Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow Review


    Here I’m going to be reviewing the Coop Eden pillow which is a down alternative pillow.

    Down alternative pillows don’t use feathers as the fill, so it is a great choice for allergy sufferers.

    Coop Home Goods makes a ton of different pillow varieties as well as other bedding products. I’m super excited to be going over the Coop Eden pillow in this review.

    I’ll be going over the construction and feel of this pillow as well as discuss its performance by sleeper type and go over some pros and cons. Also I’ll discuss some of the brand’s policies.

    Hopefully by the end of this article you’ll have a good idea whether this pillow could be right for you.

    Let’s get started.

    Shredded Memory Foam Pillow With Bamboo Cover



    In order to really understand how this pillow is going to feel and how it’s going to work, we’re going to need to take a closer look at what it’s made of.

    First up let’s take a look at the cover.

    This cover is going to be made with Coop Home Goods Lulltra fabric, which is going to be a blend of polyester and bamboo derived viscose rayon.

    Along the sides we’ve got a little woven ribbon gusset, which is going to be made from 100 polyester.

    This Lulltra fabric feels pretty soft, but even more importantly, it’s going to be great for temperature regulation thanks to those bamboo fibers.

    This cover is also going to be machine washable, which is always a huge plus in my book.

    Now that we know what the cover’s made of, let’s take a look under the hood.

    When you open it, you can actually see that there’s going to be another inner lining and this inner lining is made with 100 polyester.

    And then there’s this little zipper that allows you to open up the inner lining and take a look at the fill.

    The fill used in this pillow is a down alternative made from cross-cut gel infused memory foam and microfibers.

    The cool thing about this fill is that it’s also temperature regulating. The gel foam is going to be really helpful because it helps to draw heat away from your body. That’ll help you to sleep cooler.

    The fact that this foam is shredded as compared to a block of memory foam will also allow for a little bit more air flow within the pillow.

    This fill is also hypoallergenic, which is going to be really helpful for just keeping the pillow clean.

    It’s also CertiPUR-US certified and GREENGUARD Gold certified to be free from any harmful chemicals or pollutants.

    One really cool thing about the fill with this pillow is that it’s adjustable. You can actually remove or add fill to the pillow to adjust the loft or the height of the pillow.

    Coop even provides you with an extra half pound of fill when you buy the pillow, so you can add more. This is great because you can truly customize the pillow to fit you exactly.


    Now that we know what this pillow is made of, let’s talk about how it feels.

    I think that down alternative pillows like this, that use a shredded foam fill, have a really unique feel that combines the best of both worlds from a traditional down pillow and a memory foam block pillow.

    With a traditional down pillow, you’re going to have more of that really squishable moldable feel, but it’s not going to be very supportive.

    With a memory foam block pillow, you’ll definitely get that support, but as it is a literal block of foam, you won’t really get any of that moldability.

    This type of shredded foam fill is going to give you that support that you would get from memory foam block, but also with some of that squish and some of that moldability that you would get from a traditional down pillow.

    This pillow definitely has a really bouncy feel to it. When I push into it, it pretty much reforms immediately.

    But at the same time, because the fill is shredded, it will allow the pillow to conform around you a little bit more as you sleep.

    Overall I would say this pillow has a pretty solidly medium feel.

    Personally I really like that this pillow is supportive, but also soft enough to let you sink into it. I’ve tried some other similar foam fill pillows in the past, and I found that they kept my head and neck way too elevated, no matter how much fill I removed.

    I’m personally someone who likes to sink into my pillow a little bit. I really appreciated that about the feel of this pillow.



    At this point in the article you’re probably thinking how am I supposed to know if this is a good pillow for me.

    This is exactly why I’m about to go over pillow performance by sleeping positions.

    The most important thing when you’re going to be picking out your pillow is going to be spinal alignment.

    Every sleeping position will have different needs when it comes to keeping their spine aligned. Since obviously your neck and spine are going to be very differently placed whether you’re laying on your back, stomach or side

    Let’s start off with back sleepers.

    Back sleepers generally want a happy medium – medium firmness and medium loft.

    Since this pillow has a medium firmness and the loft is adjustable, I think it’s going to be a great pick for back sleepers.

    Personally I’m a back sleeper myself and I did find the loft to be way too high when I took it out of the box, but adjusting the loft down made this pillow perfect for me.

    Now let’s talk about side sleepers.

    I think this pillow is actually going to be a pretty good choice for side sleepers. Side sleepers generally want a higher loft, which this pillow can easily be adjusted to.

    The supportive shredded foam fill will help to keep your head and neck properly elevated throughout the night.

    Personally I like to be able to hug the end of my pillow when I’m sleeping on my side and this pillow has just enough squish and give to let you do that.

    Finally on to stomach sleepers.

    Unfortunately I don’t think this pillow is really going to be a good pick for stomach sleepers.

    Stomach sleepers generally want a pillow with a really low loft that’s pretty soft and moldable like a traditional down pillow.

    The reason for that is that you already have to turn your neck to the side when you’re sleeping on your stomach and so you really don’t want to cause craning in addition to that.

    While you could remove fill and lower the loft of this pillow significantly, at that point I’m not really sure it’d be worth the purchase for stomach sleepers. Still that elevating shredded foam fill may cause some craning in your neck.

    So it’s not really a good pick for stomach sleepers.


    I really like that this pillow has hypoallergenic fill and that the cover is machine washable. That’s going to be super helpful for just keeping the pillow clean and free from allergens.

    Next I would say this pillow is also going to be really good for cooling. I think the shredded foam fill allows for more airflow. Plus the gel foam that is going to draw heat away from your body are going to be great for cooling. And the fabric that’s used in the cover will also help to keep you cool.

    And finally my last pro for this would be the adjustability of the loft. I really like this style of pillow where you can just add or remove fill to adjust the loft and truly get the height exactly right for you.



    First I would say that if you like the feel of a traditional down pillow, this pillow is probably going to be too elevating and supporting. If you’re after that really feathery soft, super moldable feel, this is probably not a good pick for you.

    This pillow is just really not going to be a good pick for stomach sleepers. I think that in order to lower the loft enough to really work for a stomach sleeper, you’d end up removing pretty much all the fill from this pillow. I think it’d be better off to just buy a lower loft pillow in the first place.


    Let’s go over some of Coop Home Goods policies.

    They do offer free shipping within the 48 contiguous United States and you can expect your pillow to arrive in about five to seven business days.

    They also offer a 100 night sleep trial with this pillow, meaning that you can test it out at home and if you decide that it’s not a good fit for you during those 100 nights, you can return it for a full refund.

    And finally they also offer a 5-year warranty on this pillow, which is pretty good length of time for a warranty on a pillow.

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