Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Celliant Cover)

    copper infusded memory foam mattress topper

    For a variety of reasons, some people would prefer a topper to a mattress. Certain individuals do not want to deal with the trouble of replacing an entire mattress, while some do not have the financial means to do so.

    If your mattress is exhibiting signs of deterioration but is still holding up, you might consider investing in a mattress topper.

    The Bear Pro is one of the most recent mattress toppers to reach the customer. This topper has received much interest as a result of its ability to provide excellent support and comfort to its customers.

    But what really is the truth about this mattress topper? Is it the right fit for you? I’ll go over everything you need to know about Bear’s Pro mattress topper in this review.


    copper infusded memory foam mattress topper

    The Bear Pro mattress topper is 2 inches thick, which is about standard. There are currently no additional thickness options available.

    It is protected by a Celliant cover. Celliant is made up of natural minerals and is recognized for decreasing inflammation and maintaining a healthy body temperature.

    The Bear Pro topper’s core is constructed of memory foam. However, unlike the original Bear mattress, which is made of cooling graphite gel memory foam, the Pro topper includes copper. When copper is utilized in sleep items, it has a number of advantages, which I’ll go over shortly.

    You don’t have to be concerned about receiving a product that contains chemicals that could threaten you or the planet. CertiPUR US certified memory foam makes up the Bear Pro mattress topper.

    It indicates that the foam does not contain toxic amounts of lead, mercury, or other compounds that deplete the ozone layer.

    Additionally, the FDA has found that Celliant products are both medical devices and general wellness products.


    The Bear Pro mattress topper has a nice amount of plushness to it. If your mattress is a little too hard, the Bear mattress topper will provide a soft sensation that moulds around your back, side, shoulders, and other body areas.

    While your shoulders and hips sink somewhat, it doesn’t sink as much as some other foam toppers. It also doesn’t appear to be difficult to move around. This is ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers, as it provides the ideal amount of support for your hips and shoulders without sacrificing comfort.

    It may be a little soft for stomach sleepers, but if you have a firm mattress beneath, it should be OK.

    copper cooling mattress topper


    When it comes to absorbing heat and causing the sleeper to feel hot, memory foam is a big no-no. This mattress topper, however, differs from normal memory foam toppers in that it is copper-infused, which aids in the removal of excess heat from your body.

    Copper, in addition to keeping the sleeper cool, has an antibacterial function that can help avoid unpleasant odors and germs build-up.

    Due to its thermoregulation capabilities, the accompanying Celliant cover also contributes to providing a cooling effect.

    But, when you sleep, does it bring you a cool experience? It certainly does. In fact, I discovered that the Pro topper can efficiently replicate the ideal sleeping environment: neutral body temperature.

    Transfer of Motion

    If you share a bed, the Bear Pro topper helps isolate movement from one side to the other, which is beneficial if you have a partner. It means that even if you have someone who moves around frequently, the other side will experience minimal disruption.

    It’s also a great choice for people who have huge pets who sleep in the same bed with them sometimes. Because of the great motion isolation features, even if your pet struggles to find a comfortable location, you’re unlikely to have disrupted sleep.

    Edge Support

    The mattress topper is just two inches thick. When it comes to edge support, don’t anticipate much. When you get close to the edge of the bed, you may notice a dip, particularly if you’re sleeping on your side or sitting on the edge.

    The 2-inch topper, on the other hand, does a good job of supporting your weight if you lie flat on your back.

    Who Is The Bear Pro Mattress Topper For?

    celliant mattress topper

    Individuals that engage in a lot of physical activity

    The Celliant cover is one of the topper’s standout features. Celliant is a non-invasive proprietary technology that has been scientifically demonstrated to help the human body, despite the fact that it is merely a cover. It’s been shown to improve tissue oxygen levels and athletic performance by utilizing your body’s natural energy to speed up recuperation periods.

    Those who require extra back support

    If you require more back support, the Bear Pro topper contours to your hips and shoulders, relieving pressure in key parts of body.

    Those who are unwilling to invest money on a new mattress

    If you don’t want to spend the money on a new mattress, the Bear Pro topper is a fantastic alternative. Although there are less expensive mattress toppers on the market, this one features a high-end design and materials that you won’t find in cheap toppers.

    Those looking for a comfortable night’s sleep

    Some people like their mattresses to be firmer, while others want their mattresses to be softer. The Bear Pro is unquestionably effective at making a softer surface. Please remember that if you have a firm mattress, the Bear will have a medium feel. The Bear Pro will provide a soft, velvety sensation if your mattress is already soft or medium.

    Environmentally aware customers

    Because the memory foam is CertiPur US certified, you can be assured that there are no dangerous chemicals in this mattress topper. Due to the Celliant cover, it is also a wonderful choice for individuals who are health conscious.

    Those looking for a cooling night’s sleep

    The Bear Pro mattress topper is laced with copper, as previously discussed. It helps to alleviate memory foam’s tendency to absorb body heat and performs what it’s supposed to do in terms of heat dissipation, or at the very least preventing the build-up of retained heat in the first place. It’s doubtful that you’ll get hot while sleeping.


    The Bear Pro mattress topper comes with free shipping in the United States. It’s built in the United States and ships out of Chicago. You’ll have to pay $25 for shipping if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada. In 2-7 business days, the topper will come.

    A 3-year warranty is included with the topper. In my opinion, this is too low, because comparably priced and similar items (such as the Layla mattress topper) come with warranties of 5 years or more.

    With this purchase, you’ll get a sleep trial of 100 nights. Mattress toppers are frequently sold without a sleep trial. Some brands provide 30-night trial.

    When it comes to returns, you’ll need to use the topper for at least 30 days before filing a claim. After 100 days, no returns or refunds will be accepted.

    copper infused mattress topper

    Value For Money

    The Bear Pro is without a doubt a high-end memory foam mattress topper. The prices for the different sizes available are comparable to those of a low-cost all-foam mattress.

    The materials, on the other hand, are of the highest quality. Bear’s offer of a 100-night sleep trial adds to the value of the deal. However, at three years, the warranty could be increased.

    The twin-sized mattress is the cheapest at $245 (before discount), making it a reasonably priced alternative for people searching for a better sleeping experience but without the funds to invest in a whole new luxury mattress.

    This will assist you in converting your current mattress into a hotel bed. It isn’t exactly a terrible bargain for the price. Overall, I believe it is still a great purchase.

    The Final Word

    For a variety of reasons, the Bear Pro mattress topper is a great pick. It conforms to your body’s contours, offering superb support and a luxurious sensation. It provides pressure point relief, making it an excellent choice for anyone with back and hip problems.

    Furthermore, the pricing is comparable to similar products of similar quality, putting it in the mid-range price bracket.

    Memory foam toppers aren’t for everyone, and they don’t last as long as latex. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is a high-end product with advanced technology and materials, such as copper foam and Celliant cover.

    Overall, it is an absolutely fantastic mattress topper that may help renew any mattress and increase sleep quality.

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