Best Copper Infused Foam Mattress

    copper infused mattress

    In this review, I will be talking about the Bear Pro mattress, which is the best copper infused foam mattress.

    There is another great mattress that uses copper, but more on that later.

    If you look at Bear’s lineup of beds, they have a super affordable gel memory foam mattress that’s just called Bear Mattress and then they have Bear Hybrid, which is an upgraded coil bed.

    This Bear Pro sits right in between the two. So it’s an upgraded foam bed, but it’s still really affordable.

    I’m gonna talk about the stuff that I like and don’t like about it. I’ll also cover things like feel and firmness, temperature, who it’s best for and all of that.

    best copper infused foam mattress


    Before we talk about the bed itself, if you happen to buy Bear Pro, what are some of the policies that it comes with?

    The first thing is free shipping.

    It is a bed in a box mattress, so you can pretty much treat it like a lot of the other beds that you would buy online.

    It’s gonna take three to seven business days to show up. Once it shows up at your house, you have 100 nights to test out the bed.

    It’s totally risk-free. They ask you to try it for a minimum of 30 nights, but after that 31st night, you can get all your money back.

    Whether it’s too soft or too firm or you just changed your mind, totally free returns. I think that’s pretty great. That’s why so many people are buying beds online, because it’s risk free.

    If you do keep it, it comes with a 10 year warranty.


    Bear Pro mattress

    Now let’s talk about pricing.

    For a queen size, Bear Pro is in $1,000 range, depending on whether they offer a discount or not.

    They do offer discounts frequently. At the time of posting this review, they offer $218 off.

    Even if you get it for a thousand dollars, I think it is still really affordable.

    It’s not as cheap as the original Bear Mattress, but again, this is their mid-range, a little bit upgraded foam bed.

    And speaking of it being a foam bed, let’s cover the construction of it.



    It is 12 inches thick. It starts with a high density layer of foam at the bottom.

    Then it has a transitional layer of polyfoam, that’s a little bit softer, so you don’t feel the dense support layer underneath.

    And then what it has is a really airy, fluffy, light version of a gel memory foam. In fact, if you just tap that foam, you’ll notice that it does have quite a bit of pressure relief.

    It remembers your shape for a second, but then it snaps right back into its shape. It’s a really soft, fluffy, gel memory foam that’s actually quite responsive for being a memory foam.

    But the main comfort layer for the bed is a very thin strip of copper infused foam. This again is a very fluffy, kind of neutral type of foam.

    Benefits of Copper Infused Mattress

    Why they put copper in a mattress?

    Because it’s a great thermal conductor that pulls away body heat while you sleep. It keeps you at just the right temperature.

    Copper infused foam has amazing heat distribution and rapid cooling.

    Another huge benefit is that copper is naturally anti-microbial and prevents the build-up of yucky stuff in your mattress.

    In other words, it creates a naturally antiviral and antibacterial environment. You will sleep healthier and more hygienic.

    I think the vast majority of people will find this mattress comfortable. If you take a hundred people, ninety percent of them would say the overall feel of the bed is really nice, very comfortable.

    Again, it has four layers of foam and has those really fluffy, airy, more responsive layers on top.



    It wouldn’t be a Bear mattress without the celliant cover. Bear doesn’t actually own the celliant technology but they do use it in their mattresses.

    I personally don’t have all the data to support this, but I know that the celliant has been proven to help with restful sleep, recovery times, circulation and a whole host of other things.

    I can’t tell you it works, I’m not gonna promise you that, but all I can tell you is that if you added up the amount of time I slept on a Bear mattress, I do think there’s something to the celliant covers.

    I think it actually works. I personally am a fan of the celliant cover. I count it as an advantage for the bed.

    By the way, the cover is removable. It’s got the zipper on the top, so if you do need to clean it, you can take it off and clean it.

    All in all, I think the cover is quite nice and I think the construction of the bed is really amazing.


    Me personally, I do prefer it over the original Bear Mattress. It’s more of a neutral overall feel. Like if you take a gel memory foam or just a memory foam in general, this bed has some of the qualities of that.

    Mainly you’ll get plenty of pressure relief. You do sink into it, but it’s so responsive, it just feels like a fluffy mattress, it’s really comfortable.

    I’d place it somewhere between a medium and a medium firm. It’s not quite as firm as the standard Bear Mattress, but somewhere in that zone.

    I put this mattress at about a 6.5 out of 10, right in the middle of that firmness range.

    The reason I feel that way is the top layer is very soft. The layer underneath is pretty soft. I think it’s pretty firm underneath that.

    You can push your hand in pretty easily at first, and then it gets pretty firm underneath that. Combined feeling, pretty medium firmness overall.

    Sleeping Positions

    It should work for all sleeping positions. I think side sleepers will be just fine. In fact most of these firmer beds, I’m not huge fans of them for side sleepers. This would be the exception.

    I think side sleepers, myself included, are just fine on this bed. Back, stomach and combination sleepers are fine as well.

    Starting on my back, first thing I notice is the memory foam kicks in and conforms very well to the curves of my body, then the layers underneath that definitely hold me up. I would say it’s a very supportive feel overall and I really enjoyed on my back.

    Switching to my side, definitely pretty good pressure relief on my shoulders and hips. I would say I feel just a tiny bit of pressure. I would say it’s pretty good for me on my side.

    Switching onto my stomach now, I would say it’s actually a pretty good fit for me here. Maybe you want something a bit firmer if you just sleep on your stomach.

    In terms of sleeper type, I think it covers all the bases. It doesn’t matter which position you prefer, you should be good on this bed.

    It’s going to be a nice match of comfort and support. It’s definitely very comfortable with the memory foam on top. It’s a pretty fast-responding memory foam. Memory foam is known for that slow, quicksand feel.

    This snaps back into place more quickly. You’re not going to get the feeling of getting stuck. You’re going to sink into the mattress, but not too much.

    Edge Support and Motion Isolation

    What if you’re married or if you don’t sleep alone?

    All this stuff is clearly important: feel and firmness. You want to make sure that you’re on board with those two things. And the pricing and all of that.

    But there are two other factors that I think couples should pay attention to: edge support and motion isolation.

    Edge support is how strong the perimeter of the bed is and that’s only important if you sleep on a smaller bed, like a queen or a full.

    I’ve said it a million times, but I personally think edge support is a little bit overblown in the whole mattress industry.

    This bed is as good if not better than most foam beds. It’s not as strong as something like a five thousand dollar Beautyrest black mattress, but if you sleep on a queen, I don’t anticipate you’ll be feeling a lot of that roll-off sensation.

    I think it’s actually pretty strong along the edges.

    In terms of motion isolation, if you have one partner moving, you don’t really want it disturbing the other one.

    I think it’s really good, it’s as good as the original. It’s as good as any other foam bed. It does a pretty good job of reducing overall motion transfer.

    Final Thoughts

    So what do I think of Bear Pro?

    I think it’s a really nice bed if you can’t afford Bear Hybrid, it is a great solution. It’s a really comfy foam bed.

    If you’re under about 230 pounds, you’ll be just fine on it.

    In fact, if you look at the landscape of mattresses, it’s going to compete directly with the Casper mattress. A lot of people might even prefer this bed.

    Layla Copper Infused Foam Mattress

    Layla copper mattress

    As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, there is one more great mattress that uses copper. That is Layla Memory Foam Mattress.

    In addition, it is flippable firmness. One side is a soft mattress, flip it over and the other side is a firm mattress. You get two mattresses in one and two chances to find the right fit for you.

    The Layla mattress is so unique and it has so many features that make it different than any other mattress.

    This mattress is two beds in one!

    What do I mean by that?

    It means it’s flippable. It has two levels of firmness in just one mattress and it’s so easy to flip it.

    You just have to grab the mattress itself and flip it to the other side.


    It has a soft level and a firm level, so you can’t go wrong. No matter what you do, you are going to like the Layla mattress

    Softer side it’s gonna be close to a medium soft, medium, in that range, but definitely on the softer end of the spectrum.

    It’s really good for when you need deep pressure relief, when you want something that really cradles your shoulders and your hips.

    A lot of people are getting this bed if they have special health situations or if they’re petite and they want a soft bed.

    If you have shoulder pain or hip pain or if you have fibromyalgia where you generally sore, that will be a reason that you might try out the soft side.

    Now if you flip it and you check out the firm side, which is the dark gray side, that is more like a medium, medium firm. It is a little bit on the firmer end of the spectrum.

    It’ll feel different, you’ll stay more on top of the bed. I personally like this side more because you still get some pressure relief, but it’s a little firmer.

    Remember that softness and firmness are a subjective thing. If you’re heavier the beds are gonna feel softer to you. If you’re a little bit more petite, the beds are gonna feel firmer to you.

    Inside the Layla mattress, there’s copper infused foam. This means that your mattress stays clean, keeping the viruses and the bacteria away.

    The cover itself is infused with cooling thermo-gel, which means that once you lay down on the mattress, it keeps your body cool and keeps the heat away.

    Inside the Layla mattress and on the soft side, we have three inches of copper-gel memory foam. If you look closely, you can see the beads of copper.

    After that we have two inches of Max Airflow support foam and after that there are 4 inches of support core foam.

    Next are are two layers of firmer side. Once inch of copper-gel memory foam and thermo-gel cooling cover for firm side.


    I recommend the Layla mattress for light to average weight sleepers.

    I recommend the Layla mattress for those sleepers that know that they like a memory foam feel.

    I recommend the Layla mattress for those sleepers that aren’t quite sure what firmness they like in a bed.

    It’s really nice to have two options. And if your preferences change over time, all you need to do is flip the mattress over.

    The Layla comes with a 120-nights sleep trial, free shipping, and a lifetime warranty.

    When it comes to pricing, queen size costs $899, at the time I write this review.

    But you also get completely free: memory foam pillow, microfiber sheet set and essential mattress protector. Amazing offer!

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