quality, the brand, also the size of your mattress. But for a queen size, for instance, I’ve seen anything from a hundred dollars up to five hundred dollars.

    Can I buy just a box spring?

    The answer is, yes, you can. But I do recommend if you’re looking at a specific mattress that recommends a box spring, I would definitely get the box spring made to go with that mattress.

    Do I need a box spring for all foam mattress?

    Yes, you do need a box spring for an all foam mattress. The reason why is an all foam mattress need to have some type of solid surface, solid foundation.

    A foundation / box springs provides that. A platform bed with a solid surface also provides that and thirdly a bunkie board. A bunkie board go on a platform bed that has slat rolls on it, because you need a solid surface for that all foam mattress.

    Another reason why you would need a box bring, a bunkie board or at least a solid surface for your all foam mattress is if that mattress would just sit on a slat roll, the weight on the sleep surface and the mattress going down in between the slats can void the manufacture warranty on that mattress.

    Not only could avoid the manufacture warranty, it could ruin the mattress. But the unique thing about purchasing a platform bed is they’re designed to take mattress only, no box spring / foundation.

    Depending on the manufacturer of that platform bed, will totally depend on whether or not you need a bunkie board. What I mean by that is some platform beds out there in the industry have what they call slat rolls on the bed itself. If it’s a slat roll, you cannot put an all memory foam mattress on a slat roll, it would void the manufacturer warranty and it could damage the mattress or the sleep surface.

    At this point you should know if you need a box spring or not.

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