6 Crisp 100% Cotton Percale Sheets


    If you love your sheets to feel crisp like a fresh pressed shirt, chances are you love the weave that is used to construct them.

    It is called the percale weave and it is one of two weave styles used to make sheets.

    This weave will leave your sheets looking matte and feeling very crisp.

    For this article, I’ve got a list of my six favorite sheets that feature the percale weave.

    Let’s get started.



    My first pick is said to be the internet’s favorite set of sheets, and I think I agree with that tagline. It’s Brooklinen Classic Core Set.

    The Brooklinen Classic set is made from 100% organic cotton that has been OEKO Tex certified. This means that the cotton has been grown, processed and produced without harmful chemicals or toxins.

    These sheets do feature that percale weave, and believe me when I tell you they feel very crisp.

    So if that’s what you love about sheets, these are ones to check out. Brooklinen will sell these sheets in white, black and black and white color and design options.

    But the best thing about the color options is that they’ve got limited design, color and designs to pick from year round.

    My favorite thing about these sheets though, is that they’ve got long and short labels in the fitted sheet. So if you’re anything like me, you will get that fitted sheet on the bed the first time.

    The Brooklinen Classic set has a thread count of 270. With percale weave sheets, you’re going to see lower thread counts because that’s going to have tons of room for air to flow through your sheets.

    Coupled with cotton’s natural breathability, these are going to be a great option for hot sleepers out there.



    If you’re very hot sleeper, you just don’t sleep good at night. Luckily, Casper has a percale set of sheets that are lightweight and super breathable.

    The Casper percale sheets are made from 100% organic cotton and they have a thread count of 300. So air is going to be able to flow through these sheets really easily.

    Coupled with cotton’s natural breathability, these are a great cooling set of sheets.

    Casper will sell this set in ten different colors and they’ll pick certain colors to discount throughout the year. So be on the lookout for a great deal.

    The fitted sheets can fit mattress up to 18 inches tall, with the average mattress height about eight to 14 inches. So that fitted sheet is staying on and those corners are not popping up.

    You have 30 days to test them out and if you keep them, you get a one year warranty.

    Tuft & Needle


    If you’re looking for a high quality set of percale sheets, then the Tuft and Needle percale sheets are a good option.

    They’re made from 100% supima cotton, which has grown to be more durable and a bit softer than traditional cotton.

    It’s very breathable and it even has some moisture wicking properties. All this to say it’s another win for hot sleepers out there.

    Tuft & Needle sells the sheets in a few different neutral shades. You get 100 nights to test them out, and if you keep them, you get a two year warranty. So these sheets should last at least that long.



    One other type of cotton you’ll see on the market is Egyptian cotton.

    Different growing conditions allow the cotton grown in Egypt to be much more durable and a little bit softer.

    My favorite set of Egyptian cotton sheets that use the percale weave are the Parachute percale sheets.

    These sheets are going to feel much more lightweight and a little bit softer than some of the other cotton sheets on this list because of that Egyptian cotton.

    It’s also going to be very durable material, so they should last you a long time as well.

    The fitted sheet can fit mattress up to 16 inches tall. You’ve got nine neutral shades to pick from, and if you buy them, you get 60 nights to test them out. And if you keep them, you get a three year warranty. So they should last that long with good care.

    American Blossom


    If you’re a resident of the USA, then chances are you love a homegrown, homemade product. Well, look no further than American Blossom linen sheets.

    They make the sheets right here in the US. These sheets are made from 100% organic West Texas cotton, and it is constructed into that percale weave with a custom thread count of 180. This is going to make them super breathable and very cooling.

    They are going to feel very crisp, but American Blossom says that they’ll get softer with more use, and every time you wash them.

    These are an organic set of sheets, too. American Blossom does not treat its sheets with chemicals or dyes, meaning you only have two colors to pick from, white or natural.

    The best thing about these sheets, though, is that they have American Blossom’s happiness guarantee, meaning you get two years to try these sheets out before you decide to keep them. That is one of the longest trial periods I have seen for a set of sheets.

    Boll & Branch


    If you’re looking to splurge, then my favorite luxury percale sheets are the Boll & Branch percale hemmed sheets.

    They’re made from 100% organic cotton that has also been GOTS certified. This is the gold standard for calling something an organic product.

    The cotton has been spun, which will give these sheets a very soft feel, but they are constructed with a proprietary Boll & Branch cooling percale weave, so these are going to be a great option for hot sleepers.

    When you couple that with cotton’s natural breathability, you’ve got seven initial shades to pick from if you want a little bit of color variety.

    But since these are a luxury pick, they’re going to cost a pretty penny. But with good care, these shades should last you at least two years.

    See also silver infused sheets.


    I’ve taken the time to gather some of the most frequently asked questions about percale sheets. Let’s answer them.

    Is percale better than sateen weave?

    The sateen is the other weave style used to construct sheets. If you think about it, it sounds like satin so that’s what those sheets are going to feel like. Percale sheets will feel much crisper and will often be more breathable than sateen sheets.

    So ultimately it just boils down to personal preference here. There’s no one that’s better than the other. If you like a crisp breathable set of sheets, go with the percale sheets. If you like something that feels much softer and satin like, go with sateen weave.

    Are percale sheets good for hot sleepers?

    They are! Percale weave sheets are constructed with tons of room for airflow so you’ll often see lower thread counts on these sheets too.

    This combination of things means it’s going to be great for breathability. You’re definitely going to feel air flow through these sheets and you’ll stay cool at night.

    Are 100% cotton percale sheets good?

    If you noticed, all of the sheets on this list were made from cotton, so the short answer is yes. But to further explain, cotton has a naturally breathable quality to it.

    So coupled with this construction which is more durable, cotton percale sheets will last you a long time and you’ll sleep cool with them too.

    There you have it. My list of the best sheets that feature the percale weave.

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